Wednesday, August 31, 2011

NOVA Summary DAY 2


So I go into day 2 as a seed in bracket 2. I am tired but determined to have a good showing this day as well.

Game 5 vs LoganWing. Played an Iron league guy who was pretty cool. He made only one mistake the whole game which was win the roll for turn 1 and not give it to me. This allowed me to deploy heavily away from logan/Njal and their 10 wolf guard Termies, boost up the other flank, and roll up his line.

I barely won this game and it was my one surviving haemi that pushed me above his 485 Point terminator unit and won me 3 table quarters.  VP totals had me up by 130 points… a well fought and close game.

Game 6 vs Mech BA This is the gentleman who won bracket 2. I gambled at the beginning as I had rolled so horribly in ALL of my other games (only DE trickery, good matchups, and tight playing got me this far) I figured I am due a game of average dice so I boosted into his lines. Big mistake which cost me the game. I failed 8 cover saves, lost all of my transports and then took heavy casualties to my wych squads, with one failing leadership and running. 

The subsequent round I had two diminished wych squads haywire his immobilized LR (6 lance hits with no cover managed to only immobilize and shake) and a predator, essentially doing nothing to the raider and stunning the predator.  I survived the following shooting ok and my beast squad ate Mephiston (although they lost all 8 kymera failed most of my 4++) then the one combat that summarized my wyches performance for the whole weekend. 

Imagine if you will 5 assault marines, 1 with a power weapon charge 3 wyches, a hekatrix, and a succubus (they have FNP). The succubus steps up at I8 and with 5 attacks does not hit a single 3+. This was quickly followed up with 3 misses on 4+ from the hekatrix and nothing on the wyches (think I did two regular wounds which he saved) then I took 1 casualty in return, failed leadership and ran away at <50%) grrrrr I would have ate the predator and another assault squad making it a fair fight. Oh did I mention that out of 68 beast attacks I did a grand total of 5 wounds all of which were saved (on termies so they should be able to make 5 2+ saves) Anyways I took another big loss. My opponent was enjoyable and I had a good time despite the demoralizing dice. Am I wrong to expect a succubus and a hekatrix, both with agonizers to be able to kill 2 marines?

Game 7 vs NIDS – he had a bunch of bugs with two Tervigons. Both of which doubled out first turn. I went from an almost impossible task to I may just pull this out. 

My opponent was very tired and slow to do almost everything. Still despite our fatigue we managed to get 4 turns in. I had hoped for 5 but it turned out ok. 

This game I think that I actually played very well. I managed to pull him off of 2 objectives in the bottom of turn 4 and contest a third giving me a 2 objective victory. 

Highlights were my one almost full strength beast pack charging 15 or so termagants and loosing combat and fleeing. And My wyches making a good fleet roll to allow me to pull him off of one obj in the bottom of 4.

Game 8 vs GK – dakka Betrimismaximus. 

This was an excellent game with both of us having some dice fail and making mistakes, but having a really close fight. I managed to stay out of his psyfle dread’s range for the most part and 2 of my 3 ravagers survived the entire game. 

The highlight was my dissy ravager and a venom (which I had reserved) coming on turn 3 and sacrificing themselves to soften up the 2 GM 10 SS squad for my Succubus and wyches to charge. They outdid themselves forcing leadership and my opponent rolled box cars and ran off the board (600 points in that unit) 

We did make a mistake with him not getting a charge against some warriors which may have sent the game to objectives (points would be close) but otherwise a really tight game rules wise. I enjoyed this final game and look forward to next year!

Again I have to say thanks to Mike B. and his team. They did an excellent job and I am making this an annual trip.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

NOVA Summary DAY 1

Here is a summary of my games at NOVA this past weekend. I apologize for any fuzziness (especially folk’s names) and errors as it was a long weekend. Please let me know and I will update you.

*a note on dice – I talked to many folks who had dice horror stories, some amusing, some not so amusing as well as my last two opponents having a couple of major fails. That being said my dice were below average every single game, including the two practice games Friday night!!

Game 1 – vs Hung over guy who did not show!! What?? My opponent did not make it as he was ill from the night before. (that has to suck) I was going to play the ringer (with his Chaos marines) when another opponent was found and I was off to fight 5 Ironclad SM.

