Friday, December 31, 2010

Void Raven WIP - Update Now with base coat

Got out the airbrush last night and shot the base coat on. Next will be the tribal design and the canopy.

I also added a WIP warrior into the mix as well.

Happy New Year !!!!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Void Raven WIP - Update

I finally got to the point where I can prime my void raven. I will do the canopy separately and plan on making it opaque silver like some of the Reavers face shields.

Here are some pictures.

Then my daughter adds a bit of colour to the raven with her mouse "baby Dennis" who apparently is a crack pilot.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

AP - and your Raider

I have been re-reading the 40k rulebook again to fill in the gaps in my rules knowledge. I was looking at the vehicle section and found another obscure little gem. AP - gives you a -1 to your vehicle damage rolls.

Sure there are not many weapons with the strength to penetrate armour 10 that are also AP - but there are a few and well you never know when that means your raider survives instead of an immobilized or wrecked result.

Here are a couple of examples of AP - weapons:

Shatterfield Missiles S7 AP -
Deathwind Launchers S5 AP -
18" or less range conversion beamer S6 AP -
Death Spinner S6 AP -
Punisher Gatling Gun S5 AP - (you survive 20 shots from this then paint your Raider gold)
Ripper Guns S5 AP -

I am sure that I am missing a few and many of these you are not likely to see on most battlefields.

Kill the Mon Keigh or at least torture them for a while!

Dark Eldar Target Prioritization

Now that I have a dozen or so games under my belt with my new DE I have a tentative Target prioritization list. This of course will vary per both your army composition and the enemies, however it is generally the same.

At the beginning of every game I look at my opponents list and create a target priority list based on the general list below. I find  that having a basic template allows me to not get caught up in the moment and screw up my prioritization. Once I have my list for that game I do my best to engage in the order I have decided on.

1. Land Raiders - My experience is that any unit that I have that gets assaulted by a character driven assault terminator death star will die. If I get the charge than my chances are greatly improved. So the LR has to go ASAP to allow me the charge.

2. Dreadnoughts - these things can tie my units up for ever in CC and wracks/beastmasters cannot ever beat them. They gotta go down fast.

3. Enemy transports - Need to pry open the tin cans and kill the contents, pretty standard fare here. Of course this priority can change depending on how close my assault units are. Generally first turn this is priority 3. second turn this becomes 1 or 2 on the priority list.

4. Broadsides/long fangs/devastators/ these units will kill one or more raiders per turn guaranteed. I originally had these as my first priority but with cover and going flat out I can usually get my assault units into position before all of my Raiders die. (I will loose some no matter what I do)

5. Enemy Heavies and infantry. Once the cans are open and the primary heavy weapons threats are neutralized it is time to work on the infantry, starting with any heavies.

I know much of this is obvious to most people, however in practice I myself tend to get caught up in the game and forget the priorities. My army performs better when I make a priority list and stick to it.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Beastmasters testing

Got a few test games in with Beastmasters at the 2500 point level. I played a IG meltavet/chimera spam/ vendetta spam list and a 2500 vulkan/lysander heavy termi list.

The first game was annihilation - pitched battle and we let IG go first. 9 chimera's and 7 vendetta's. The wound allocation on the beast squads makes the beastmasters extremely resilient. He could not make me take a leadership test. Dice were a bit above average for my opponent while mine where average. Having a Haemonculus  with each beastmaster squad giving FNP made all the difference. (typically a Chimera would fire its multi-laser and HB hitting with half of them and wounding with 2 or 3. allocate S6 to the clawfiend so it can get a FNP and the other S6 to kymera for the 4++ hvy bolter shots go on Razorwings for a FNP and 5 wounds before the model gets removed.) Vendetta hits go on kymera for the 4++

By turn 2 (the Haemi's left their pain tokens and joined Wrack squads) my beast masters were in my opponents lines stunning and immobilizing 3 chimera's my lances/blasters (13lances and 12blasters) had completely failed except to stun the Pyscher battle squad's chimera (meaning if they got out they would be charged by beastmasters or wracks.)

