Saturday, June 26, 2010

WHFB 8th Ed is it the Unit Filler edition?

After spending an hour scanning through the new 8th ed book it looks like larger units are going to be the new norm.  That means more models, many more models. I am considering for the first time using unit fillers to help reduce the cost of a new army. An alter of Khaine amidst a unit of Dark elf spearmen or perhaps a jungle tree in the middle of some Saurus warriors. I also hear rumor of some High Elf terrain pieces in the upcoming Island of Blood release. Well one thing is for certain I will be expanding my High Elf and Warriors of Chaos armies and I think that units fillers will keep the cost reasonable. What do you think?


CounterFett said...

That and the price increase taken into consideration, I'd say they are almost a must.

Taylor said...

I agree... just need to figure out the best way for each of my armies.