This was a really close fought game with a very nice and solid opponent, haywire grenade’s did very well (except for my blue wyches which spent 4 full turns failing before being ran off) I managed to block off my objectives with skimmers and contest his so I squeaked out the win.  I think that my opponent was not aggressive enough especially on his right allowing me to wall him off.

Game 2 – vs Red Scorpion SM  - My opponent was a great guy, but has not played DE much before as he has been out of circulation. (military) my speed and lances managed to break his raider open allowing a beast pack to get the charge against his TDA with Cassius and prevent all that nasty re-roll to it. I had fun talking to him and I would later play his buddy game 4.

Game 3 – vs DE a mirror match. This game looked interesting my wyches and beasts and his helions and reavers. 

Then two die rolls sealed my fate. The first I lost the roll and was given first turn. (in this matchup for my army I HAD to know where he was deploying or I was in trouble) The second roll was we both rolled +1 Strength for combat drugs. This roll was crucial as his Helions after grabbing two pain tokens turn 1 (from his haemi and wracks) were S7 and I7 on the charge. This changed the game completely and ignored both my wyches I6 and my FNP. Combine this with horrible difficult terrain rolls for my beast squads and I was soundly defeated.  I still enjoyed the game despite the good thrashing I took. Next time…. Next time.

Game 4 – vs Abbadon and his boyz. My opponent here was a pretty cool guy and we started the game with a shot of Crown. However bad my dice were this weekend this guys were worse and after Abbadon killed himself with his sword it was over. A solid example of why Chaos marines need a new dex. (He was a very good player so it was dice and outmatched codex wise here that lost the game)

So I ended day 1 with 3 wins and 1 loss. I was a bit disappointed, I wanted to make it to bracket 1 (who doesn’t?) but ended up a high seed in bracket 2. One thing I did notice as I write about this is the two games that I lost were both Dawn of war... hmmm some implications there...

Saturday, August 27, 2011

NOVA Day 1

First off let me say that I am having a great time. For a tourney of this size Mike and his team are doing a great job and I personally appreciate all their hard work.

Day 1 saw me facing 2 marine players, a dark elder (Adam from delusions of grander a popular blog) and a chaos marine. After some hard fought battles I am 3-1 On the day with my loss to my first DE V DE match.

All of my opponents were great, I think we asked a judge about one thing the whole day and that was before the game began. I look forward tomorrow.

Wish me luck.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

NOVA Bound

Well it is offical I am going to NOVA for sure. I was going to cancel my trip to save money for a later family trip but that has been postponed until next year so I am NOVA bound!!

Here is my list. Wish me luck!!

HQ: Succubus 'Calladia The Red Razor' (1#, 90 pts)
   1 Succubus, 90 pts = (base cost 65 + Agoniser 20 + Haywire Grenades 5)

HQ: Haemonculus (2#, 120 pts)
   1 Haemonculus, 60 pts = (base cost 50 + Liquifier Gun x1 10)
      1 Haemonculus, 60 pts = (base cost 50 + Liquifier Gun x1 10)

Troops: Warriors 'Red Blasters' (6#, 140 pts)
   5 Kabalite Warriors, 60 pts = 5 * 9 (base cost 9) + Blaster x1 15
      1 Venom, 80 pts = (base cost 55 +   -10) + Splinter Cannon x2 20 + Grisly Trophies 5 + Night Shields 10

Troops: Warriors 'Green Blasters' (6#, 140 pts)
   5 Kabalite Warriors, 60 pts = 5 * 9 (base cost 9) + Blaster x1 15
      1 Venom, 80 pts = (base cost 55 +   -10) + Splinter Cannon x2 20 + Grisly Trophies 5 + Night Shields 10

Troops: Wyches 'Red Razors' (9#, 226 pts)
   7 Wyches, 94 pts = 7 * 12 (base cost 10 + Haywire Grenades 2) + Shardnet & Impaler x1 10
      1 Hekatrix, 42 pts = (base cost 20 + Haywire Grenades 2 + Agoniser 20)
      1 Raider, 90 pts = (base cost 60) + Enhanced Aethersails 5 + Grisly Trophies 5 + Night Shields 10 + Flickerfield 10

