Monday, May 31, 2010

Saturday Gaming Battle Report BA vs NIDS 2500

Got in a couple of games at my FLGS (lost legion games and comics in Charleson WV)

BA List
Meph and Reclusiarch
3 ASM x10 with 2 MM and PF
2 Baal Preds ASSCans
2 Sang priests JP (1 with LC)
Chaplin JP
2 Speeders MMx2
DC x8 3pw 5bolters in Redeemer with XA and MM
AC/LC Pred

2x Tervigon Catalyst, Acid Blood, AG and TS (1 HQ 1 as Troop)
10 Termagaunts AG TS
 2 Genestealers 20x each
2 Trygons
6 Shrikes BS, LW
8 ymarl stealers
Death Leaper (makes Meph -2 LD)

Terrain – small rubble pieces spread across the board with 3 decent sized buildings on each side

Mission – Seize Ground 3 objectives 2 placed on NID left flank (from BA perspective) and 1 on the far right next to a building on the NID side

Deployment – Pitched Battle

I win roll and choose to go first. I thought that I could get my army into the middle of the board and close to the two left side objectives.

I deploy everything in the middle as far up as I can starting on the left rifleman Dred, Baals, the 2 ASM squads one with a priest and chaplin, Meph and the Death Company in their raider then my 3rd ASM and the hvy Pread.

NIDS deploy nothing outflanking with the genestealers and 1 Tervigon, Deepstriking with the Trygons with everything else in reserve (expect the ymarls doing there thing)

Turn 1 BA - I advance everything into the middle of the table to prevent outflanking fleet genestealers from punching my face in.

Turn 1 NIDS – Nothing

Turn 2 BA – I adjust in the middle and make sure that I do not give up any charges when they walk in. I screwed up and did not smoke my tanks.

Turn 2 NIDS – with the +1 from the Flyrant almost everything comes in only the ymarls, 1 genestealer unit and the shrikes stay in reserve.
The 2 Trygons drop 1 on the left behind a Baal and the other on the right behind the AC/LC Pred they shoot stunning my Baal and immobilizing, stunning and blowing off a LC on the other Pred. The outflanking Tervigon comes in on the left while the other walks on behind the center building. The genestealers come on the right side by the single objective where they stay the entire game. The termagaunts and death leaper walk into the center building while the flyrant flies in to the right of the center building.

Turn 3 BA Meph runs up to the deathleaper, 1 ASM squad gets to assault range of the flyrant, The DC raider turns around and the DC jump out in front of the left Trygon. The left ASM squad moves to assault the left Tervigon and the speeders move a bit to shoot the right Trygon.

Shooting is really good with the MM speeders taking 3 wounds from the right Tervigon with the last few removed by the ASM squads meltas and bolt pistols. The flyrant goes down to Melta, pistol and AssCan fire. The rifle dread takes a wound from the left Trygon. I was amazed, I normally do not shoot so well.

In Assault Meph takes a wound from deathleaper and then chops him to pieces. The death company make short work of the Trygon (FC with Reroll to wound is incredible) My left ASM squad barely made it to the Tervigon which had acid blood which I was not prepared for. My opponent told me it effected each model in base contact (I had 2 due to the distance I moved) so for its 4 wounds that I did he had me take 8 init tests causing me two extra casualties which made me loose combat by 1. I promptly ran and was ran down. (after the game I asked to read the acid blood rule and found out that it works way different then my opponent thought)

Turn 3 NIDS – Everything else comes in. The second Genestealers outflank to my right seriously disappointing my opponent who needed them on the left. The ymarls come in and run towards my rifledread. The shrikes mishap but luckily go back into reserve. Both Tervigons spit out 9 gaunts each with the middle one moving towards my ASMs staring at the Flyrants corpse.

Shooting is ineffective. Assault sees gaunts charge mephiston and 3 of them go down with another to fearless. My right ASM gets dual charged by freshly spawned gaunts and their mother seeing me loose 8 marines. They hold though due to Red Thirst fearless and good armor saves. The ymarls immobilize my rifledread.

