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DE Battle Report 1250 pts 12-18 RTT Game 1

This past Saturday saw our FLGS host a 1250 pt 40k RTT. We had a decent turnout of 13 considering the
weather. As there was no paint score I took my fledgling Dark Eldar.

My list was the same posted HERE

My First game was against Daemons of Chaos. My opponent is a good player and usually runs a very
fluffy army such as Dark Angels. This time his Daemons list was made of sterner stuff.

Daemons 1250

HQ – Bloodthirster
HQ – Lord of Change
Elite – 4 Bloodcrushers icon, fury
Elite – 4 Bloodcrushers icon, fury
Elite – 3 Flamers
Troop – 6 Plaguebearers
Troop – 6 Plaguebearers
Fast – 3 Screamers

Game 1

Mission – Custom 3 objectives (need all 3 for massacre)

Deployment – Pitched Battle

Roll Off – I won the toss and gave Daemons first turn

Combat Drugs – Rolled 1 – 3d6 run rolls.

Terrain – Fairly open board with several buildings on my right side and a river running south to north
cutting the board in 2 (we played the river difficult)

Tactical Analysis – Oh boy my second game with the DE and it is against a rock hard Daemon force. If
they hit me all at once I am in trouble. I will need to use my mobility to soften them up and then gang
up on each unit if possible. Blood Crushers scare me.

Deployment – I deploy in a refused flank with my warriors in cover on an objective. My opponent does
not have much shooting so I boldly put my Raiders and Voidraven out in the one corner.

Daemons Turn 1

Here they come he gets his preferred wave and drops the bloodcrushers near my warriors. They
scatter 10inches towards my raiders landing in the open in front of my entire force and run closer. The
blood thirster and Lord of change drop in behind the crushers on target while some plaguebearers
drop safely across the river. A bit of running and a bolt of change at my warriors fails to do any damage.

Dark Eldar Turn 1

I hesitate for about 2 seconds then move my wyches and first wrack raiders up and both units jump
out in front of the blood crushers. I also move my Ravager out to get a shot at the crushers. Everything
in my army fires at the bloodcrushers putting a wound on each of them. The wyches and wracks with a
haemi charge in. The wyches do not do a thing while the Wracks put up enough poison wounds to
drop all 4 crushers.

Tactical Analysis – The scatter put the crushers in perfect position to take all of my firepower and two
CC units. Killing the crushers also means that his flamers could not come in where he wanted and kill
my warriors. I am about to eat a BT and LoC and expect to lose my warriors or wracks.

Daemons Turn 2

The second crushers come in landing where the first originally intended. The flamers come in and
scatter into terrain loosing 1. The other plague bearers come in by the third objective and the
screamers way across the river. The BT goes into my wyches and the LoC jumps over my wracks into
my warriors. No damage is done with the little shooting. In close combat my wyches do great and
despite 5’s to hit and 6’s to wound do 2 unsaved wounds with only one in return. The LoC only kills one
warrior for none in return and I pass leadership.

Dark Eldar Turn 2

With both my warriors and wyches engaged by monstrous daemons and fresh blood crushers coming
in on turn 3 I was faced with a tough decision. Whom should I help? The wyches, the warriors, or get
the charge on the bloodcrushers? I decided to charge my first wrack squad into the LoC combat while
the rest of my army shot up the blood crushers and flamers.

I moved my still mounted wracks into counter charge range. I also had a raider move up to limit the
crushers ability to move into my position before charging. Assault saw the standoff with the BT and
wyches continue while my wracks eliminated the LoC and consolidate towards the Crushers but remain
in area terrain.

Tactical Analysis – The wyches still holding on against the BT is a combination of 4++ saves and the
single shardnet reducing attacks. The shardnet definitely paid for itself and I wish I had a second one. I
feel that I made the right choice rescuing the warriors and I expect pain in return coming from the
Crushers next turn. If I can hold the crushers my second unit of wracks are in range to charge while I
have several wounds on the crushers from all of the shooting.

Daemons Turn 3

Plague Bearers both move to the first and third objectives while the screamers just fly around. The
crushers come in a multi-charge into the first wracks, a raider, and the wyches. The wyches finish off
one of the crushers and the wracks a second crusher while only losing a few wracks in return. The
combat ends in a draw as the BT either misses or the wyches make their saves causing me to make
some leadership tests due to the crushers winning ties. My wyches fail but the close raider has grisly
trophies and they pass the re-roll.

Dark Eldar Turn 3

I charge my second wracks into the crushers while my remaining firepower works on the plague
bearers and the screamers. In combat again my wyches hold the BT while my wracks finish off the
crushers taking a few casualties due to not having grenades.

Tactical Analysis – Holding back my second unit of wracks was indeed the correct thing to do now I
have both crushers units, the flamers, and the LoC down. If I can finish off the BT and get my troops
over to the objectives I can win otherwise I can easily win all of the fights but lose the battle.

Daemons Turn 4

The screamers go flat out trying to get close to my ravager. Close combat sees my wyches do it yet
again and save the two wounds done.

Dark Eldar Turn 4

The first wrack unit boards a raider while the second charges into the BT/wyches combat. I position
another raider to pick up the second wracks while everything fires at the PB’s and screamer causing
both PB’s to go to ground in cover. The wracks do a fantastic job and finish off the BT like it was a tau
fire-warrior. The wyches consolidate towards the third objective while the wracks go next to their

Daemons turn 5

The screamers go flat out lineing themselves up for a run to contest the second objective. Nothing
else is alive.

Dark Eldar turn 5

The wyches run towards the third objective. My wracks in their raiders move towards
the first and third objectives. My warriors realize the screamers are coming and move towards them
while staying on the second objective (but cannot move enough to keep the screamers out of 3 inch
contention. Shooting sees the screamers make their 3++ and a PB from each squad drops.

Tactical Analysis – My speed is going to win this fight. With my wracks in easy charge range next turn I
will at least contest each objective (failing horrible dice) My warriors should be able to take on 2

Daemons Turn 6

Screamers flat out to contest the second objective and make it close enough. Nothing else for them to

Dark Eldar Turn 6

My wyches make a great run roll and get within charge range along with my wracks on objective 3. My
other wracks hit the PB’s on objective 1 while my warriors get into the screamers. Between shooting,
liquefiers and close combat the turn ends with the Daemons vanquished and the Dark Eldar holding all
3 objectives for a massacre 23 points earned.

Post Game – My DE performed extremely well. I think that the key was that first crusher unit
scattering straight into my clutches. This allowed me to take him apart piecemeal.
The wyches are the MVP holding the BT for several turns and doing 3 wounds to it. My lances did not
do very well mostly because I could not roll higher than a 2 for shooting. The liquefiers were ok
they did do a couple wounds each time they were used. The wracks were golden with their poison attacks
and their furious charge. Also a hidden gem is the grisly trophies which give 6” reroll failed leadership

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