Troops: Wyches 'Green Death' (10#, 238 pts)
   8 Wyches, 106 pts = 8 * 12 (base cost 10 + Haywire Grenades 2) + Shardnet & Impaler x1 10
      1 Hekatrix, 42 pts = (base cost 20 + Haywire Grenades 2 + Agoniser 20)
      1 Raider, 90 pts = (base cost 60) + Enhanced Aethersails 5 + Grisly Trophies 5 + Night Shields 10 + Flickerfield 10

Troops: Wyches 'Blue Bitches' (11#, 250 pts)
   9 Wyches, 118 pts = 9 * 12 (base cost 10 + Haywire Grenades 2) + Shardnet & Impaler x1 10
      1 Hekatrix, 42 pts = (base cost 20 + Haywire Grenades 2 + Agoniser 20)
      1 Raider, 90 pts = (base cost 60) + Enhanced Aethersails 5 + Grisly Trophies 5 + Night Shields 10 + Flickerfield 10

Fast Attack: Beastmasters (16#, 204 pts)
   4 Beastmasters, 48 pts = 4 * 12
      8 Khymerae, 96 pts = 8 * 12
      4 Razorwing Flocks, 60 pts = 4 * 15

Fast Attack: Beastmasters (17#, 216 pts)
   4 Beastmasters, 48 pts = 4 * 12
      9 Khymerae, 108 pts = 9 * 12
      4 Razorwing Flocks, 60 pts = 4 * 15

Heavy Support: Ravager (1#, 125 pts)
   1 Ravager, 125 pts = (base cost 105) + Night Shields 10 + Flickerfield 10

Heavy Support: Ravager (1#, 125 pts)
   1 Ravager, 125 pts = (base cost 105) + Night Shields 10 + Flickerfield 10

Heavy Support: Ravager (1#, 125 pts)
   1 Ravager, 125 pts = (base cost 105) + Night Shields 10 + Flickerfield 10

Monday, August 15, 2011

Ard Boyz 2011 summary

Ard Boyz Pre-Lims 2011

This Saturday past I slunk on down to Lost Legion games and comics in Charleston WV with my DE.

This was my second tourney (only been around for 2 years in the 40k scene) Last year I placed 4th at the semi’s with my BA.

I took a modified form of my normal list.
3 Haemi’s
3 squads of wyches in raiders with grisly, NS, FF and sails – ( I know 30 points of upgrades per raider…but they work!)
2 warrior blaster squads in venoms with xtra cannon, NS, grisly
2 Big beast packs 4 BM, 9 kymera, 4 Razors each
2 Ravagers
1 razorwing with xtra cannon, NS, FF

Game 1 vs Chaos
My opponent had not played for a year or so and was real fuzzy on the rules. He had a dual defiler, dual dread the rest khorne with 2 lords and 2 40 daemon units.

I helped him out quite a bit as I was confident I could win and showed him things like embarking-disembarking, explained Rhino wall tactics and I was meticulous in telling him in detail what my units were capable of doing. 

Well my friendliness almost backfired as my reserves failed to show up until turn 4 and I had to work to get him down. But in the end my DE walked away with 26/0 victory.

Game 2 vs IG
I knew that I would face this opponent. He is a good player and his list is optimized to face mine as I am the largest threat in the pool of our normal players that showed (the other two regulars went to another store as planned) His list.

CCS (50 point bare min)
Pysch battle squad
6 vet squads 3 melta and AC each in a chimera
3 vendetta squadrons each with 2 vendettas
3 ord squads each with 2 griffons.
Heavy bolters on everything (nice last time I saw these models they were all heavy flamers… buy the time you have a chance to use them my beasts are already stunning/destroying the chimeras)

And of course he won the roll for first…. I look at that and know exactly what his plan is. This is the answer to my beast packs that have been destroying everyone around here. 

So I figure I have one chance to do this. Vect seize allowing one raider to get the portal deployed and then have decent reserve rolls. Well that failed… vect rolled a 3 (3 games he tried to seize, 3 games he failed.) then my reserves failed only getting 1 ravager and 1 beast squad on the board turn 2. