Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sweet Victory !!!

Just Rolled in from Ard Boyz prelims and I had a good day. I was one of 16 competitors at Lost Legion Games and Comics in Beckley West Virginia. This being my first 40K Ard Boyz I did not expect to do well, however I did better than expected.

I played my Blood Angels list from my last post.

Game 1 Eldar Capture and Control with diagonal apocalypse style deployment
Eldar List
5 – 10x Dire Avengers with Serpents
10x Banshees with Serpent
10x Striking Scorpions with Serpent
He had a myriad of upgrades and exarchs

Terrain - this was a board full of ruined buildings with a road up the middle. I won the toss and placed 3 objectives roughly in the middle of the board with my opponent placing two near his middle.
I deployed everything down the line and so did my opponent.

I managed to wreck or destroy 7 of his serpents and shoot apart his banshees and Yriel, meanwhile my assault squads mopped up. The scorpions got their serpent popped followed by a charge from 10 ASM with a Chaplin and a Sanguinary Priest with Claw. We only made 5 turns although I think we could have gotten 6 off and that would have changed things. As it was he had a serpent contesting one of the 4 objectives I held while my death company and his surviving avengers contested the fifth. 

So I walked away with 2200 victory points and 21 battle points (major victory + all 4 bonus Objectives)

Game 2  Guard Victory Points Spear Head

Guard List
CCS in chimera melta x1 GL x1 Lascannon
6 10x veteran squads in chimeras. All chimeras had multilaser, HB, and stubbers 4 squads had GL x3 and 1 squad had Melta x2 and GL x1 and the final squad had Meltas x3
Russ Squadron 2 Vanquishers with hull Lascannon
Russ Squadron 1 Punisher with stubber and HB spon and 1 exterminator with stubber and HB spon
Russ Squadron 1 Vanquisher with hull Lascannon
2 – 10x Storm Trooper squads with chimeras meltax1 and GL x1

Terrain was critical in this game guard won the roll and chose the table quarter with a skyshield pad. Diagonal to the pad was a river with a 3 walled  fort in the middle. The open side faced my side of the board. I say this was critical as it allowed my jump troops to get close enough to only expose them to one round of shooting before I assaulted.
I combat squaded all of my units but only deep struck one 5 man squad with 2 meltas. This proved to be very effective as turn two they dropped right next to the 2 vanquisher squadron and destroyed one while removing the vanquisher cannon from the second. This left a dangerous squad in his zone and he devoted a lot of firepower to wipe it out, However despite much shooting one melta marine survived the entire game and even destroyed the punisher to boot!! He won his TDA today.

Even though my two Baals died in turn two the rest of my troops excelled and by turn 5 there was a single guardsmen on the table.  

Massacre for me with all bonus points 24-0

Game 3 vs Nilla Marines the dreaded Kill Points mission (I have a total of 39KP in my list my opponent 18)

Marine List
Pedro Kantor with 8 honor guard all with power weapons and a chapter champion all in a Land Raider
Chaplin in TDA (also in Raider)
10 sternguards in a pod with 3 combi-meltas
3 – 10x Tac squads 1 with ML and 2 with Plasma Cannons
6x scouts with HB and sniper rifles
Venerable Dread in a pod with Multi-Melta
Standard Dread in a pod with Multi-Melta
TechMarine with Thunder Cannon

Terrain – a pretty open map sliced diagonally by a river with a bridge. There was some Tyranid style terrain on the left across the river and several open bunkers across the remaining terrain.
I won the roll and set everything out. My opponent infiltrated some snipers and setup in the tyranind and bunker terrain.

First turn was ok with me killing a few snipers, the techmarine,  and a couple of marines from one tac squad. The sternguard and a venerable dread dropped in and failed to anything except fire up one of my ASM squads. His LR rolled up and pedro and his posse rolled out and 40 re-rollable power attacks later my ASM died to a man although they managed to drag one honor guard with them. I have to admit that this was a trap. I intentionally fed the ASM squad to pedro. My LR drove on over and disgorged my death company and killed all of the honor guard. Then my dice south and it took 3 more full turns and Mephiston to come over and finish Pedro and the termie chaplin off with me loosing the death company.
My remaining ASM squad jumped across the river and killed several  combat squaded tac squads.
By the end of 6 there were only blood angels still on the field. I have to say that my opponent was a stand up player and dropped his last pod (which did not come in til turn 5) in the thick of the fight. He could have dropped it in a corner away from everything greatly reducing my chance of tabling him. I cannot say how cool that was. He would have taken 4th if he was a douche which I can unequivocally say he is not. Thanks for being a stand up guy Lee.

So I took 24 again with all bonus points. A note here was that I got 18kp from my opponent while I gave him 19kp despite having half of my army alive.

At the end of the day I took first place with 69 battle points and 7200 victory points. 

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