Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ard Boyz Semi's Part 1

I attended Semi's at Lost Legion Comics and Games in Beckley WV

The store owner and TO David did an excellent job of managing the tourney and provided free pizza. 

Although I originally wanted to take some pictures the day was too hectic and I was so embroiled in the games that I did not take a single picture.
Here is my list Blood Angels
2 Sang Priests with JP
2 Chaplins 1 with JP
2 ASM squads 10 JP marines each with 2 meltas and sgt with fist
1 ASM Squad 10 JP marines each with 2 meltas and sgt with TH
DC 8 with x3PW and x5bolters in a LR Redeemer with XA and MM
Baal with Asscan and HF
Baal with Asscan and HB
Speeder Squad 2 with – dual MM
Pred AC, x2LC

Game 1

Dem Boyz Is In Da Side vs Space Wolves

Space Wolves List
2 Wolf Guard Leaders on Thunderwolfs with various gear including 2 fenrisian wolfs per leader
1 Rune Priest with storm caller and tempests wrath
2 grey hunter packs  x5 hunters each squad in LC/Plas Razors
1 grey hunter pack x10 with Arjac and a wolf guard in a Redeemer
1 grey hunter pack x10 with Rune priest and a wolf guard in a Crusader
1 Thunderwolf cav. X6 TW each with individualized kit
2 speeder squads each with one typhoon/MM speeder


I deployed one ASM squad a bit too close to where the wolves came on and they got eaten. I had one round of terrible melta shooting fired 8 shots hit once and rolled double 1’s for pen. That set me back a bit. 

Both of us made a major mistake, him declaring a long charge with his Thunder wolves forgetting he was in difficult terrain (he wanted a multi charge and that left him standing there for a turn) and I forgot to charge my last two DC on turn 6 which could have made it a draw as it was I took a minor loss 9 to 6 KP giving me 9 Battle Points (had two of the bonus points; killed enemy most expensive unit and held one objective)

I do have to mention that my opponent was really cool. He was upset when he made his mistake as was I but we sucked it up and went with it. A great game.

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