Turn 4 BA – The DC move towards the left Tervigon as it is the closest. My speeders move to potshot the stealers and my center ASM squad go to help the dread. My LR rolls towards the center tervigon along with my remaining Baal.

Shooting. The DC kill several gaunts with bolter fire while the speeders take a couple of stealers.

Assault – The ymarl kill my dread while my ASM’s kill them, then the ASM consolidates towards the objectives on the left. The DC kill the left Tervigon and the gaunts to a multi-charge. The other tervigon finishes my last two ASM and consolidate towards my redeemer. Meph kills the rest of the gaunts and consolidates towards the remaining tervigon.

Turn 4 NIDS – The tervigon moves up to the raider while the gaunts move towards my Baal. The genestealers get close enough to assault my immobilized pred. while the shrikes come in successfully by my DC on the left.

No shooting, in assault the Tervigon  and the gaunts cause no damage (both the raider and Baal moved 12 inches) the stealers destroy my pred.

Turn 5 BA – the left ASM gets close to the shrikes and the DC rage closer to the shrikes. Meph moves by the tervigon while the raider backs up just a bit to bring both Flamestorm cannons on line.

Shooting sees 4 wounds on the tervigon and the flamestorms cook a bunch of gaunts. a couple of stealers go down and 1 shrike falls to the combined fire of the DC and ASMs (both meltas missed)

Assault sees meph finish the tervigon who then consolidates into cover and all but one shrike die in combat due to some amazing saves and me causing too many wounds (lost three power weapon wounds to allocation other wise would have killed em all) my opponent made 11 4+ saves. (about time his dice were harsh in the early game) I lose 8 marines but win combat and he makes all of his fearless saves too. (I did make a mistake here. I charged my ASM in first to try and reduce lashwhip exposure and should have had 3 more DC in base contact … lesson learned)

Turn 5 NIDS – remaining  gaunts move towards objective but do not get there the stealers go for meph and after running need a 3 on 3 dice to get stuck in with Meph.

No shooting, the stealers roll 2 2’s and a 1 for their difficult terrain leaving Meph unscathed. The shrike dies leaving 1 scoring marine left. Who consolidates on to the objective.

Roll for end game is a 2 and the games ends in a tie with each of us holding one objective.

Summary – I think things went really well. I was very afraid of the stealers and got lucky that they did not come in on the left. My guys handled the big bugs well with effective melta and bolter fire. The two rules mistakes changed the game a bit but in the end did not make a difference.

My opponent relied too heavily on reserves in my opinion and would have been better served walking his stealers on to the table where he wanted as all three of the objectives were on his side of the table. I am not sure I could have handled 20 genestealers in my face on turn 3, I am not really sure how I will handle them except for flamestorm cannons followed by DC charge.

Unit of the match would have to go to the death company they accounted for a Trygon, Tervigon, a dozen or so gaunts and 6 shrikes. They are worth every point spent.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sweet Victory !!!

Just Rolled in from Ard Boyz prelims and I had a good day. I was one of 16 competitors at Lost Legion Games and Comics in Beckley West Virginia. This being my first 40K Ard Boyz I did not expect to do well, however I did better than expected.

I played my Blood Angels list from my last post.

Game 1 Eldar Capture and Control with diagonal apocalypse style deployment
Eldar List
5 – 10x Dire Avengers with Serpents
10x Banshees with Serpent
10x Striking Scorpions with Serpent
He had a myriad of upgrades and exarchs

Terrain - this was a board full of ruined buildings with a road up the middle. I won the toss and placed 3 objectives roughly in the middle of the board with my opponent placing two near his middle.
I deployed everything down the line and so did my opponent.

I managed to wreck or destroy 7 of his serpents and shoot apart his banshees and Yriel, meanwhile my assault squads mopped up. The scorpions got their serpent popped followed by a charge from 10 ASM with a Chaplin and a Sanguinary Priest with Claw. We only made 5 turns although I think we could have gotten 6 off and that would have changed things. As it was he had a serpent contesting one of the 4 objectives I held while my death company and his surviving avengers contested the fifth. 