Essentially he destroyed my first beastmasters after they caused havoc in his lines and the second unit of beastmasters came in along with wracks and finished the job, all supported by ravagers and trueborn blaster boats. Oh and my wyches were able to multi-charge two squadrons of vendetta's and slowly kill them off with haywire grenades. My dark light weapons then finally kicked in giving my a massacre.

Tactical Analysis -  Target prioritization is a bitch when faced with a combined arms DE army that has beastmasters. The beastmasters can absorb a ridiculous amount of fire-power and play Thunderwolf style wound allocation games. If they are not dealt with they are in your lines on turn 2 or 3 at the latest. I see folks talking about using them out of WWP, however I think that the beasts better serve the army on the board absorbing fire and woe to the player who ignores them.

Disclaimer - So far we have not tested this against more than one vindicator in a list so the beasts may not perform as well against lots of blast weapons. However both of the direct hits that the Vindicator laid down did insignificant damage (3 models total)

Monday, December 27, 2010

When you can snatch the pebble from my hand..........

My son has been playing 40k with me for the past year and a half.

He loves Black Templar and stuck with them for so long. I do not know how he did it as he lost a lot. But he did so in style with everyone enjoying their games against him.He also plays Salamanders and frequently looses with them as well. This trend has finally began to change. Now he wins or draws very frequently while still having great games and tons of fun on both sides.

We have played many games and discussed strategy over dinner (much to my wives chagrin) and he has an excellent grasp of tactics and strategy. So this Christmas I decided that if can learn to win with Templars and Salamanders he should be able to do very well with Space Wolves. As he has expressed an interest in the wolves I went and got him some for Christmas and we played our first two games yesterday. 1750 points vs my Dark Eldar. First game he absolutely destroyed me and played a flawless game. Second game was a hard fought draw that could have gone either way.

So look out folks the wolves are coming, and they are commanded by someone who knows how to snatch the pebble from your hand.

DE Battle Report 1250 pts 12-18 RTT Game 3

Crap... it has been too long for me to be able to go into great details here and it pains me as this was the most fun of the three games. I played my DE vs Blood Angels. I will outline what I can remember from the list and some game highlights.


5 JP Marines with priest
Tactical with Rhino, PF and ML (combat squad with ML in cover and PF in Rhino)
Razorback TLLC with 5 RAS and priest (two PW one on srg one on priest)

I want to say there was something else however I do not recall.

This game was a KP Game with bonus points for objectives


2 units of Wracks liquefied and than charged Astorath killing him and all but one of his squad.
Counter charge from RAS squad and Combat squad with PF finished off wracks
Wyches killed off one of the squads and then got killed.
razor and vindicator destroyed , voidraven and 2 raiders destroyed
last turn objective grab saw the lone JP marine jump into terrain and pass dangerous although final shot at ravager failed to gain extra kp

Tie on KP, bonus objective to the lone JP Marine.

I really wish I would have written this one first. My opponent is a very good player and his painting is light years beyond mine, very crisp and clean. Next time I will take notes and perhaps some decent pictures.

Results - I took second place in the RTT with an Orc player taking a well deserved first place. Until next time!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

DE Battle Report 1250 pts 12-18 RTT Game 2

Game 2 Tau

This game was against a very good player. We have a 1 and 1 record in tournies so far with my victory over his Lysander SM with my Stern lead Daemon hunters and his victory with IG chimera/vendetta/mystic spam vs my no meph hybrid Blood Angels. I looked forward to the match and only wish that I played on a table with a bit more terrain.

I have to say right now that my opponent made one very large mistake. He asked me where my reserves come on and I while standing in the middle of the table patted the table edge with my right hand. My opponent took this to mean that I could only come on in my spearhead zone.(he would pay for this wrong assumption)

Tau List  **I must have something wrong here as when I Army Builder the list it comes up over on points and he was allocating wounds like they were thunder cav on the Crisis suits so each must of had something different on each of them.

