Friday, December 17, 2010

Void Raven WIP

So I began working on my void raven conversion. I ended up finding a suitable model for the conversion. I used a 1/72 scale SU-37 Berkut. I like the unconventional sweep of the wings and without the vertical stabilizers I think that it is a slick model. I envision more blades on the wings and the pilot purposely rolling inverted to slice apart Mon Keigh on the ground ( I know there is no in game rule for this I just thought it would be cool.)

I am going to work on the landing gear doors and use them as internal weapons bays. the rear ones for missiles and the front for the void bomb.

As I purchase more Raiders I will add more blades to the wings and other bits.


Ginge said...

This looks pretty neat for a base model, will be watching with interest :o)

Musings of a Smurf said...

Me too

Taylor said...

Thanks. I am not too good with greenstuff so it will be mostly kit bashing. Got to use the model tonight and it performed well in 3 games. Void Lances are pretty good.