Saturday, June 26, 2010

WHFB 8th Ed is it the Unit Filler edition?

After spending an hour scanning through the new 8th ed book it looks like larger units are going to be the new norm.  That means more models, many more models. I am considering for the first time using unit fillers to help reduce the cost of a new army. An alter of Khaine amidst a unit of Dark elf spearmen or perhaps a jungle tree in the middle of some Saurus warriors. I also hear rumor of some High Elf terrain pieces in the upcoming Island of Blood release. Well one thing is for certain I will be expanding my High Elf and Warriors of Chaos armies and I think that units fillers will keep the cost reasonable. What do you think?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How’d this guy get to Ard Boyz finals without knowing the rules?

I have read several posts on various forums about players at Ard Boyz events not knowing all of the rules. These posts have had a defamatory tone. As such I thought I would explain that I do not know every rule and yet managed to place 4th at the Semi’s and due to Krak_Kirby from Dakka chosing not to attend finals I am going in his stead.

So how can someone that does not know all of the rules nuances make it to finals?

I started with tactical miniature games when I was 11. My first army being 15mm Selecuid Greek, how poorly I painted those peltasts. I then went on to Imperial Romans and 1/72nd scale WWII Germans. I was very fluent in the language of war as a teen. (I know… not good from a social standpoint) Flanks, logistics, scouting, pickets… many words that meant nothing to people my own age. Many of the lessons I learned from the battles and campaigns that I got to fight as a young man and the patience that age has brought me both contribute to my ability to play any game that involves tactics and strategy. That is to say that I adapt easily and quickly to new systems NOT that I am better than everyone as I am not. My point is I may not know every rule but that does not make me less of a player or less of a threat.

So when we face each other across the field of battle and I ask a question about your army or how it uses a certain rule do not think. “This guy is an idiot how did he get here without knowing all of the rules?” instead think, “why is he asking about this particular rule?” After all what geek with plenty of war game experience does not know something about psychological warfare?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Ard Boyz Semi's Part 3

Git Da Shiny’s
Terrain – a wide open table with many craters scattered across two roads.
I was feeling pretty good after my quick win and was walking around looking at all of the IG players beating up on each other (I think more than half the players were IG) I was hoping that enough players drew in round 2 to give me a shot at a stealth placement depending on my draw. I was disheartened a bit when I drew Orcs ran by a local player who is very competent and stomped me with Tau the last we met. 185 or so Orcs is a bit intimidating when you only have 42 marines.

Battlewagon Orcs

Ghaz with 6 Meganobz in a deffrolla battlewagon
Big Mek with kustom field
1 Meganobz unit x6 in a deffrolla battlewagon
1 Loota squad x15 in a battlewagon
5 Boyz Squads x30 with a Nob/pclaw

My opponent won the roll and gave me first turn to see where my objectives drop. I lined up with my redeemer in the middle and my baals and speeders on each flank. My ASM’s 2 on the left and 1 squad on the right. The orcs lined up with 2 boyz squads on my left ghazwagon, meganobzwagon, lootawagon.

I dropped my first objective just out of my deployment left center and it only scattered 4 inches. The second objective only scattered 5 inches and the two objectives ended up 3 inches apart from one another.

First turn I scouted my baals down each flank and turn 1 tried to get flank shots on the wagons while staying out of charge range. My left flank did great and immobilized Ghaz’s ride while wrecking the meganobz wagon. My right flank Baal was 1mm out. Getting both deffrolla’s in turn one was awesome.

My opponents objectives scattered 11 inches back into his zone giving me the closest to center.
What more can I say other than the lootas never left their wagon and by games end I had 1 ASM in between my objectives claiming both while he had 7 orcs falling back off of his objectives and 6 boyz on my side locked down by my dreadnaught out of contest range while my 1 surviving speeder contested his two objectives giving me a major victory with 2 bonus points for 19.

This was an incredibly fun game the amount of carnage was spectacular and if not for my 1 lonely marine and my dread locking down the last few boyz I would have lost. I was originally not going to put Hvy Flamer sponsoons on my one Baal but I am glad I did that unit alone accounted for over 40 orcs by itself. Great game Joe, I look forward to the next time we play.

I thought that I had probably placed 6th or 7th but as the TO read the names off from last to first he went past 7th then 6th then 5th without reading my name and I started to get excited then my name was read for 4th place. Krak Kirby took first with IG and a BOLS poster from DC took 2nd with BA while a gentlemen from Kentucky placed 3rd (think he was running IG as well.)

Kirk Kerby is not going to finals which means I am in !!! a stealth in to finals but this being my first Ard Boyz and I am in the finals so I am not complaining.

Thanks Kirby I will try to represent at finals and when next we meet I buy the first round.

