Monday, June 14, 2010

Ard Boyz Semi's Part 2

DA Fog Of War
Terrain – scattered trees and ruin with a river running across the spearhead deployment with a bridge.
After the first game and a minor loss I was relaxed and not expecting to place anymore I was more fun oriented. I drew an Eldar player which was an excellent draw for me as his list was anti vehicle without CC units with a Dawn of War deployment it was looking to be a good game.

Eldar List
Fuegan –with 10 fire dragons in a serpent
2 fire dragon squads  x10 in a serpent
2 Wraithguard x10 warlocks
3 Wraith lords
I won the toss and when first. I was able to put a couple of wounds on wraith lords and take out 1 fire dragon serpent first turn,  Mephistion and my jump packs got up close to the river while my DC drove straight for the bridge. Fog was a minor factor as it prevented 2 MM shots at a wraithlord.

My opponent walked everything forward to the edge of the river and unloaded doing a few casualties after that Mephistion got into one wraith guard an ASM squad got into the other wraith guard while my DC eliminated the Avatar on the bridge (and where subsequently shot down) it went rapidly down hill from there for my opponent and by end of turn 5 he had no models on the table. Mephiston was a beast killing 10 wraith guard, 10 firedragons, Fuegan, and a wraithlord. (over 500 points single handedly truly he is the Lord of Death) 

My opponent took the beating with style and unlike all of the other whiny asshats that leave tournaments early (not concede game three when it is turn 5 and the situation is hopeless, but eaving the tourney early without a family emergency or illness just cause you got your ass beat) my opponent stuck it out and was heard laughing and having a great time in game 3. I managed 23 out of 24 Battle Points. (I just realized I should have had 24 points as I thought my DC was my highest point unit which were killed… that is only with their Redeemer and Meph is my highest cost unit L) I do not think it would have made a difference in the end.

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