Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Grey Knights WIP

I finally got past my "painter block" and put brush to a few models. I am trying something different with my GK. I want them to have a dark deathwatch style. Thus I went about trying to paint more black.

Here are some WIP, I really need a new camera.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Back on the Scene

After a long absence I am back. I will not boor anyone with the details of my absence suffice to say that I will be working to get my unpainted models painted and get some games in this year.

Look for some long overdue pictures of some of last years projects.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

NOVA Summary DAY 2


So I go into day 2 as a seed in bracket 2. I am tired but determined to have a good showing this day as well.

Game 5 vs LoganWing. Played an Iron league guy who was pretty cool. He made only one mistake the whole game which was win the roll for turn 1 and not give it to me. This allowed me to deploy heavily away from logan/Njal and their 10 wolf guard Termies, boost up the other flank, and roll up his line.

I barely won this game and it was my one surviving haemi that pushed me above his 485 Point terminator unit and won me 3 table quarters.  VP totals had me up by 130 points… a well fought and close game.

Game 6 vs Mech BA This is the gentleman who won bracket 2. I gambled at the beginning as I had rolled so horribly in ALL of my other games (only DE trickery, good matchups, and tight playing got me this far) I figured I am due a game of average dice so I boosted into his lines. Big mistake which cost me the game. I failed 8 cover saves, lost all of my transports and then took heavy casualties to my wych squads, with one failing leadership and running. 

The subsequent round I had two diminished wych squads haywire his immobilized LR (6 lance hits with no cover managed to only immobilize and shake) and a predator, essentially doing nothing to the raider and stunning the predator.  I survived the following shooting ok and my beast squad ate Mephiston (although they lost all 8 kymera failed most of my 4++) then the one combat that summarized my wyches performance for the whole weekend. 

Imagine if you will 5 assault marines, 1 with a power weapon charge 3 wyches, a hekatrix, and a succubus (they have FNP). The succubus steps up at I8 and with 5 attacks does not hit a single 3+. This was quickly followed up with 3 misses on 4+ from the hekatrix and nothing on the wyches (think I did two regular wounds which he saved) then I took 1 casualty in return, failed leadership and ran away at <50%) grrrrr I would have ate the predator and another assault squad making it a fair fight. Oh did I mention that out of 68 beast attacks I did a grand total of 5 wounds all of which were saved (on termies so they should be able to make 5 2+ saves) Anyways I took another big loss. My opponent was enjoyable and I had a good time despite the demoralizing dice. Am I wrong to expect a succubus and a hekatrix, both with agonizers to be able to kill 2 marines?

Game 7 vs NIDS – he had a bunch of bugs with two Tervigons. Both of which doubled out first turn. I went from an almost impossible task to I may just pull this out. 

My opponent was very tired and slow to do almost everything. Still despite our fatigue we managed to get 4 turns in. I had hoped for 5 but it turned out ok. 

This game I think that I actually played very well. I managed to pull him off of 2 objectives in the bottom of turn 4 and contest a third giving me a 2 objective victory. 

Highlights were my one almost full strength beast pack charging 15 or so termagants and loosing combat and fleeing. And My wyches making a good fleet roll to allow me to pull him off of one obj in the bottom of 4.

Game 8 vs GK – dakka Betrimismaximus. 

This was an excellent game with both of us having some dice fail and making mistakes, but having a really close fight. I managed to stay out of his psyfle dread’s range for the most part and 2 of my 3 ravagers survived the entire game. 

The highlight was my dissy ravager and a venom (which I had reserved) coming on turn 3 and sacrificing themselves to soften up the 2 GM 10 SS squad for my Succubus and wyches to charge. They outdid themselves forcing leadership and my opponent rolled box cars and ran off the board (600 points in that unit) 

We did make a mistake with him not getting a charge against some warriors which may have sent the game to objectives (points would be close) but otherwise a really tight game rules wise. I enjoyed this final game and look forward to next year!

Again I have to say thanks to Mike B. and his team. They did an excellent job and I am making this an annual trip.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

NOVA Summary DAY 1

Here is a summary of my games at NOVA this past weekend. I apologize for any fuzziness (especially folk’s names) and errors as it was a long weekend. Please let me know and I will update you.

*a note on dice – I talked to many folks who had dice horror stories, some amusing, some not so amusing as well as my last two opponents having a couple of major fails. That being said my dice were below average every single game, including the two practice games Friday night!!

Game 1 – vs Hung over guy who did not show!! What?? My opponent did not make it as he was ill from the night before. (that has to suck) I was going to play the ringer (with his Chaos marines) when another opponent was found and I was off to fight 5 Ironclad SM.

This was a really close fought game with a very nice and solid opponent, haywire grenade’s did very well (except for my blue wyches which spent 4 full turns failing before being ran off) I managed to block off my objectives with skimmers and contest his so I squeaked out the win.  I think that my opponent was not aggressive enough especially on his right allowing me to wall him off.