HQ - Shas'o with 2 body guards all with blacksun and TL Misslepods

Elite - Crisis x3 blacksun and TL Missle pods

Troops - Fire Warrior x6 with Devilfish

Troops - Fire Warrior x6 with Devilfish

Troops - Fire Warrior x6

Fast - Pathefinders x7

Fast - Pathefinders x7

Hvy - Broadsides x3 multi trackers I think

Hvy - Broadsides x3 multi trackers I think

Mission - Modified Capture Objective 3 Objectives (objectives are 1 Red bullseye, 2 Blue bullseye, and 3 Black bullseye in the pictures)

Deployment - Spearhead

Roll Off - Tau won and selected to go first

Combat Drug - Re-roll wounds

Terrain - a mix of scattered terrain with some area terrain to my left. The key terrain on this otherwise wide open board was the giant Witchfate Tor building on my left half way on the table.

Deployment - Tau

Tau deploy using cover and maximize the amount of railgun and missle pod spam that they can throw into my deployment zone. The foot firewarriors are in the top of the witchfate with objective 1 with some pathfinders guarding the front door.

Deployment - Dark Eldar

I deploy only 10 warriors in cover and reserve everything else

Tactical Analysis - With 6 TL railguns and all of the TL missle pods my raiders will fall fast. I have to get into him quickly. Deploying the warriors is a decoy tactic. I want him thinking of that unit and pouring fire into it instead of moving forward where his suits can get at my raiders when they come in. The witchfate Tor is the key to getting me in close.

Turn 1 Tau

My opponent takes almost 20 minutes of shuffling his models around and shooting to knock down 2 warriors.

Turn 1 Dark Eldar

15 seconds of me shooting my warriors dark lance at the only thing it could (pathfinders) and missing.

Tactical Analysis - I realize that my opponent has forgotten that my reserves can come in on my table edge as he did not move his railguns to get a good shot behind the Tor. His focus on the warriors is going as planned. I struggle not to reveal my game plan as his one unit of pathfinders by the Tor are in charge range of my table edge.

Pain Tokens - First Wracks(2) Second Wracks(2)

Turn 2 Tau

Some more shuffling of models with one fish cautiously moving to flank my warriors. Another couple of warriors drop and I pass leadership.

Turn 2 Dark Eldar

I roll for reserves and get wyches, first wracks, and my voidraven. My wyches pop up and charge the path finders. The wracks go flatout and hide behind the Tor. The voidraven comes on and hits one unit of Broadsides with everything but only kills one suit. Other shooting does nothing.

Close combat sees the wyches kill off the pathfinders and consolidate through the door into the Tor. (my opponent double checks my measurment here as he wants one wych to have her ass hanging out the door
however I rolled enough to get em all in)

Tactical Analysis - I am in a good place as long as my Wracks Raider survives I should be able to get into the full set of broadsides and start rolling up his line. My wyches will either climb the tower or go for path finders depending on my difficult terrain roll.

Pain Tokens - First Wracks(2) Second Wracks(2) wyches(1)

Turn 3 Tau

My opponent is clearly frustrated that I reserved on from the entire table edge. I feel bad as I have made that same mistake before (at Ard Boyz Semi-finals and against Space Wolf Thunderspam. It most likely keep me in 4th place instead of top 3) I believe that this frustration  caused him to not play his best. (his best is VERY good. He tells me he is a former Ard Boyz winner)

So he does not move his broadsides away and instead lights up my voidraven which is shotdown. I did not realize that smart missles do not need LOS and he shoots 3 at my wracks raider but I make a flicker save. Then he uses tape measure to touch the very tip of my wracks raider (For LOS) and gets a couple of TL missle pods off and I make another Flicker save!!!