So I walked away with 2200 victory points and 21 battle points (major victory + all 4 bonus Objectives)

Game 2  Guard Victory Points Spear Head

Guard List
CCS in chimera melta x1 GL x1 Lascannon
6 10x veteran squads in chimeras. All chimeras had multilaser, HB, and stubbers 4 squads had GL x3 and 1 squad had Melta x2 and GL x1 and the final squad had Meltas x3
Russ Squadron 2 Vanquishers with hull Lascannon
Russ Squadron 1 Punisher with stubber and HB spon and 1 exterminator with stubber and HB spon
Russ Squadron 1 Vanquisher with hull Lascannon
2 – 10x Storm Trooper squads with chimeras meltax1 and GL x1

Terrain was critical in this game guard won the roll and chose the table quarter with a skyshield pad. Diagonal to the pad was a river with a 3 walled  fort in the middle. The open side faced my side of the board. I say this was critical as it allowed my jump troops to get close enough to only expose them to one round of shooting before I assaulted.
I combat squaded all of my units but only deep struck one 5 man squad with 2 meltas. This proved to be very effective as turn two they dropped right next to the 2 vanquisher squadron and destroyed one while removing the vanquisher cannon from the second. This left a dangerous squad in his zone and he devoted a lot of firepower to wipe it out, However despite much shooting one melta marine survived the entire game and even destroyed the punisher to boot!! He won his TDA today.

Even though my two Baals died in turn two the rest of my troops excelled and by turn 5 there was a single guardsmen on the table.  

Massacre for me with all bonus points 24-0

Game 3 vs Nilla Marines the dreaded Kill Points mission (I have a total of 39KP in my list my opponent 18)

Marine List
Pedro Kantor with 8 honor guard all with power weapons and a chapter champion all in a Land Raider
Chaplin in TDA (also in Raider)
10 sternguards in a pod with 3 combi-meltas
3 – 10x Tac squads 1 with ML and 2 with Plasma Cannons
6x scouts with HB and sniper rifles
Venerable Dread in a pod with Multi-Melta
Standard Dread in a pod with Multi-Melta
TechMarine with Thunder Cannon

Terrain – a pretty open map sliced diagonally by a river with a bridge. There was some Tyranid style terrain on the left across the river and several open bunkers across the remaining terrain.
I won the roll and set everything out. My opponent infiltrated some snipers and setup in the tyranind and bunker terrain.

First turn was ok with me killing a few snipers, the techmarine,  and a couple of marines from one tac squad. The sternguard and a venerable dread dropped in and failed to anything except fire up one of my ASM squads. His LR rolled up and pedro and his posse rolled out and 40 re-rollable power attacks later my ASM died to a man although they managed to drag one honor guard with them. I have to admit that this was a trap. I intentionally fed the ASM squad to pedro. My LR drove on over and disgorged my death company and killed all of the honor guard. Then my dice south and it took 3 more full turns and Mephiston to come over and finish Pedro and the termie chaplin off with me loosing the death company.
My remaining ASM squad jumped across the river and killed several  combat squaded tac squads.
By the end of 6 there were only blood angels still on the field. I have to say that my opponent was a stand up player and dropped his last pod (which did not come in til turn 5) in the thick of the fight. He could have dropped it in a corner away from everything greatly reducing my chance of tabling him. I cannot say how cool that was. He would have taken 4th if he was a douche which I can unequivocally say he is not. Thanks for being a stand up guy Lee.

So I took 24 again with all bonus points. A note here was that I got 18kp from my opponent while I gave him 19kp despite having half of my army alive.

At the end of the day I took first place with 69 battle points and 7200 victory points. 

Friday, May 14, 2010

Arb Boyz list

On the eve of 2010 Ard Boyz I have finalized my list and am ready to go. Being my first 40k Ard Boyz I do not expect to wind however I hope to pull off a second or third place.

