Tuesday, May 4, 2010

West Virginia 40k Championship...in progress

Game 1 saw myself play Imperial Fists.....IF lead by Vulkan. Twin Linked Melta fire killed my 2 Baals, my pred and one of my Dreads resulting in a tie game. "My Reclusiarch throws a gauntleted fist into the sky yelling "Vuuullkann!!!!!"
Anthony bought Dark Angels ran by a 15 year veteran player who proceeded to teach him some hard lessons.
Round 2 is starting as we speak and as there is an uneven number of players and no ringer available I was the unlucky bloke who drew the buy. (although it is worth a masscare so some consolidation... However I am not hear with the expectations to win... I am still learning.)
Anthony drew another first time tourney player with Tau... this should be a good match up for Anthony with night fight in the scenario.... we shall see

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