Additionally his firewarriors at the top of the Tor move over and try to shoot up the wrack raider but fail as most cannot see the raider as it is in defilade from the high position of the tor. (good thing there are no murder slits in the overhang of the tower or more fire warriors could have shot.)

Turn 3 Dark Eldar

I get everything else in from reserves.. My Ravager comes in and instagibs a broadside while my wyches roll well and burst forth from the tower and assault the other pathfinders. My second wracks go flat out and hide behind the Tor The Wracks raider flies over the tower and lands disgorging the vicious wracks who assault the full unit of broadsides. The wyches kill the pathfinders leaving them in the open in front of the Shas'o and the crisis suits. The wracks fluff most of thier attacks and the broadsides hold.

Tactical Analysis - Things are going well, both pathfinders are down and the full unit of broadsides are locked in combat. My poor wyches are about to get lit up though. FNP does not help against all of the high strength weapons the Tau bring in. The game can still go either way.

Pain Tokens - First Wracks(2) Second Wracks(2) wyches(2)

Turn 4 Tau

The firewarriors in the tower move to the other side and shoot the wracks raider this time stunning it. The crisis suits and Shas'o shoot and then charge the wyches. The wyches loose 7 to shooting but otherwise hold killing a suit (passed leadership on morale and then tied combat) The wracks finish off the broadsides and consolidate towards the remaing Broadside. THe remaining broadside resigns itself to its fate and contemptuously shoots down my ravager. The devil fish continues to play hide and seek with my warriors picking off another.

Turn 4 Dark Eldar

First Wracks charge the last Broadside while the second Wracks go to the wyches rescue. My warriors lance fails to hit the fish (again) The combats go as expected and Broadside is killed and both suit units as well. My second wracks consolidate towards thier Raider while the remaining wych consolidates towards the Tor.

Tactical Analysis - We are almost there, However my opponent still has three troops choices 2 of which are in Fish and close to objective 2 and 3. If I do not get my troops over there I am done for despite keeping the initiative since turn 2.

Pain Tokens - First Wracks(4) Second Wracks(3) wyches(3)

Turn 5 Tau

My opponent continues to try and kill my warriors and my remaining Raiders. His firewarriors again stun my first wracks raider but luckily he fails to do anything to the second wracks raider. My warriors get shot down except for 2 left and pass morale again.

Turn 5 Dark Eldar

I load up the second wracks and flat out over to objective 2 in the middle. My wyche runs into the Tor and roll a 6 getting to third floor and another 6 for assault!!! My warriors shoot instead of running to the objective which in retrospect was a mistake. In combat my single wych kills 2 while making a FNP save in return, the fire warriors fail leadership and are ran down giving the single wych the first objective!!

Tactical Analysis - I have two of the objectives and my opponent only has 2 troops in fish left. At this point it looks like a 1-1 draw it will all depend on what he does. I made a big mistake by not moving
my warriors onto the third objective.

Pain Tokens - First Wracks(4) Second Wracks(3) wyches(4)

Turn 6 Tau

Both fish approach an objective and dump out the firewarriors. The firewarriors on objective 1 rapid fire my raider wrecking it. The other firewarriors finally finish off my 2 warriors. They now hold both objectives.

Turn 6 Dark Eldar

My wracks advance and easily kill the firewarriors taking the second objective. The game ends with me holding 2 objectives to the Tau's 1. Victory to the Dark Eldar!!

Tactical Analysis - My opponent should have moved up and dropped the firewarriors on the objectives a turn earlier. He could have then used his Fish to contest anything that I took. It was his caution that kept the game from a draw or even a minor loss to me. I should have concentrated more fire on the fish and tried to drop one early. Those TL railguns scare my poor raiders though!!