Blood Angels

HQ: Mephiston, Lord of Death

HQ: Reclusiarch

Elite: Sanguinary Priest x2

Elite: Chaplain

Troops: Assault Squad x10
      1 Assault Marine with Meltagun (Unit Type: Jump Infantry; Krak Grenades; Jump Pack; Power Armour; Chainsword; Meltagun; And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Squads; Descent of Angels; The Red Thirst)
      1 Assault Marine with Meltagun (Unit Type: Jump Infantry; Krak Grenades; Jump Pack; Power Armour; Chainsword; Meltagun; And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Squads; Descent of Angels; The Red Thirst)
      1 Sergeant (Unit Type: Jump Infantry; Krak Grenades; Jump Pack; Power Armour; Bolt Pistol; Thunder Hammer x1; And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Squads; Descent of Angels; The Red Thirst)

Troops: Assault Squad x10
      1 Assault Marine with Meltagun (Unit Type: Jump Infantry; Krak Grenades; Jump Pack; Power Armour; Chainsword; Meltagun; And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Squads; Descent of Angels; The Red Thirst)
      1 Assault Marine with Meltagun (Unit Type: Jump Infantry; Krak Grenades; Jump Pack; Power Armour; Chainsword; Meltagun; And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Squads; Descent of Angels; The Red Thirst)
      1 Sergeant (Unit Type: Jump Infantry; Krak Grenades; Jump Pack; Power Armour; Bolt Pistol; Power Fist x1; And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Squads; Descent of Angels; The Red Thirst)

Troops: Assault Squad x10
      1 Assault Marine with Meltagun (Unit Type: Jump Infantry; Krak Grenades; Jump Pack; Power Armour; Chainsword; Meltagun; And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Squads; Descent of Angels; The Red Thirst)
      1 Assault Marine with Meltagun (Unit Type: Jump Infantry; Krak Grenades; Jump Pack; Power Armour; Chainsword; Meltagun; And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Squads; Descent of Angels; The Red Thirst)
      1 Sergeant (Unit Type: Jump Infantry; Krak Grenades; Jump Pack; Power Armour; Bolt Pistol; Power Fist x1; And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Squads; Descent of Angels; The Red Thirst)

Troops: Death Company x8
      1 Death Company (Krak Grenades; Power Armour; Chainsword; Bolter)
      1 Death Company (Krak Grenades; Power Armour; Chainsword; Power Weapon)
      1 Death Company (Krak Grenades; Power Armour; Chainsword; Power Weapon)
      1 Death Company (Krak Grenades; Power Armour; Chainsword; Power Weapon)
      1 Death Company (Krak Grenades; Power Armour; Chainsword; Bolter)
      1 Death Company (Krak Grenades; Power Armour; Chainsword; Bolter)
      1 Death Company (Krak Grenades; Power Armour; Chainsword; Bolter)
      1 Death Company (Krak Grenades; Power Armour; Chainsword; Bolter)
      1 Land Raider Redeemer
Fast Attack: Baal Predator

Fast Attack: Baal Predator

Fast Attack: Land Speeder Squadron x2 mm

Heavy Support: Dreadnought
Twin Linked Autocannon; Twin Linked Autocannon

Heavy Support: Predator AC LCx2

Monday, May 10, 2010

Rifleman Dread Conversion WIP

Being too cheap to buy Forgeworld AC I went and found some spare AC from my sons IG. That combined with some venerable dread pieces is a decent conversion. (being an old Battletech player I could not resist adding a radar dish) and yes I know he needs feet (they are on his base WIP)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ard Boyz Scenario 3

Well if anything proves GW reads our blogs it is the 40k Ard Boyz Scenario #3

Anything that can move more than 6 in ANY phase is worth 3 Kill points? Oh my… my BA list is 35 KP under those rules… that is assuming that wings on a Furioso means 3 KP.

I think this scenario is targeted at the SM Mech and IG Chimera spam lists. I only have one Rhino and no razorbacks and I am running 35 KP. My poor JP ASM. Two sanguinary priests are 6 KP? That sucks.