Game 2 – vs Red Scorpion SM  - My opponent was a great guy, but has not played DE much before as he has been out of circulation. (military) my speed and lances managed to break his raider open allowing a beast pack to get the charge against his TDA with Cassius and prevent all that nasty re-roll to it. I had fun talking to him and I would later play his buddy game 4.

Game 3 – vs DE a mirror match. This game looked interesting my wyches and beasts and his helions and reavers. 

Then two die rolls sealed my fate. The first I lost the roll and was given first turn. (in this matchup for my army I HAD to know where he was deploying or I was in trouble) The second roll was we both rolled +1 Strength for combat drugs. This roll was crucial as his Helions after grabbing two pain tokens turn 1 (from his haemi and wracks) were S7 and I7 on the charge. This changed the game completely and ignored both my wyches I6 and my FNP. Combine this with horrible difficult terrain rolls for my beast squads and I was soundly defeated.  I still enjoyed the game despite the good thrashing I took. Next time…. Next time.

Game 4 – vs Abbadon and his boyz. My opponent here was a pretty cool guy and we started the game with a shot of Crown. However bad my dice were this weekend this guys were worse and after Abbadon killed himself with his sword it was over. A solid example of why Chaos marines need a new dex. (He was a very good player so it was dice and outmatched codex wise here that lost the game)

So I ended day 1 with 3 wins and 1 loss. I was a bit disappointed, I wanted to make it to bracket 1 (who doesn’t?) but ended up a high seed in bracket 2. One thing I did notice as I write about this is the two games that I lost were both Dawn of war... hmmm some implications there...

Saturday, August 27, 2011

NOVA Day 1

First off let me say that I am having a great time. For a tourney of this size Mike and his team are doing a great job and I personally appreciate all their hard work.

Day 1 saw me facing 2 marine players, a dark elder (Adam from delusions of grander a popular blog) and a chaos marine. After some hard fought battles I am 3-1 On the day with my loss to my first DE V DE match.

All of my opponents were great, I think we asked a judge about one thing the whole day and that was before the game began. I look forward tomorrow.

Wish me luck.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

NOVA Bound

Well it is offical I am going to NOVA for sure. I was going to cancel my trip to save money for a later family trip but that has been postponed until next year so I am NOVA bound!!

Here is my list. Wish me luck!!

HQ: Succubus 'Calladia The Red Razor' (1#, 90 pts)
   1 Succubus, 90 pts = (base cost 65 + Agoniser 20 + Haywire Grenades 5)

HQ: Haemonculus (2#, 120 pts)
   1 Haemonculus, 60 pts = (base cost 50 + Liquifier Gun x1 10)
      1 Haemonculus, 60 pts = (base cost 50 + Liquifier Gun x1 10)

Troops: Warriors 'Red Blasters' (6#, 140 pts)
   5 Kabalite Warriors, 60 pts = 5 * 9 (base cost 9) + Blaster x1 15
      1 Venom, 80 pts = (base cost 55 +   -10) + Splinter Cannon x2 20 + Grisly Trophies 5 + Night Shields 10

Troops: Warriors 'Green Blasters' (6#, 140 pts)
   5 Kabalite Warriors, 60 pts = 5 * 9 (base cost 9) + Blaster x1 15
      1 Venom, 80 pts = (base cost 55 +   -10) + Splinter Cannon x2 20 + Grisly Trophies 5 + Night Shields 10

Troops: Wyches 'Red Razors' (9#, 226 pts)
   7 Wyches, 94 pts = 7 * 12 (base cost 10 + Haywire Grenades 2) + Shardnet & Impaler x1 10
      1 Hekatrix, 42 pts = (base cost 20 + Haywire Grenades 2 + Agoniser 20)
      1 Raider, 90 pts = (base cost 60) + Enhanced Aethersails 5 + Grisly Trophies 5 + Night Shields 10 + Flickerfield 10

Troops: Wyches 'Green Death' (10#, 238 pts)
   8 Wyches, 106 pts = 8 * 12 (base cost 10 + Haywire Grenades 2) + Shardnet & Impaler x1 10
      1 Hekatrix, 42 pts = (base cost 20 + Haywire Grenades 2 + Agoniser 20)
      1 Raider, 90 pts = (base cost 60) + Enhanced Aethersails 5 + Grisly Trophies 5 + Night Shields 10 + Flickerfield 10

Troops: Wyches 'Blue Bitches' (11#, 250 pts)
   9 Wyches, 118 pts = 9 * 12 (base cost 10 + Haywire Grenades 2) + Shardnet & Impaler x1 10
      1 Hekatrix, 42 pts = (base cost 20 + Haywire Grenades 2 + Agoniser 20)
      1 Raider, 90 pts = (base cost 60) + Enhanced Aethersails 5 + Grisly Trophies 5 + Night Shields 10 + Flickerfield 10