Pain Tokens - First Wracks(4) Second Wracks(4) wyches(3)

Post Game Thoughts - A good fight with mistakes made on both sides. When people talk of raiders being paper airplanes you do not really realize just how fragile they really are until you face some TL Rail guns. Both my ravager and my void Raven got smacked down without any trouble what so ever. My army otherwise performed really well and once they closed the gap the Tau were no match. MVP was the single wych who killed a FW squad and claimed the first objective single handedly.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

DE Battle Report 1250 pts 12-18 RTT Game 1

This past Saturday saw our FLGS host a 1250 pt 40k RTT. We had a decent turnout of 13 considering the
weather. As there was no paint score I took my fledgling Dark Eldar.

My list was the same posted HERE

My First game was against Daemons of Chaos. My opponent is a good player and usually runs a very
fluffy army such as Dark Angels. This time his Daemons list was made of sterner stuff.

Daemons 1250

HQ – Bloodthirster
HQ – Lord of Change
Elite – 4 Bloodcrushers icon, fury
Elite – 4 Bloodcrushers icon, fury
Elite – 3 Flamers
Troop – 6 Plaguebearers
Troop – 6 Plaguebearers
Fast – 3 Screamers

Game 1

Mission – Custom 3 objectives (need all 3 for massacre)

Deployment – Pitched Battle

Roll Off – I won the toss and gave Daemons first turn

Combat Drugs – Rolled 1 – 3d6 run rolls.

Terrain – Fairly open board with several buildings on my right side and a river running south to north
cutting the board in 2 (we played the river difficult)

Tactical Analysis – Oh boy my second game with the DE and it is against a rock hard Daemon force. If
they hit me all at once I am in trouble. I will need to use my mobility to soften them up and then gang
up on each unit if possible. Blood Crushers scare me.

Deployment – I deploy in a refused flank with my warriors in cover on an objective. My opponent does
not have much shooting so I boldly put my Raiders and Voidraven out in the one corner.

Daemons Turn 1

Here they come he gets his preferred wave and drops the bloodcrushers near my warriors. They
scatter 10inches towards my raiders landing in the open in front of my entire force and run closer. The
blood thirster and Lord of change drop in behind the crushers on target while some plaguebearers
drop safely across the river. A bit of running and a bolt of change at my warriors fails to do any damage.

Dark Eldar Turn 1

I hesitate for about 2 seconds then move my wyches and first wrack raiders up and both units jump
out in front of the blood crushers. I also move my Ravager out to get a shot at the crushers. Everything
in my army fires at the bloodcrushers putting a wound on each of them. The wyches and wracks with a
haemi charge in. The wyches do not do a thing while the Wracks put up enough poison wounds to
drop all 4 crushers.

Tactical Analysis – The scatter put the crushers in perfect position to take all of my firepower and two
CC units. Killing the crushers also means that his flamers could not come in where he wanted and kill
my warriors. I am about to eat a BT and LoC and expect to lose my warriors or wracks.

Daemons Turn 2

The second crushers come in landing where the first originally intended. The flamers come in and
scatter into terrain loosing 1. The other plague bearers come in by the third objective and the
screamers way across the river. The BT goes into my wyches and the LoC jumps over my wracks into
my warriors. No damage is done with the little shooting. In close combat my wyches do great and
despite 5’s to hit and 6’s to wound do 2 unsaved wounds with only one in return. The LoC only kills one
warrior for none in return and I pass leadership.

Dark Eldar Turn 2

With both my warriors and wyches engaged by monstrous daemons and fresh blood crushers coming
in on turn 3 I was faced with a tough decision. Whom should I help? The wyches, the warriors, or get
the charge on the bloodcrushers? I decided to charge my first wrack squad into the LoC combat while
the rest of my army shot up the blood crushers and flamers.

I moved my still mounted wracks into counter charge range. I also had a raider move up to limit the
crushers ability to move into my position before charging. Assault saw the standoff with the BT and
wyches continue while my wracks eliminated the LoC and consolidate towards the Crushers but remain
in area terrain.