So that means most mech lists will have a whole slew of KP running around with armor 11.
I hope my round 3 opponent has 10 rhinos and razorbacks. Otherwise that is an auto loose for me.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Furioso Librarian Conversion

The thought of a librarian in a dreadnought to me is awesome sauce with a side of hell yeah. So with thoughts of me actually being able to win a 40k game I bought a new venerable Dread kit and went to work. The idea is to have a unique force weapon and some basic conversion to represent the hood. (not good at sculpting here)

And with a bit of paint (in progress)

So what do you think?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Army Builder updated with Blood Angels!!!

Went to check on some Tyranid stats in Army Builder and there was a BA update yeah!! no more excel...


Well looks like I have sign off from the boss to spend the weekend of the 15th at Ard Boyz.

After a few practice games with my Blood Angels I have settled on the following list.

Mephiston (mandatory choice here... he is just too good not to take)

2 Sang priests with JP

Furioso Librarian

2 ASM x10 each with JP, 2 meltas and a PF
1 ASM x10 with JP, 2 Meltas and a TH

Death Company x8 with 3 PW and 5 bolters  (Reclusiarch goes here)
DC Rhino with XA

Baal Pred x2 AC, HB Sponsoons
Land Speeders x2 each with Multimelta and HF

Dreadnaught x2 each with 2x TL-AutoCannon (gotta love the riflemen dreads)
Preadator x1 AutoCannon and LC sponsoons (because this seems to be the common thought on hvy preds)

This list is probably too well balanced for Ard Boyz... not enough spam. However in the correct situation I can make a razorspam marine list walk real quick allowing my JP ASM's to get their charges off... or I can suicide Deepstrike combat squads with 2x Meltas to put the pain to heavy armour.
We shall see.. until recently I always lost at 40K, I am trying to turn over a new leaf :)

WV 40k CHampionship Finish

Well took me a while to post, however I placed 9th and my son placed 11th. We had a great time and all won some cool prizes. I got a warhammer tower, dice, and a card game for my daughter. (never saw so many prizes for only a 23 person tourney, pretty cool)

West Virginia 40k progress

Game 1 saw myself play Imperial Fists.....IF lead by Vulkan. Twin Linked Melta fire killed my 2 Baals, my pred and one of my Dreads resulting in a tie game. "My Reclusiarch throws a gauntleted fist into the sky yelling "Vuuullkann!!!!!"
Anthony bought Dark Angels ran by a 15 year veteran player who proceeded to teach him some hard lessons.
Round 2 is starting as we speak and as there is an uneven number of players and no ringer available I was the unlucky bloke who drew the buy. (although it is worth a masscare so some consolidation... However I am not hear with the expectations to win... I am still learning.)
Anthony drew another first time tourney player with Tau... this should be a good match up for Anthony with night fight in the scenario.... we shall see

West Virginia Spring 40k Championship

This Saturday myself and Anthony will be driving over to Montgomery to participate in our first local tournament.
Anthony will be bringing his Black Templars and I will be bringing Blood Angels.
The tourney is 1750 points and there is not a paint score (if you are not painted you are not eliglble for certian prize drawings) This is good as my BA army is brand new and I just finished gluing the last model in my list yesterday.
BA 1750
HQ Reclusiarch JP,MB
Elite Furioso Lib.
2x Sang Priests with JP
Troops ASM x10 2x Meltas TH
2x ASM 2x Meltas PF
Fast 2x Baal Preds (AC only)
Hvy 2x Dread MM+ML
Pred TL-LC (these points are better spent elsewhere but I have no other models :(
I plan on having fun but do not expect to do too well. I may be very competent in Fantasy but I typically loose in 40k BA Record 1-5. However I have learned how to use my jump infantry so as long as I do not get templated to death I may have a chance at winning a game or two.

BA and bikes like oil and water do not mix

After 2 intense playtest games with my son and his Templars it has come to my attention that the bikes are fun but not a solid choice for the BA (looks like they get painted White instead of Red :)

BA - Stands for Bad Ass and Blood Angels this is not a coincidence

So I have been bitten by the BA bug and have the new codex in hand.
1750 list will be something like
Librarian on a bike
3 sang priests (1 on bike 2 with JP)
3 ASM with 10 assault marines 2xmelta and a fist or hammer
2 Baal Preds
8 bikes with melta and fist
pred w/AC and LC sponsoons
Cannot wait to get everything and try it out!!!

