Sunday, October 24, 2010

Charcon 40k RTT

This weekend was the local Gaming convention Charcon in Charleston WV. There was a lot of fun to be had with everything from folks LARPing to board game tournaments, RPG and of course a 40k RTT. I had decided that I would try playing a “Fluffy” list in the 2500 point RTT as I wanted to show my prowess as a player as opposed to my prowess as a new codex runner. (my other 40k army are BA’s)

My list.
DaemonHunter Tread head’s
HQ – Stern with 4 TDA (2 TH+SS)
Elite – 5 Terminators (2TH+SS) with GM attached
Troop – 10 Grey knights 1 –incinerator 1 –Psycannon
Troop – 10 IST in Chimera 1 –Melta 1 –PG
Troop – 9 IST in Rhino (rhio XA, HK, sm) 2 –Melta
Troop – 7 IST in Rhino (rhio XA, HK, sm) 1 –Melta
Troop – 5 IST in Rhino (rhio XA, HK, sm) 1 –Melta, 1 –Flamer
Troop – 5 IST in Rhino (rhio XA, HK, sm) 1 –Melta, 1 -Flamer
Hvy – LR Crusader (XA, SM) – Stern and retinue
Hvy – Godhammer (XA, SM) – GM and termies
Hvy Godhammer (XA,SM) – grey knights

So the theory was to use the transports as a poor man’s melta delivery system along with the Raiders resilience to break open the enemy armor and allow my termies and knights to kick in the enemies teeth. The list has a surprising amount of shooting and is tougher than it looks.

Game 1 Nilla Marines against one of the top players in our area.

Kill points, mixed broken and city terrain.

List is approximate – Lysander with TH+SS termies in a raider, sicarus with TH+SS in a raider, Telion and 9 snipers, Thunderfire Cannon with Pod, Venerable dread in Pod, and 10 sternguard with 8 or so combi meltas in pod. He also had a 5 man squad in a rhino.

My opponent won the roll and chose to go first.  His drop pods had me concerned but I had decided before the tourney that I could afford to lose some troops but not afford to come in piece meal thus I would not be reserving with this army. So I setup with my 3 raiders surrounded by my Rhinos and Chimera on my left side.  

My opponent deployed his raider and TC in bolstered ruins off to my right along with his raiders and rhino. Telion and the scouts infiltrate in the right side of my deployment zone into terrain that is then bolstered.

The pod drop did not do very well and in a fit of one’s I immobilized 2 rhinos and 2 raiders in my first turn. Stern was fantastic; he force weaponed Lysander in one combat and Sicarus in another. At the end of things my opponent slaughtered every IST trooper I had and 4 out of 5 Rhinos getting 9 KP. I in return managed to kill 2 HQ, 2 units of termies, 3 pods, Dread, both sternguard combat squads getting 10 KP for a minor Victory. 15-9

Game 2 vs Deathwing

5 objectives. Terrain was large buildings with little to no rubble.

Opponets list. 20 or so terminators, 2 -3man bike squads, Belial, assault marines, devastators x4 missiles,  and some small marine squads.

My opponent had not played for a while and did not fully understand the 5th ed rules. I helped him quite a bit explaining turbo boosting for his bikes and some other things. His terminators resilience and a combination of my assistance and his good 4th ed tactics got me only a minor victory. 15-7

Game 3 vs Chaos Marines

5 objectives night fight  Terrain was lots of broken terrain on my side with a couple of buildings on his.

Opponents list. 10 Raptors with chaos lord, 10 noise marines, squad of havocs, 15 or so beserkers on foot, 6 bikes with a chaos lord on a bike, Las pred, Deep striking termies and a couple of chaos marine squads.
I was surprised and pleased when on first turn (night fight) 10 Raptors and a chaos lord jumped and then ran right in front of my line. My first turn I fired everything that I could at the raptors. Then I charged Stern and his termies plus 10 grey knights into them wiping them out. This singled the beginning of the end and I was able to steadily destroy every threat and claim a 24 point massacre.

In the end when the results were tallied I managed to place second with 54 points netting me $50 of store credit which I plan to spend on Dark Eldar. As always a great tourney ran by Dave and his crew from Lost legion games and comics.

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