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Battle Report Empire vs WOC 2250

Battle Report
Empire vs WOC 2250
Went by my local GW store and picked up a game to try out my fledgling Empire army
Empire List Sigmar's Crusaders
Arch Lector - War Alter, Sword of Power,VHS, HA, Shield
War Priest Mount, barding, HA, Sh, gw, shroud of magnus
War Priest Mount, barding, HA, Sh, Sword of Might, doomfire ring
War Priest AOMI, GW, immune to fear icon
Swordsmen x30 FC
det 8 swordsmen
Handgunners x10
X-Bows x10
Knights x5 music
Knights x5 music
Great Swords x20 FC
det 9 swordsmen
Pistolers x5 music
14 flagellents
Cannon x2
Warriors of Chaos
Chaos Lord – armour of damnation sword of might on a jug
Exalted – mok, rune sword
Sorcerer – MON, rod of torment
Sorcerer – MOT, book of secrets, 5+ ward
Marauders x20 hw, sh
Maraudes x15 flails
Warriors x15 hw, sh
Warriors x15 MON,GW bound d6 wound banner
Knights x5
Knights x5 MOK
warhounds x5
Terrain from left to right
WOC side – hill open open open open hill
middle – house open open open open difficult
Empire side – hill open open open open hill
Deployment WOC
hounds, warriors(MOK), marauders(fl), marauders (with MOK knights behind), Warriros(MON), knights
chaos lord in mok knights, MONsorcerer in MONwarriors, MOT sorcerer in the open.
knights, cannon, pistolers, cannon, HG, Helblaster, swordsmen with det in front, flags, war alter, greatswords(2 warpriest here) with det in front, knights(doomfirepriest here), x-bow
Turn 1 Empire
knights, detachments, pisoliers, and flags move up. Magic is stopped or doesnt matter.
Shooting cannon kill a couple marauders.
Turn 1 WOC
Everyone moves up. Magic; all magic is cast successfully, however the empire 7 dispel dice stop the 2 bound items, flicker, and conflag. But fleshy abundance goes off on the mok knights.
Turn 2 Empire
knights on left play tag with warriors, pistoliers face off with the hounds, flags measure just out of compulsory range of right hand marauders. Swordsmen det gets in front of left marauders for redirect
Magic dispelled or ineffective
Shooting helblaster, HG kill 7 or 8 left Mararuders and they panic (twice on LD 9) cannons kill a couple of warriors. Pistoliers kill 4 warhounds
Turn 2 WOC
In true Chaos fashion the right marauders walk into charge range of the flags, the left warriors get frustrated that they cannot catch the knights and doggedly walk towards them (march blocked by pistoleers) plain knights play chicken with the right knights and do not move up.
Magic once again is all cast successfully and the empire dispell dice are hot and dispel all except fleshy abundance.
Turn 3 Empire
Flaggellents charge right marauders, pistoleers move around remaining dog to shoot at MOT sorcerer, knights fall back to avoid warriors again on the left and the great swords detachment moves to redirect the right chaos knights.
Magic dispelled or ineffective
Shooting helblaster blows up, x-bows kill a knight, nothing else of note
Combat – Flags martyr 2 and kill 9 marauders which break and are ran down. The overrun hits the MON warriors (I was hoping to hit the mok knights)
Turn 3 WOC
left marauders fail to rally and move towards table edge, mok knights move forward to charge range of swordsmen, waralter and possibly greatswords, left warriors keep after the knights.
Magic flicker goes off but does horrible and kills only one pistoleer (I made 2 out of 3 6+) fleshy abund goes off yet again.
Combat – my overrunning flags martyr 3 and manage to kill the MON sorceror and 3 WOC for several dead. (forgot to add +1 CR from 3rd martyr so flags loose by 1)
Turn 4 Empire
being all about stacking the odds I chose not to charge the MOK knights with my alter and instead moved the swordsmen detachment 4 inches up to redirect. Everything else adjusts.
Magic I get off prayers to bolster my lines with unbreakable knights, rerolls and ward save on my foot priest.
Shooting pistoleers whiff, one cannon blows up, HG kill remaining warhound, x-bows kill another knight :) then I made a mistake and my other cannon killed a MOK knight (he chose to kill the one that forced him to charge my detachment)
Combat – I kill 2 more MON warriors (I was dying here ws1 st3 flags still killing warriors that was funny) the remaining warriors slaughtered the rest of the flags and Sigmar smiled at the wonderful death that they had achieved.
Turn 4 WOC
My opponent not realizing my willingness to sacrifice charges his MOK knights at my 30 swordsmen and is shocked when I without hesitation flee. He was 12 inches away I fled 9 and was still on the board by 2 inches :)
movement more of the same
magic was uneventful
Turn 5 Empire
WAAAAGH....er I mean CHARGE!!!! alter, greatswords charge MOK knights, pistoleers charge lone MOT sorcerer, knights with priest charge remaining MON warriors and although I knew it was foolish I charged my remaining knights at the exalted and his warriors (They did chase me all the way across the table and I was close to getting half points and thought what the hell)
Magic was critical this turn, most of my prayers got off with rerolls to hit, unbreakable, 4+ward save and other goodies on my priests.
Shooting missed or nothing to shoot at.
Combat – knights as expected bounce off of the exalted and are ran down. The knights with the priest however kill the majority of the remaining MON warriors and run them down. The pistoleers hit and wound the sorcerer twice and he fails both 4+ armour and both 5+ ward saves. In the main event the Chaos lord challenges and takes 2 wounds from the VHS and sword of power armed lector 2 mok knights die as well then the remaining 3 kill 5 greatswords. The MOK knights loose but hold.
Turn 5 WOC
the exalteds warriors move toward arty hill the 3 remaining knights charge the greatswords detachment.
Magic – all dead
combat – the knights slaugther the detachment and overun 9 inches (a few more and it would have flanked my greatswords) The lector finishes off the chaos lord with 2 overkill and the priests kill the remaining knights.
Turn 6 Empire
The great swords reform to take the remaining chaos knight charges the alter can see the exalteds unit and charges into them.
Magic flare kills a couple of warriors
Combat – lector mauls the exalted with VHS and the unit breaks and is ran down. The chaos knights kill 4 or 5 great swords with one in return but break due to combat res and get away.
Results – Massacre for the Empire !!
Unit of the game – Flaggellents – they performed above and beyond killing the marauders and then the nurgle sorcerer and half the nurgle warriors.... then they died gloriously Bravo...
My 7 dispel dice did great and using the detachments to divert rather than supporting charge worked out well. I am going to try fleeing archers as a diverting tactic next (as in 7th there is no redirected charge rule just enemy in the way)
Kudos to my opponent for sticking it out. His one mistake was charging my swordsmen (who rallied and survived the game btw) allowing my alter and greatswords to charge in.

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