Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Open Topped Transport Just Exploded

So you have a new set of quick and deadly open topped raiders filled with fast and vicious Dark Eldar. As the game begins your confident smile is fixed upon your face as a Lascannon pierces the thin armor of your Wyches raider blowing it sky high. Your opponent smiles and asks how many Wyches? He then eagerly rolls his dice pulling out the 1’s and 2’s counting the remaining dice/wounds. You gleefully point out that you are wounded on 4’s not 3’s and your opponent says but explosions are strength 4 and you are toughness 3.
You smile and calmly explain that for open topped vehicles it is only strength 3. Your opponent does not believe you and you pull out your trusty 5th Edition rule book, turn to page 70 and show him the Open-Topped Transport Vehicles paragraph. Your opponent then says “Gee I did not know that.” You smile and say “that’s ok I did not know either til I read a blogpost about it.”
I made this mistake for a while and am now glad that I re-read the rules and figured out this little gem. Should cut down on explosion casualties a bit. 


Warhammer39999 said...

Thanks for pointing that out. I thought all explosions were str4.

Taylor said...

NP so did I.

us T3 eldar need every break we can get.