Fast Attack: Beastmasters (16#, 204 pts)
   4 Beastmasters, 48 pts = 4 * 12
      8 Khymerae, 96 pts = 8 * 12
      4 Razorwing Flocks, 60 pts = 4 * 15

Fast Attack: Beastmasters (17#, 216 pts)
   4 Beastmasters, 48 pts = 4 * 12
      9 Khymerae, 108 pts = 9 * 12
      4 Razorwing Flocks, 60 pts = 4 * 15

Heavy Support: Ravager (1#, 125 pts)
   1 Ravager, 125 pts = (base cost 105) + Night Shields 10 + Flickerfield 10

Heavy Support: Ravager (1#, 125 pts)
   1 Ravager, 125 pts = (base cost 105) + Night Shields 10 + Flickerfield 10

Heavy Support: Ravager (1#, 125 pts)
   1 Ravager, 125 pts = (base cost 105) + Night Shields 10 + Flickerfield 10

Monday, August 15, 2011

Ard Boyz 2011 summary

Ard Boyz Pre-Lims 2011

This Saturday past I slunk on down to Lost Legion games and comics in Charleston WV with my DE.

This was my second tourney (only been around for 2 years in the 40k scene) Last year I placed 4th at the semi’s with my BA.

I took a modified form of my normal list.
3 Haemi’s
3 squads of wyches in raiders with grisly, NS, FF and sails – ( I know 30 points of upgrades per raider…but they work!)
2 warrior blaster squads in venoms with xtra cannon, NS, grisly
2 Big beast packs 4 BM, 9 kymera, 4 Razors each
2 Ravagers
1 razorwing with xtra cannon, NS, FF

Game 1 vs Chaos
My opponent had not played for a year or so and was real fuzzy on the rules. He had a dual defiler, dual dread the rest khorne with 2 lords and 2 40 daemon units.

I helped him out quite a bit as I was confident I could win and showed him things like embarking-disembarking, explained Rhino wall tactics and I was meticulous in telling him in detail what my units were capable of doing. 

Well my friendliness almost backfired as my reserves failed to show up until turn 4 and I had to work to get him down. But in the end my DE walked away with 26/0 victory.

Game 2 vs IG
I knew that I would face this opponent. He is a good player and his list is optimized to face mine as I am the largest threat in the pool of our normal players that showed (the other two regulars went to another store as planned) His list.

CCS (50 point bare min)
Pysch battle squad
6 vet squads 3 melta and AC each in a chimera
3 vendetta squadrons each with 2 vendettas
3 ord squads each with 2 griffons.
Heavy bolters on everything (nice last time I saw these models they were all heavy flamers… buy the time you have a chance to use them my beasts are already stunning/destroying the chimeras)

And of course he won the roll for first…. I look at that and know exactly what his plan is. This is the answer to my beast packs that have been destroying everyone around here. 

So I figure I have one chance to do this. Vect seize allowing one raider to get the portal deployed and then have decent reserve rolls. Well that failed… vect rolled a 3 (3 games he tried to seize, 3 games he failed.) then my reserves failed only getting 1 ravager and 1 beast squad on the board turn 2. Another pair turn 3 and then it was over …. 0/23 massacre

Lessons learned…. Never rely on vect or reserves, I would have been better off deploying and taking my licks, probably would have gotten one pack in…  and killed something…

Other lesson…when you are not 100% clear on a particular rule. LOOK IT UP! I was hazy on barrage weapons (I have none) I should have stopped and read the section real quick…. Barrage weapons only remain so if you fire indirect. (would have effectively doubled my cover saves.) Any ways I got my ass handed to me and it was a great lesson.

Game 3 was against Grey knights
Dragio, Librarian and 6 Pallies in a crusader
2x Purifiers in a razor back (HB, psyammo)
Strike squad in a Razor back (HB, psyammo)
Psylfleman dread

He castled in a corner and combat squaded leaving 5 guys in each of his razors with the others hiding behind cover. He gave his crusader and one purifier razor scout and they both outflanked.

I reserved one beast and my razorwing.

He did not do anything to me due to night shields and poor placement of his psyfldread.

I put down my portal and did nothing back either.

Then he shot down a ravager. My beasts and razor came in and the razor did great (30 wounds on two combat squads. 1- 5 man purifier and 3 strike squad guys died.

He countered by getting his reserves crusader on the strong side and razor on the weak.

I got to charge dragio and his pallies with 2 units of wyches and vect. I won combat by 2 (I made all but one of my 4++) and he failed leadership !!!! we roll off for me to catch him and I roll a 2 while he rolls a 6 so dragio gets away !!! and is subsequently escorted off the board… ahahahhaahhah fracking hilarious.

Well that was pretty much game and I almost tabled him… damn dread would just ..not …die
Still over 1100 point massacre for me. Dragio is worth 550 alone 

So that put me in second place oddly enough with 2 massacres for and one against.
Two years in a row I qualify for the Semi’s… not too shabby!