Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ard Boyz Scenario 3

Well if anything proves GW reads our blogs it is the 40k Ard Boyz Scenario #3

Anything that can move more than 6 in ANY phase is worth 3 Kill points? Oh my… my BA list is 35 KP under those rules… that is assuming that wings on a Furioso means 3 KP.

I think this scenario is targeted at the SM Mech and IG Chimera spam lists. I only have one Rhino and no razorbacks and I am running 35 KP. My poor JP ASM. Two sanguinary priests are 6 KP? That sucks.

So that means most mech lists will have a whole slew of KP running around with armor 11.
I hope my round 3 opponent has 10 rhinos and razorbacks. Otherwise that is an auto loose for me.


sonsoftaurus said...

By a straight reading, pretty much anything that's mobile and has a WS can move more than 6 in the Assault Phase - 6" assault, extra move in pile-in moves or from consolidation.

Units exiting a transport do so in the Movement Phase, and if do so before the vehicle moves they could move more than 6" (disembark 2" + move 6").

Any non-immune unit facing Lash has the potential to move more than 6" in the enemy's Shooting Phase.

HOTpanda said...

SonofTaurus - you are reading too much into it. Its the unit on its own and your example for the assault phase with the consolidation move is on par with running.

As for the scenerio itself, I have to say that the other interesting thing about it is the first modifiers for having more than 3000 victory points over the course of the tournament. This means that a previous game can effect the result of this one. THis also means that everyone now must calculate victory points for all of their games.