Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Imperial Guard and those that abuse them

Well I have read much on how IG when combined with the Daemonhunter codex can be abusive. I really did not believe it until yesterday. I faced off against the following list. 2 - 3x Vendetta squads 1 with an inquisitor and 2 mystics in it. 2 command squads x3 melta in chimera, 6 Vet squads in chimeras with 3xmeltas each, a full psych battle squad in chimera, and a callidus assassin.

Well my opponent is a good player but I have been able to beat him before with single codex armies. Fighting a 2 codex army however I learned what it is like to loose to a list. My BA had no chance whatsoever. I was playing for a draw the minute the lists were revealed. (I did not get a draw with the mystics rolling 20inches on average my BA got slaughtered.) I actually enjoyed the fact that myself and a couple other players in our area forced this guy to buy back his guard and purposefully use loopholes in the rules in order to get a win. I like having that kind of effect on people.

I cannot wait for the new grey knight codex and hope beyond hope that they specifically invalidate the daemonhunter codex or name the new one Daemonhunters as well. If GW does not than some C*&k Sucker will say "the new codex is called Grey Knights, it is not the Daemonhunter codex and RAW says I can be a salad tosser and still use allies and my mystics... etc.


Musings of a Smurf said...

dude chill out. We all know that the guard and greyknight combi is lethal, check out the leaf blower.

It seems to me like you have the wrong attitude though. Going on about how you forced this guy to buy back his guard and use loopholes just to win makes me think that you deserve it. It cant be much fun for him if he was losing at you club all the time because you and the others were using the current cheese fest codex ie blood angels?

Maybe I have gotten the wrong impression but if not, calm down a little bit and just enjoy the hobby

Taylor said...

I hear what you are saying and it probably was a bit of hubris and frustration as I had not previously experienced this.

As for the BA list... last time we played I was running PDF daemonhunters with no Allies and still took 2nd place in the tourney.

I can be a bit reactionary and expressing it through words helps. I was just shocked that on turn 1 vendettas can flat out and on turn two shoot with mystics AND still claim a full out cover save... RAW my opponent is 100% correct... I just do not like it.

Musings of a Smurf said...

It can be very frustrating when you play the older codex's, especially in tandem with another, harder codex.

This is mainly an issue for me at the big tournaments, which I no longer see a point in attending. You end up mostly with a majority collection of individuals with essentially the same army, which then lends to a dull and boring event.

At the club level, there is plenty of scope to reason with your colleagues and decide on a fair and sensible game. If no is the answer then find someone else to play, they guy is probably a douche.

I wouldnt worry about allies being an issue for the game again though. I mean if they didnt incorporate demons into the chaos codex, they shouldnt do the same for the gray knights.

Taylor said...

I guess it was a good thing that I learned about the RAW for this particular list at a local tourney rather than travelling somewhere and finding out then. We have a pretty small population base here and have a surprising amount of 40k players. The meta is just all ARD Boyz all the time. Back in my old state we had a good mix of fluff bunnies and I was use to playing more themed games. I do however enjoy the competitive games very much. I look forward to painting my DE and seeing how they perform. I think that they will be a lot of fun without any major RAW loopholes.

As for my opponent being a D-Bag... He really isnt. I think he was just frustrated loosing to other players alot and myself that one time with DH. Next time I will give him a better game now that I know the RAW and the combos.