Monday, August 2, 2010

WOC Marauder Horde.... the myth is it true?

Real life has emerged victorious over me the past month or so causing several unfortunate things.

1. My trip to Ard Boyz finals did not happen. :( sad panda
2. Have not been updating the blog.

This past weekend has loosened up and I got a chance to play a local tournament with my WOC.

In this tourney I used 35 GW mark of slannesh Marauders and I have to say that they were brilliant.

The rumours are true (at least as much as they can be in 3 games of play)

They fought a Slann temple guard unit - won (with supporting trolls)

They fought a full health hydra and won (after running away coming back and only 3 guys left at the end)
     The Hydra was good in 7th it is INSANE in 8th..... 2d6 st5 breathweapon. 6 st3 high int from the handles     and 7 st5 attacks with hatred and if that is not enough..... st5 thunderstomp; all for 175 points

They fought 20 blackguard and made them run away. (killed eight of em in one rnd of combat) although I must admit that they had the warshrine gift stubborn and 4+ward that saved about 6 casualties that would have drawn the combat.

My few games with the Marauders were great and they will now be a staple in my WOC army. 35 FC with GW and mark of Slannesh comes in around 210 points. Good Stuff.


CounterFett said...

Is the "They will NOW be a staple"?

Because that seemed to be where the article was heading.

Unless you meant for it to be a surprise ending?

Taylor said...

Thanks... typo.... they are a staple unit. Every list that I play from 1k up will have 35 or so GW Marauders.

I am just glad that I had already converted a bunch in 7th. I use to run 10 GW marauder MOS units as flankers. WOC "detachments" if you will.