Friday, December 31, 2010

Void Raven WIP - Update Now with base coat

Got out the airbrush last night and shot the base coat on. Next will be the tribal design and the canopy.

I also added a WIP warrior into the mix as well.

Happy New Year !!!!!


Musings of a Smurf said...

hey there,

I love the colour. It really shines! I have to admit though, you may have been a little premature with base coating the model. It doesn't look finished enough to begin painting.

Perhaps a few more spiky additions would break up the jet fighter look and instill a bit more dark eldar feeling.

I hope this helps.

Happy New Year

Taylor said...

Yea I debated adding some more blades. I have this thought that it would be stealthy as well as fast and stealthy planes do not have hard reflective surfaces like the blades. I am going to leave the landing gear doors off and add the bomb and missiles as internal weapons bays like the F-22 does. I am hoping the tribal markings that I am going to add will give it that DE flavor and tie it to the rest of the army.