Fallschirmjager are coming!!!

I got to play a demo game of Flames of War the other week and although I was stomped I had a blast. My poor US Rifle Company was utterly destroyed by the Germans.
After asking around I have decided to start a Fallschimjager company. Shooting for 1500 points. I will post pics as I acquire and paint my new troops.

Battle Report Empire vs WOC 2250

Battle Report
Empire vs WOC 2250
Went by my local GW store and picked up a game to try out my fledgling Empire army
Empire List Sigmar's Crusaders
Arch Lector - War Alter, Sword of Power,VHS, HA, Shield
War Priest Mount, barding, HA, Sh, gw, shroud of magnus
War Priest Mount, barding, HA, Sh, Sword of Might, doomfire ring
War Priest AOMI, GW, immune to fear icon
Swordsmen x30 FC
det 8 swordsmen
Handgunners x10
X-Bows x10
Knights x5 music
Knights x5 music
Great Swords x20 FC
det 9 swordsmen
Pistolers x5 music
14 flagellents
Cannon x2
Warriors of Chaos
Chaos Lord – armour of damnation sword of might on a jug
Exalted – mok, rune sword
Sorcerer – MON, rod of torment
Sorcerer – MOT, book of secrets, 5+ ward
Marauders x20 hw, sh
Maraudes x15 flails
Warriors x15 hw, sh
Warriors x15 MON,GW bound d6 wound banner
Knights x5
Knights x5 MOK
warhounds x5
Terrain from left to right
WOC side – hill open open open open hill
middle – house open open open open difficult
Empire side – hill open open open open hill
Deployment WOC
hounds, warriors(MOK), marauders(fl), marauders (with MOK knights behind), Warriros(MON), knights
chaos lord in mok knights, MONsorcerer in MONwarriors, MOT sorcerer in the open.
knights, cannon, pistolers, cannon, HG, Helblaster, swordsmen with det in front, flags, war alter, greatswords(2 warpriest here) with det in front, knights(doomfirepriest here), x-bow
Turn 1 Empire
knights, detachments, pisoliers, and flags move up. Magic is stopped or doesnt matter.
Shooting cannon kill a couple marauders.
Turn 1 WOC
Everyone moves up. Magic; all magic is cast successfully, however the empire 7 dispel dice stop the 2 bound items, flicker, and conflag. But fleshy abundance goes off on the mok knights.
Turn 2 Empire
knights on left play tag with warriors, pistoliers face off with the hounds, flags measure just out of compulsory range of right hand marauders. Swordsmen det gets in front of left marauders for redirect
Magic dispelled or ineffective
Shooting helblaster, HG kill 7 or 8 left Mararuders and they panic (twice on LD 9) cannons kill a couple of warriors. Pistoliers kill 4 warhounds
Turn 2 WOC
In true Chaos fashion the right marauders walk into charge range of the flags, the left warriors get frustrated that they cannot catch the knights and doggedly walk towards them (march blocked by pistoleers) plain knights play chicken with the right knights and do not move up.
Magic once again is all cast successfully and the empire dispell dice are hot and dispel all except fleshy abundance.
Turn 3 Empire
Flaggellents charge right marauders, pistoleers move around remaining dog to shoot at MOT sorcerer, knights fall back to avoid warriors again on the left and the great swords detachment moves to redirect the right chaos knights.
Magic dispelled or ineffective
Shooting helblaster blows up, x-bows kill a knight, nothing else of note
Combat – Flags martyr 2 and kill 9 marauders which break and are ran down. The overrun hits the MON warriors (I was hoping to hit the mok knights)
Turn 3 WOC
left marauders fail to rally and move towards table edge, mok knights move forward to charge range of swordsmen, waralter and possibly greatswords, left warriors keep after the knights.
Magic flicker goes off but does horrible and kills only one pistoleer (I made 2 out of 3 6+) fleshy abund goes off yet again.
Combat – my overrunning flags martyr 3 and manage to kill the MON sorceror and 3 WOC for several dead. (forgot to add +1 CR from 3rd martyr so flags loose by 1)
Turn 4 Empire
