Monday, December 27, 2010

DE Battle Report 1250 pts 12-18 RTT Game 3

Crap... it has been too long for me to be able to go into great details here and it pains me as this was the most fun of the three games. I played my DE vs Blood Angels. I will outline what I can remember from the list and some game highlights.


5 JP Marines with priest
Tactical with Rhino, PF and ML (combat squad with ML in cover and PF in Rhino)
Razorback TLLC with 5 RAS and priest (two PW one on srg one on priest)

I want to say there was something else however I do not recall.

This game was a KP Game with bonus points for objectives


2 units of Wracks liquefied and than charged Astorath killing him and all but one of his squad.
Counter charge from RAS squad and Combat squad with PF finished off wracks
Wyches killed off one of the squads and then got killed.
razor and vindicator destroyed , voidraven and 2 raiders destroyed
last turn objective grab saw the lone JP marine jump into terrain and pass dangerous although final shot at ravager failed to gain extra kp

Tie on KP, bonus objective to the lone JP Marine.

I really wish I would have written this one first. My opponent is a very good player and his painting is light years beyond mine, very crisp and clean. Next time I will take notes and perhaps some decent pictures.

Results - I took second place in the RTT with an Orc player taking a well deserved first place. Until next time!!

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