Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How’d this guy get to Ard Boyz finals without knowing the rules?

I have read several posts on various forums about players at Ard Boyz events not knowing all of the rules. These posts have had a defamatory tone. As such I thought I would explain that I do not know every rule and yet managed to place 4th at the Semi’s and due to Krak_Kirby from Dakka chosing not to attend finals I am going in his stead.

So how can someone that does not know all of the rules nuances make it to finals?

I started with tactical miniature games when I was 11. My first army being 15mm Selecuid Greek, how poorly I painted those peltasts. I then went on to Imperial Romans and 1/72nd scale WWII Germans. I was very fluent in the language of war as a teen. (I know… not good from a social standpoint) Flanks, logistics, scouting, pickets… many words that meant nothing to people my own age. Many of the lessons I learned from the battles and campaigns that I got to fight as a young man and the patience that age has brought me both contribute to my ability to play any game that involves tactics and strategy. That is to say that I adapt easily and quickly to new systems NOT that I am better than everyone as I am not. My point is I may not know every rule but that does not make me less of a player or less of a threat.

So when we face each other across the field of battle and I ask a question about your army or how it uses a certain rule do not think. “This guy is an idiot how did he get here without knowing all of the rules?” instead think, “why is he asking about this particular rule?” After all what geek with plenty of war game experience does not know something about psychological warfare?

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