being all about stacking the odds I chose not to charge the MOK knights with my alter and instead moved the swordsmen detachment 4 inches up to redirect. Everything else adjusts.
Magic I get off prayers to bolster my lines with unbreakable knights, rerolls and ward save on my foot priest.
Shooting pistoleers whiff, one cannon blows up, HG kill remaining warhound, x-bows kill another knight :) then I made a mistake and my other cannon killed a MOK knight (he chose to kill the one that forced him to charge my detachment)
Combat – I kill 2 more MON warriors (I was dying here ws1 st3 flags still killing warriors that was funny) the remaining warriors slaughtered the rest of the flags and Sigmar smiled at the wonderful death that they had achieved.
Turn 4 WOC
My opponent not realizing my willingness to sacrifice charges his MOK knights at my 30 swordsmen and is shocked when I without hesitation flee. He was 12 inches away I fled 9 and was still on the board by 2 inches :)
movement more of the same
magic was uneventful
Turn 5 Empire I mean CHARGE!!!! alter, greatswords charge MOK knights, pistoleers charge lone MOT sorcerer, knights with priest charge remaining MON warriors and although I knew it was foolish I charged my remaining knights at the exalted and his warriors (They did chase me all the way across the table and I was close to getting half points and thought what the hell)
Magic was critical this turn, most of my prayers got off with rerolls to hit, unbreakable, 4+ward save and other goodies on my priests.
Shooting missed or nothing to shoot at.
Combat – knights as expected bounce off of the exalted and are ran down. The knights with the priest however kill the majority of the remaining MON warriors and run them down. The pistoleers hit and wound the sorcerer twice and he fails both 4+ armour and both 5+ ward saves. In the main event the Chaos lord challenges and takes 2 wounds from the VHS and sword of power armed lector 2 mok knights die as well then the remaining 3 kill 5 greatswords. The MOK knights loose but hold.
Turn 5 WOC
the exalteds warriors move toward arty hill the 3 remaining knights charge the greatswords detachment.
Magic – all dead
combat – the knights slaugther the detachment and overun 9 inches (a few more and it would have flanked my greatswords) The lector finishes off the chaos lord with 2 overkill and the priests kill the remaining knights.
Turn 6 Empire
The great swords reform to take the remaining chaos knight charges the alter can see the exalteds unit and charges into them.
Magic flare kills a couple of warriors
Combat – lector mauls the exalted with VHS and the unit breaks and is ran down. The chaos knights kill 4 or 5 great swords with one in return but break due to combat res and get away.
Results – Massacre for the Empire !!
Unit of the game – Flaggellents – they performed above and beyond killing the marauders and then the nurgle sorcerer and half the nurgle warriors.... then they died gloriously Bravo...
My 7 dispel dice did great and using the detachments to divert rather than supporting charge worked out well. I am going to try fleeing archers as a diverting tactic next (as in 7th there is no redirected charge rule just enemy in the way)
Kudos to my opponent for sticking it out. His one mistake was charging my swordsmen (who rallied and survived the game btw) allowing my alter and greatswords to charge in.

Sons of Chrace

I recently completed my High Elf army based on Chrace.
The centre piece of the army are my "Lion Princes" count as Dragon Princes
Lion Princes
Army List
General - Prince - White Sword, Dragon Armour of Caledor, Phoenix (5+Ward), Talisman of loec
Noble - BSB GW, Light armour with 4+ ward
Mage lvl2 anulian crystal
Mage lvl2 scroll x2
19 White Lions FC Standard of Balance
14 White Lions FC Lions standard
15 Spearmen FC Banner of Ellyrion
2 Bolt Throwers
5 Dragon Princes FC Banner with MR2
10 Archers