Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Well looks like I have sign off from the boss to spend the weekend of the 15th at Ard Boyz.

After a few practice games with my Blood Angels I have settled on the following list.

Mephiston (mandatory choice here... he is just too good not to take)

2 Sang priests with JP

Furioso Librarian

2 ASM x10 each with JP, 2 meltas and a PF
1 ASM x10 with JP, 2 Meltas and a TH

Death Company x8 with 3 PW and 5 bolters  (Reclusiarch goes here)
DC Rhino with XA

Baal Pred x2 AC, HB Sponsoons
Land Speeders x2 each with Multimelta and HF

Dreadnaught x2 each with 2x TL-AutoCannon (gotta love the riflemen dreads)
Preadator x1 AutoCannon and LC sponsoons (because this seems to be the common thought on hvy preds)

This list is probably too well balanced for Ard Boyz... not enough spam. However in the correct situation I can make a razorspam marine list walk real quick allowing my JP ASM's to get their charges off... or I can suicide Deepstrike combat squads with 2x Meltas to put the pain to heavy armour.
We shall see.. until recently I always lost at 40K, I am trying to turn over a new leaf :)

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