Monday, May 31, 2010

Saturday Gaming Battle Report BA vs NIDS 2500

Got in a couple of games at my FLGS (lost legion games and comics in Charleson WV)

BA List
Meph and Reclusiarch
3 ASM x10 with 2 MM and PF
2 Baal Preds ASSCans
2 Sang priests JP (1 with LC)
Chaplin JP
2 Speeders MMx2
DC x8 3pw 5bolters in Redeemer with XA and MM
AC/LC Pred

2x Tervigon Catalyst, Acid Blood, AG and TS (1 HQ 1 as Troop)
10 Termagaunts AG TS
 2 Genestealers 20x each
2 Trygons
6 Shrikes BS, LW
8 ymarl stealers
Death Leaper (makes Meph -2 LD)

Terrain – small rubble pieces spread across the board with 3 decent sized buildings on each side

Mission – Seize Ground 3 objectives 2 placed on NID left flank (from BA perspective) and 1 on the far right next to a building on the NID side

Deployment – Pitched Battle

I win roll and choose to go first. I thought that I could get my army into the middle of the board and close to the two left side objectives.

I deploy everything in the middle as far up as I can starting on the left rifleman Dred, Baals, the 2 ASM squads one with a priest and chaplin, Meph and the Death Company in their raider then my 3rd ASM and the hvy Pread.

NIDS deploy nothing outflanking with the genestealers and 1 Tervigon, Deepstriking with the Trygons with everything else in reserve (expect the ymarls doing there thing)

Turn 1 BA - I advance everything into the middle of the table to prevent outflanking fleet genestealers from punching my face in.

Turn 1 NIDS – Nothing

Turn 2 BA – I adjust in the middle and make sure that I do not give up any charges when they walk in. I screwed up and did not smoke my tanks.

Turn 2 NIDS – with the +1 from the Flyrant almost everything comes in only the ymarls, 1 genestealer unit and the shrikes stay in reserve.
The 2 Trygons drop 1 on the left behind a Baal and the other on the right behind the AC/LC Pred they shoot stunning my Baal and immobilizing, stunning and blowing off a LC on the other Pred. The outflanking Tervigon comes in on the left while the other walks on behind the center building. The genestealers come on the right side by the single objective where they stay the entire game. The termagaunts and death leaper walk into the center building while the flyrant flies in to the right of the center building.

Turn 3 BA Meph runs up to the deathleaper, 1 ASM squad gets to assault range of the flyrant, The DC raider turns around and the DC jump out in front of the left Trygon. The left ASM squad moves to assault the left Tervigon and the speeders move a bit to shoot the right Trygon.

Shooting is really good with the MM speeders taking 3 wounds from the right Tervigon with the last few removed by the ASM squads meltas and bolt pistols. The flyrant goes down to Melta, pistol and AssCan fire. The rifle dread takes a wound from the left Trygon. I was amazed, I normally do not shoot so well.

In Assault Meph takes a wound from deathleaper and then chops him to pieces. The death company make short work of the Trygon (FC with Reroll to wound is incredible) My left ASM squad barely made it to the Tervigon which had acid blood which I was not prepared for. My opponent told me it effected each model in base contact (I had 2 due to the distance I moved) so for its 4 wounds that I did he had me take 8 init tests causing me two extra casualties which made me loose combat by 1. I promptly ran and was ran down. (after the game I asked to read the acid blood rule and found out that it works way different then my opponent thought)

Turn 3 NIDS – Everything else comes in. The second Genestealers outflank to my right seriously disappointing my opponent who needed them on the left. The ymarls come in and run towards my rifledread. The shrikes mishap but luckily go back into reserve. Both Tervigons spit out 9 gaunts each with the middle one moving towards my ASMs staring at the Flyrants corpse.

Shooting is ineffective. Assault sees gaunts charge mephiston and 3 of them go down with another to fearless. My right ASM gets dual charged by freshly spawned gaunts and their mother seeing me loose 8 marines. They hold though due to Red Thirst fearless and good armor saves. The ymarls immobilize my rifledread.

Turn 4 BA – The DC move towards the left Tervigon as it is the closest. My speeders move to potshot the stealers and my center ASM squad go to help the dread. My LR rolls towards the center tervigon along with my remaining Baal.

Shooting. The DC kill several gaunts with bolter fire while the speeders take a couple of stealers.

Assault – The ymarl kill my dread while my ASM’s kill them, then the ASM consolidates towards the objectives on the left. The DC kill the left Tervigon and the gaunts to a multi-charge. The other tervigon finishes my last two ASM and consolidate towards my redeemer. Meph kills the rest of the gaunts and consolidates towards the remaining tervigon.

Turn 4 NIDS – The tervigon moves up to the raider while the gaunts move towards my Baal. The genestealers get close enough to assault my immobilized pred. while the shrikes come in successfully by my DC on the left.

No shooting, in assault the Tervigon  and the gaunts cause no damage (both the raider and Baal moved 12 inches) the stealers destroy my pred.

Turn 5 BA – the left ASM gets close to the shrikes and the DC rage closer to the shrikes. Meph moves by the tervigon while the raider backs up just a bit to bring both Flamestorm cannons on line.

Shooting sees 4 wounds on the tervigon and the flamestorms cook a bunch of gaunts. a couple of stealers go down and 1 shrike falls to the combined fire of the DC and ASMs (both meltas missed)

Assault sees meph finish the tervigon who then consolidates into cover and all but one shrike die in combat due to some amazing saves and me causing too many wounds (lost three power weapon wounds to allocation other wise would have killed em all) my opponent made 11 4+ saves. (about time his dice were harsh in the early game) I lose 8 marines but win combat and he makes all of his fearless saves too. (I did make a mistake here. I charged my ASM in first to try and reduce lashwhip exposure and should have had 3 more DC in base contact … lesson learned)

Turn 5 NIDS – remaining  gaunts move towards objective but do not get there the stealers go for meph and after running need a 3 on 3 dice to get stuck in with Meph.

No shooting, the stealers roll 2 2’s and a 1 for their difficult terrain leaving Meph unscathed. The shrike dies leaving 1 scoring marine left. Who consolidates on to the objective.

Roll for end game is a 2 and the games ends in a tie with each of us holding one objective.

Summary – I think things went really well. I was very afraid of the stealers and got lucky that they did not come in on the left. My guys handled the big bugs well with effective melta and bolter fire. The two rules mistakes changed the game a bit but in the end did not make a difference.

My opponent relied too heavily on reserves in my opinion and would have been better served walking his stealers on to the table where he wanted as all three of the objectives were on his side of the table. I am not sure I could have handled 20 genestealers in my face on turn 3, I am not really sure how I will handle them except for flamestorm cannons followed by DC charge.

Unit of the match would have to go to the death company they accounted for a Trygon, Tervigon, a dozen or so gaunts and 6 shrikes. They are worth every point spent.

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