Monday, June 14, 2010

Ard Boyz Semi's Part 3

Git Da Shiny’s
Terrain – a wide open table with many craters scattered across two roads.
I was feeling pretty good after my quick win and was walking around looking at all of the IG players beating up on each other (I think more than half the players were IG) I was hoping that enough players drew in round 2 to give me a shot at a stealth placement depending on my draw. I was disheartened a bit when I drew Orcs ran by a local player who is very competent and stomped me with Tau the last we met. 185 or so Orcs is a bit intimidating when you only have 42 marines.

Battlewagon Orcs

Ghaz with 6 Meganobz in a deffrolla battlewagon
Big Mek with kustom field
1 Meganobz unit x6 in a deffrolla battlewagon
1 Loota squad x15 in a battlewagon
5 Boyz Squads x30 with a Nob/pclaw

My opponent won the roll and gave me first turn to see where my objectives drop. I lined up with my redeemer in the middle and my baals and speeders on each flank. My ASM’s 2 on the left and 1 squad on the right. The orcs lined up with 2 boyz squads on my left ghazwagon, meganobzwagon, lootawagon.

I dropped my first objective just out of my deployment left center and it only scattered 4 inches. The second objective only scattered 5 inches and the two objectives ended up 3 inches apart from one another.

First turn I scouted my baals down each flank and turn 1 tried to get flank shots on the wagons while staying out of charge range. My left flank did great and immobilized Ghaz’s ride while wrecking the meganobz wagon. My right flank Baal was 1mm out. Getting both deffrolla’s in turn one was awesome.

My opponents objectives scattered 11 inches back into his zone giving me the closest to center.
What more can I say other than the lootas never left their wagon and by games end I had 1 ASM in between my objectives claiming both while he had 7 orcs falling back off of his objectives and 6 boyz on my side locked down by my dreadnaught out of contest range while my 1 surviving speeder contested his two objectives giving me a major victory with 2 bonus points for 19.

This was an incredibly fun game the amount of carnage was spectacular and if not for my 1 lonely marine and my dread locking down the last few boyz I would have lost. I was originally not going to put Hvy Flamer sponsoons on my one Baal but I am glad I did that unit alone accounted for over 40 orcs by itself. Great game Joe, I look forward to the next time we play.

I thought that I had probably placed 6th or 7th but as the TO read the names off from last to first he went past 7th then 6th then 5th without reading my name and I started to get excited then my name was read for 4th place. Krak Kirby took first with IG and a BOLS poster from DC took 2nd with BA while a gentlemen from Kentucky placed 3rd (think he was running IG as well.)

Kirk Kerby is not going to finals which means I am in !!! a stealth in to finals but this being my first Ard Boyz and I am in the finals so I am not complaining.

Thanks Kirby I will try to represent at finals and when next we meet I buy the first round.

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