Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Infernal Gateway. The best damage spell in 8th ED?

I have on many occasions used Gateway to turn the tide of battle. My most recent success with Gateway was at this year’s Ard Boyz Semi’s. It was game 3 and I faced off against another WOC player. We were tied for first going into the game. Gateway was the deciding factor. On turn 1 my opponent got off a good Gateway hurting Throgg and his trolls. On my turn 3 I got my second Gateway off sucking what was left of 30 chosen (had about half killed with hellcannons, first Gateway and flickers) his general a chaos lord, a BSB and a lvl3 sorcerer into the warp. I was victorious with a 25 point masscare and won the Semi Final event.

When compared to the other damage spells out there such as Dwellers or Purple Sun, Gateway shines. Its relatively low casting value and utility vs any unit distinguishes Gateway from the other high casting value damage spells. I would say that the only spell that comes close is the Dreaded 13th Spell as it is good against any unit as well, however with the need to roll IF or 25+ I still think Gateway is better. Sure on occasion you only do 4 S2 hits but then on occasion you wipe a whole unit out.

Advantages of Gateway

  • Low casting value (relative to other high damage potential spells)
  • Good against any unit
  • On 11 or 12 strength can wipe out any unit in the game with only one exception (unit with HE Banner of the world dragon in it)
  • No line of sight required
  • Good 24” range
  • Can be cast into combat

Disadvantages of Gateway

  • May roll low on strength and number of attacks

So the next time you see a Sorcerer of Tzeentch on the other side of the battlefield prepare to meet your doom in the warp.

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