Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Another Holiday Weekend Battle Report BA vs Calgar Ultra Marines 2500

BA List
Meph and Reclusiarch
3 ASM x10 with 2 MM and PF
2 Baal Preds ASSCans
2 Sang priests JP (1 with LC)
Chaplin JP
2 Speeders MMx2
DC x8 3pw 5bolters in Redeemer with XA and MM
AC/LC Pred

10 Assault Termies 6 THSS 4 LC
LR Godhammer
4 tactical squads x10 each with a plasma cannon and 4 HB Razorbacks
3 Dev squads x5 2 squads with 4 ML and 1 squad with 4 LC
5 Sternguard in a pod

Terrain – small rubble pieces spread across the board with 3 decent sized buildings on each side

Mission – Seize Ground 3 objectives  placed in a triangle in with the tip in the center pointing at me with the base objectives both on the ultra side of the table

Deployment – Dawn of war

I win roll and choose to go first. I thought that I could get my army into the middle of the board and close with those plasma cannons and dev squads they will chew me up.

Deployment -  BA
I have everything as close to the middle as I can get it with my LR and Baals in the middle and my ASM behind them. My AC/LC pred anchors the right flank and my rifle dread is in the rear in a building on the left.

Deployment - Ultra
The Ultras combat squad everything but chose not to deploy anything.

Turn 1 BA – Everything moves up except for my Dread. Everything that can smoke does (except for my dread) in anticipation of the sternguard

Turn 1 Ultra – Ultra drives on matching his LR against mine with 4 razors 2 on each side of the LR. The left side sees 2 tac combat squads with Plasma Cannons and a ML Dev quad march on. The other dev squads are hidden behind the razors while the other 2 Plasma Cannon combat squads and a combat squad of termies run into the center building. Sternguard drops in and melts my dread… oops should have smoked him. I thought he would go after a Baal or my raider.  

Ultra Shooting – LR LC both hit my redeemer but fail to penetrate 1 ASM marine falls to razor HB fire.

Turn 2 BA – one ASM squad jumps over to the Sternguard while everyone else moves closer to Ultra’s side. My Raider goes straight at calgar’s raider and my death company along with the reclusiarch bail out in hopefull anticipation.

Shooting BA – My raiders MM explodes Calgar’s ride. While my speeder MM weap destroy, stun, and shake a razor. The rest of my shooting kills a couple of marines and 1 of calgar’s termies.

Assault BA - ASM assaults and kills sternguard while the death company charge and easily slaughter Calgar and his terminators.

Turn 2 Ultra – not much movement this turn a combat squad jumps next to death company and the remaining terminators run toward the DC but are way far away. Two razors drive through a building on the left to cover the squads on that side.

Shooting Ultra – 4 LC, 4 ML, 2 Plasma Cannons, 4 rapid fire bolters and a plasma gun kill 4 death company. One of my Baals lose it’s Asscan and a couple of ASM marines go down thanks to really good cover saves despite accurate plasma cannons (oh and rolling 3 1’s to wound with the cannon helped too)

Turn 3 BA – Mephiston who was forgotten and hiding during the general advance jumps over the center building into charge range of the terminators. One ASM squad jumps into range on the left while the redeemer lines up a sweet flamestorm cannon shot. The death company are already an inch from a combat squad and a razor so do not move.

Shooting BA – a couple of ultras go down on the left including a razor spilling its combat squad out. The redeemer toasts 4 out of 5 ultras.

Assault BA – the left ASM squad multicharges and gets 1 plasma and 1 plasma cannon combat squad which are easily destroyed thanks to having a chaplin and a priest in that unit. Mephiston kills a couple of termies and takes a wound himself but the ultra termies hold. The death company charge a dev squad and a razor destroying both.

Turn 3 Ultra – not much movement here

Shooting  Ultra – another DC dies but otherwise the BA go unscathed.

Assault Ultra – Meph finishes off the termies

My opponent seeing his last chance to salvage anything die concedes.

Summary – I was terribly scared when I saw my opponent pull out his army. He knows my list from a previous game and had a tailored list to blow me away.(4 Plasma Cannons, 4 plasma guns, 4 LC, 8 ML, 10 assault termies and Calgar plus the combi melta sternguard) I also had not ran across the 3 dev squads before and was concerned about them. Dawn of war turned the game from a turkey shoot to a CC slaughter fest where my BA is great. I think that if my opponent would have deployed at the beginning instead of walking on he would have stood an excellent chance of decimating my army even with night fight turn one. Although there was enough cover for me to jump to that it may not have made a difference.

Unit of the match - Death Company with Reclusiarch. Again they were just awesome, they killed Calgar, 5 terminators, a dev squad and a razor back in two turns. They also weathered a lot of fire that would have killed most units.

I sure hope there is a dawn of war mission for the Semi’s 

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