Ard Boyz Semi's Part 2

DA Fog Of War
Terrain – scattered trees and ruin with a river running across the spearhead deployment with a bridge.
After the first game and a minor loss I was relaxed and not expecting to place anymore I was more fun oriented. I drew an Eldar player which was an excellent draw for me as his list was anti vehicle without CC units with a Dawn of War deployment it was looking to be a good game.

Eldar List
Fuegan –with 10 fire dragons in a serpent
2 fire dragon squads  x10 in a serpent
2 Wraithguard x10 warlocks
3 Wraith lords
I won the toss and when first. I was able to put a couple of wounds on wraith lords and take out 1 fire dragon serpent first turn,  Mephistion and my jump packs got up close to the river while my DC drove straight for the bridge. Fog was a minor factor as it prevented 2 MM shots at a wraithlord.

My opponent walked everything forward to the edge of the river and unloaded doing a few casualties after that Mephistion got into one wraith guard an ASM squad got into the other wraith guard while my DC eliminated the Avatar on the bridge (and where subsequently shot down) it went rapidly down hill from there for my opponent and by end of turn 5 he had no models on the table. Mephiston was a beast killing 10 wraith guard, 10 firedragons, Fuegan, and a wraithlord. (over 500 points single handedly truly he is the Lord of Death) 

My opponent took the beating with style and unlike all of the other whiny asshats that leave tournaments early (not concede game three when it is turn 5 and the situation is hopeless, but eaving the tourney early without a family emergency or illness just cause you got your ass beat) my opponent stuck it out and was heard laughing and having a great time in game 3. I managed 23 out of 24 Battle Points. (I just realized I should have had 24 points as I thought my DC was my highest point unit which were killed… that is only with their Redeemer and Meph is my highest cost unit L) I do not think it would have made a difference in the end.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ard Boyz Semi's Part 1

I attended Semi's at Lost Legion Comics and Games in Beckley WV

The store owner and TO David did an excellent job of managing the tourney and provided free pizza. 

Although I originally wanted to take some pictures the day was too hectic and I was so embroiled in the games that I did not take a single picture.
Here is my list Blood Angels
2 Sang Priests with JP
2 Chaplins 1 with JP
2 ASM squads 10 JP marines each with 2 meltas and sgt with fist
1 ASM Squad 10 JP marines each with 2 meltas and sgt with TH
DC 8 with x3PW and x5bolters in a LR Redeemer with XA and MM
Baal with Asscan and HF
Baal with Asscan and HB
Speeder Squad 2 with – dual MM
Pred AC, x2LC

Game 1

Dem Boyz Is In Da Side vs Space Wolves

Space Wolves List
2 Wolf Guard Leaders on Thunderwolfs with various gear including 2 fenrisian wolfs per leader
1 Rune Priest with storm caller and tempests wrath
2 grey hunter packs  x5 hunters each squad in LC/Plas Razors
1 grey hunter pack x10 with Arjac and a wolf guard in a Redeemer
1 grey hunter pack x10 with Rune priest and a wolf guard in a Crusader
1 Thunderwolf cav. X6 TW each with individualized kit
2 speeder squads each with one typhoon/MM speeder


I deployed one ASM squad a bit too close to where the wolves came on and they got eaten. I had one round of terrible melta shooting fired 8 shots hit once and rolled double 1’s for pen. That set me back a bit. 

Both of us made a major mistake, him declaring a long charge with his Thunder wolves forgetting he was in difficult terrain (he wanted a multi charge and that left him standing there for a turn) and I forgot to charge my last two DC on turn 6 which could have made it a draw as it was I took a minor loss 9 to 6 KP giving me 9 Battle Points (had two of the bonus points; killed enemy most expensive unit and held one objective)

I do have to mention that my opponent was really cool. He was upset when he made his mistake as was I but we sucked it up and went with it. A great game.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fun with Black - Death Company WIP

So I am now feveroursly working on my Blood Angels army. I decided to put some effort into my Death Company models as they are such great sculpts. I am a table top quality painter but I think that these are my best so far. Please forgive my poor camera and my lack of a light box. ( I will get around to both one of these days if I ever get good enough to justify the cost/time)

Still need to finish their backpacks, scrolls (waiting to get Micron Pen), and final touches on blood drops.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Friday Night Fight Nids vs BA

Friday I will be headed down to Lost Legion Games and Comics in Beckley WV to do battle against the Nids.

Hopefully GW will have posted the semi scenarios so we have something to practice.

