Monday, November 15, 2010

Wrack Conversion Idea

I have heard folks mention that for Wracks a good conversion would be Ghouls from fantasy. Well I just happen to have won the semi-final Ard Boyz for fantasy this year and received over 60 ghouls as part of the prize.

Looking at them I think that the ghouls will work. However I am a bit concerned about their lack of weapons while the art in the DE dex shows two wicked looking CCW's.

My solution will be to use the hand weapons from the Grave guard kit to model weapons into the hands and arms of the ghouls. I am thinking that I can use my basic green stuff skills to try and make it look like the weapons have been grafted into the arms, hands and perhaps shoulders of the ghouls. This should allow me to still use the majority of the ghouls for both fantasy and 40k (if I base them right)

I will post some pictures when I get a few done. It may be a few weeks as I am getting my shoulder fixed Friday and will have my arm in a sling for a while.

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