Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wrack Conversions WIP

I finally got enough movement back in my shoulder to do some modelling. I decided to work on my Wracks.

Starting with ghouls and adding bits as I go. There is some green stuffing yet to do to fill gaps and make some of the weapons look like they are grafted on. Here is my progress so far. My camera sucks.

Not knowing what a liquifier looks like I took some liberties.
It is a poor pic but the idea is that the liquifier is grafted into the Wracks back. There is green stuffing to do here to fill the gap and make it look better. Oh and I plan on using magnets to attach these to round bases. I am too cheap to not be able to use these guys as ghouls in a VC army if I ever get enough magic off to raise the extras. ( I have 80 Ghouls)

So what do you think of these until we get some official models?

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