Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Warriors of Chaos Nurgle Magic – The little lore that could

While trying desperately to pick an army to take to Ard Boyz I have been looking at different combinations for my Warriors and High Elves.

I was thinking of trolls, lots of them lead by Throgg and a Nurgle Sorcerer Lord. As I read through the WOC Lore of Nurgle I thought of curse of the leper and started to get excited. Imagine a horde unit withering away to nothing!! Sheer joy coursed through my evil veins at the thought of such a sight.Then reality set in as a 10+ remains in play spell will be easily dispelled. I momentarily was distraught until I thought of Shadow magic.

There are some great synergies with Nurgle and Shadow magic. Take a horde of black guard bearing down on your lines. A bit of Enfeeble Foe that can be cast easily on 3 dice can potentially get the target unit down to S1. 
If it is early in the game the enemy thinks… “strength loss for one turn. no one close to fight, no impact in shooting phase and he has 4-6 more dice to throw, I will let that one through.”  If that can happen and your d3 roll is good enough to get them down to S1 then you hit em with curse of the leper and hope for 6’s (or power scroll the whole thing) those s1 black guard now die no saves of any kind allowed.

Then we have a bit of withering combined with plague squall… 3d6 st 1 no armor saves does not sound bad, but when your targets T is 1 or 2 it gets much better. A good roll can decimate any unit (and possibly more than 1 unit as the 3d6 is for each unit touched by the large template and with the large units that 8thEd has brought us almost guarantees you hit what you aim at.)

What about mystifying miasma along with Cloying Quagmire? Woe to any heavily armored foe. First we dump their init by a d3 than we require them to make an init test. If they fail then make an armor save… if they Succeed then they are sucked into the quagmire never to be seen again. (note no affect on amphibious and ethereal )

Magnificient Buboes. Who does not love a spell that allows you to target an enemy model in a unit and make it take a wound with no armor save and all on a 5+ to cast?? Only the poor sods that die to it of course.

Rot Glorious Rot. Wow when the battle lines close this little spell that can be regularly thrown on 3 dice with a level 4 causing D6 S6 no armor saves to EACH enemy unit within 18” is fantastic. The last few wounds on that stegadon getting you down? Just hit em with Rot. Steam tank in the way… Rot. I love this spell it is the old Cleansing Flare on steroids. Sure magic resistance will knock a wound off here and there but what other spell has the potential to do 5 or 6D6 S6 no armor save wounds (there are usually at least that many units in range mid to late game and with premeasured you can get your sorcerer to optimum position)

And if all of the above is not enough fleshy abundance comes in as a 7+ buff to give a unit 4+ regen.

In conclusion the Nurgle lore is good on its own with low casting values (low for 8ed anyways) with a +12 being the highest. When combined with Shadow magic the lore becomes real scary real fast and does not require large winds of magic rolls to be effective. My little evil heart cackles with joy at the thought of the carnage to come. Praise to the fetid corpulence of Nurgle!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Lizards and Light

Played an Ard Boyz practice with my HE against Lizardmen. Their Slann took light magic which turned out to be fantastic. He managed to get timewarp and speed of light off both at the higher value on turn 4, it won him the game.

WS10 I10 Saurus warriors are really really good. Hell most things get good with hit on 3 and re-rolls.

I am beginning to think that Light magic is considerably better than life for the armies with low I and it is just insane good for Lizzies.

Monday, August 2, 2010

WOC Marauder Horde.... the myth is it true?

Real life has emerged victorious over me the past month or so causing several unfortunate things.

1. My trip to Ard Boyz finals did not happen. :( sad panda
2. Have not been updating the blog.

This past weekend has loosened up and I got a chance to play a local tournament with my WOC.

In this tourney I used 35 GW mark of slannesh Marauders and I have to say that they were brilliant.

The rumours are true (at least as much as they can be in 3 games of play)

They fought a Slann temple guard unit - won (with supporting trolls)

They fought a full health hydra and won (after running away coming back and only 3 guys left at the end)
     The Hydra was good in 7th it is INSANE in 8th..... 2d6 st5 breathweapon. 6 st3 high int from the handles     and 7 st5 attacks with hatred and if that is not enough..... st5 thunderstomp; all for 175 points

They fought 20 blackguard and made them run away. (killed eight of em in one rnd of combat) although I must admit that they had the warshrine gift stubborn and 4+ward that saved about 6 casualties that would have drawn the combat.

My few games with the Marauders were great and they will now be a staple in my WOC army. 35 FC with GW and mark of Slannesh comes in around 210 points. Good Stuff.