Monday, July 19, 2010

8th Edition HE first game thoughts

Last weekend I attended Buckeye Battles in Columbus OH. I had a great time saying goodbye to 7th edition fantasy with my Elves going 2 -1-2 for the weekend. Not as good as last year with my WOC however I had 5 great games against people I wish I could play against regularly. I would like to extend a big thanks to the organizers and say that this is my "for sure" annual event and look forwards to next year. The venue is awesome and I understand it is one person that makes the venue possible, A giants thanks to him as well.

Yesterday I finally was able to play some 8th edition. I played 3 2250 points games against VC x2 and Empire x1. What I learned.

1. People will now complain about rerolls with ASF in addition to ASF (YAWN!!!)
2. Hordes are bad news for HE (but only if the horde is supported)
3. HE are the new VC. Without powerful and successful supporting magic HE will have a tough time winning.
4. Warmachines are the bane of elves everywhere (we all knew that however it is even more true now.)

Played a game  against Empire with 5 warmachines (2 mortars, 2cannon, Hellblaster), 30 Hand gunners, steam tank, lvl 4 Mage, Engineer, a couple of hochlands, outriders, pistoliers and 2 blocks of infantry with WP

I had archmage lvl 3 (robe and anulian crystal, Life), lvl 1 mage (scroll, Light), lvl 1 mage (Beasts), 15 PG FC with banner of sorcery, block of 33 spears with FC, 20 archers FC with flaming arrow banner, 5 DP with music,  12 WL FC, and BSB on foot (GW, armor of caledor, 5+ ward talisman)

My opponent setup spread out across the whole board allowing me to be mostly on one side and neutralize some of his shooting. His rolling was abysmal and he misfired several times in the first 2 turns including a steam tank cannon shot misfire turn 1. He killed 5 models in 2 turns of shooting then he had a mediocre turn of shooting in terms of dice rolling but still managed to kill 26 models out of my spear block with 1 mortar round and some outriders. My opponent was extremely upset with his rolling and that fact that I explained to him that the steam tank does NOT get over 5 steam points (Got called a rules lawyer for not wanting a T10 tank charging me 30 inches and doing 10d3 st6 auto hits Oh and he tells me that it is a Themed List so it is not beardy)

Anyways my rambling does have a point. Elves MUST find a way to neutralize warmachines.
1. as suggested on other blogs judicious use of  swift reform to reduce the effect of mortars and their ilk.
2. Magic... if the elves are T7 than the mortar or stone thrower wounds most models on 6 (magic support is a MUST)
3. Screens. I am going to use screens either plain spearmen or shadow warriors to screen my units providing them with a -2 cover save from shooting. (this means that I must have a ld 10 prince and a BSB in the center of my battle line to prevent panic from fleeing screens.
4. Speed - time to break out the airforce and the fast cav. the Island of blood will provide abundant and hopefully cheap Reavers and along with cheap Eagles will allow us to divert shooting and in some cases neutralize it. The trick will be how much of this is needed in a balanced take all comers list.

8th edition seems fast and fun and I look forward to many more games.

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