You can find the army lists and pre-game smack talk on Dakka

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Another Holiday Weekend Battle Report BA vs Calgar Ultra Marines 2500

BA List
Meph and Reclusiarch
3 ASM x10 with 2 MM and PF
2 Baal Preds ASSCans
2 Sang priests JP (1 with LC)
Chaplin JP
2 Speeders MMx2
DC x8 3pw 5bolters in Redeemer with XA and MM
AC/LC Pred

10 Assault Termies 6 THSS 4 LC
LR Godhammer
4 tactical squads x10 each with a plasma cannon and 4 HB Razorbacks
3 Dev squads x5 2 squads with 4 ML and 1 squad with 4 LC
5 Sternguard in a pod

Terrain – small rubble pieces spread across the board with 3 decent sized buildings on each side

Mission – Seize Ground 3 objectives  placed in a triangle in with the tip in the center pointing at me with the base objectives both on the ultra side of the table

Deployment – Dawn of war

I win roll and choose to go first. I thought that I could get my army into the middle of the board and close with those plasma cannons and dev squads they will chew me up.

Deployment -  BA
I have everything as close to the middle as I can get it with my LR and Baals in the middle and my ASM behind them. My AC/LC pred anchors the right flank and my rifle dread is in the rear in a building on the left.

Deployment - Ultra
The Ultras combat squad everything but chose not to deploy anything.

Turn 1 BA – Everything moves up except for my Dread. Everything that can smoke does (except for my dread) in anticipation of the sternguard

Turn 1 Ultra – Ultra drives on matching his LR against mine with 4 razors 2 on each side of the LR. The left side sees 2 tac combat squads with Plasma Cannons and a ML Dev quad march on. The other dev squads are hidden behind the razors while the other 2 Plasma Cannon combat squads and a combat squad of termies run into the center building. Sternguard drops in and melts my dread… oops should have smoked him. I thought he would go after a Baal or my raider.  

Ultra Shooting – LR LC both hit my redeemer but fail to penetrate 1 ASM marine falls to razor HB fire.

Turn 2 BA – one ASM squad jumps over to the Sternguard while everyone else moves closer to Ultra’s side. My Raider goes straight at calgar’s raider and my death company along with the reclusiarch bail out in hopefull anticipation.

Shooting BA – My raiders MM explodes Calgar’s ride. While my speeder MM weap destroy, stun, and shake a razor. The rest of my shooting kills a couple of marines and 1 of calgar’s termies.

Assault BA - ASM assaults and kills sternguard while the death company charge and easily slaughter Calgar and his terminators.

Turn 2 Ultra – not much movement this turn a combat squad jumps next to death company and the remaining terminators run toward the DC but are way far away. Two razors drive through a building on the left to cover the squads on that side.

Shooting Ultra – 4 LC, 4 ML, 2 Plasma Cannons, 4 rapid fire bolters and a plasma gun kill 4 death company. One of my Baals lose it’s Asscan and a couple of ASM marines go down thanks to really good cover saves despite accurate plasma cannons (oh and rolling 3 1’s to wound with the cannon helped too)

Turn 3 BA – Mephiston who was forgotten and hiding during the general advance jumps over the center building into charge range of the terminators. One ASM squad jumps into range on the left while the redeemer lines up a sweet flamestorm cannon shot. The death company are already an inch from a combat squad and a razor so do not move.

Shooting BA – a couple of ultras go down on the left including a razor spilling its combat squad out. The redeemer toasts 4 out of 5 ultras.

Assault BA – the left ASM squad multicharges and gets 1 plasma and 1 plasma cannon combat squad which are easily destroyed thanks to having a chaplin and a priest in that unit. Mephiston kills a couple of termies and takes a wound himself but the ultra termies hold. The death company charge a dev squad and a razor destroying both.

Turn 3 Ultra – not much movement here

Shooting  Ultra – another DC dies but otherwise the BA go unscathed.

Assault Ultra – Meph finishes off the termies

My opponent seeing his last chance to salvage anything die concedes.

Summary – I was terribly scared when I saw my opponent pull out his army. He knows my list from a previous game and had a tailored list to blow me away.(4 Plasma Cannons, 4 plasma guns, 4 LC, 8 ML, 10 assault termies and Calgar plus the combi melta sternguard) I also had not ran across the 3 dev squads before and was concerned about them. Dawn of war turned the game from a turkey shoot to a CC slaughter fest where my BA is great. I think that if my opponent would have deployed at the beginning instead of walking on he would have stood an excellent chance of decimating my army even with night fight turn one. Although there was enough cover for me to jump to that it may not have made a difference.

Unit of the match - Death Company with Reclusiarch. Again they were just awesome, they killed Calgar, 5 terminators, a dev squad and a razor back in two turns. They also weathered a lot of fire that would have killed most units.

I sure hope there is a dawn of war mission for the Semi’s