Tuesday, May 4, 2010

West Virginia Spring 40k Championship

This Saturday myself and Anthony will be driving over to Montgomery to participate in our first local tournament. http://www.charcon.org/forum/showthread.php?t=959
Anthony will be bringing his Black Templars and I will be bringing Blood Angels.
The tourney is 1750 points and there is not a paint score (if you are not painted you are not eliglble for certian prize drawings) This is good as my BA army is brand new and I just finished gluing the last model in my list yesterday.
BA 1750
HQ Reclusiarch JP,MB
Elite Furioso Lib.
2x Sang Priests with JP
Troops ASM x10 2x Meltas TH
2x ASM 2x Meltas PF
Fast 2x Baal Preds (AC only)
Hvy 2x Dread MM+ML
Pred TL-LC (these points are better spent elsewhere but I have no other models :(
I plan on having fun but do not expect to do too well. I may be very competent in Fantasy but I typically loose in 40k BA Record 1-5. However I have learned how to use my jump infantry so as long as I do not get templated to death I may have a chance at winning a game or two.

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