Tactical Analysis – The wyches still holding on against the BT is a combination of 4++ saves and the
single shardnet reducing attacks. The shardnet definitely paid for itself and I wish I had a second one. I
feel that I made the right choice rescuing the warriors and I expect pain in return coming from the
Crushers next turn. If I can hold the crushers my second unit of wracks are in range to charge while I
have several wounds on the crushers from all of the shooting.

Daemons Turn 3

Plague Bearers both move to the first and third objectives while the screamers just fly around. The
crushers come in a multi-charge into the first wracks, a raider, and the wyches. The wyches finish off
one of the crushers and the wracks a second crusher while only losing a few wracks in return. The
combat ends in a draw as the BT either misses or the wyches make their saves causing me to make
some leadership tests due to the crushers winning ties. My wyches fail but the close raider has grisly
trophies and they pass the re-roll.

Dark Eldar Turn 3

I charge my second wracks into the crushers while my remaining firepower works on the plague
bearers and the screamers. In combat again my wyches hold the BT while my wracks finish off the
crushers taking a few casualties due to not having grenades.

Tactical Analysis – Holding back my second unit of wracks was indeed the correct thing to do now I
have both crushers units, the flamers, and the LoC down. If I can finish off the BT and get my troops
over to the objectives I can win otherwise I can easily win all of the fights but lose the battle.

Daemons Turn 4

The screamers go flat out trying to get close to my ravager. Close combat sees my wyches do it yet
again and save the two wounds done.

Dark Eldar Turn 4

The first wrack unit boards a raider while the second charges into the BT/wyches combat. I position
another raider to pick up the second wracks while everything fires at the PB’s and screamer causing
both PB’s to go to ground in cover. The wracks do a fantastic job and finish off the BT like it was a tau
fire-warrior. The wyches consolidate towards the third objective while the wracks go next to their

Daemons turn 5

The screamers go flat out lineing themselves up for a run to contest the second objective. Nothing
else is alive.

Dark Eldar turn 5

The wyches run towards the third objective. My wracks in their raiders move towards
the first and third objectives. My warriors realize the screamers are coming and move towards them
while staying on the second objective (but cannot move enough to keep the screamers out of 3 inch
contention. Shooting sees the screamers make their 3++ and a PB from each squad drops.

Tactical Analysis – My speed is going to win this fight. With my wracks in easy charge range next turn I
will at least contest each objective (failing horrible dice) My warriors should be able to take on 2

Daemons Turn 6

Screamers flat out to contest the second objective and make it close enough. Nothing else for them to

Dark Eldar Turn 6

My wyches make a great run roll and get within charge range along with my wracks on objective 3. My
other wracks hit the PB’s on objective 1 while my warriors get into the screamers. Between shooting,
liquefiers and close combat the turn ends with the Daemons vanquished and the Dark Eldar holding all
3 objectives for a massacre 23 points earned.

Post Game – My DE performed extremely well. I think that the key was that first crusher unit
scattering straight into my clutches. This allowed me to take him apart piecemeal.
The wyches are the MVP holding the BT for several turns and doing 3 wounds to it. My lances did not
do very well mostly because I could not roll higher than a 2 for shooting. The liquefiers were ok
they did do a couple wounds each time they were used. The wracks were golden with their poison attacks
and their furious charge. Also a hidden gem is the grisly trophies which give 6” reroll failed leadership

Friday, December 17, 2010

Void Raven WIP

So I began working on my void raven conversion. I ended up finding a suitable model for the conversion. I used a 1/72 scale SU-37 Berkut. I like the unconventional sweep of the wings and without the vertical stabilizers I think that it is a slick model. I envision more blades on the wings and the pilot purposely rolling inverted to slice apart Mon Keigh on the ground ( I know there is no in game rule for this I just thought it would be cool.)

I am going to work on the landing gear doors and use them as internal weapons bays. the rear ones for missiles and the front for the void bomb.

As I purchase more Raiders I will add more blades to the wings and other bits.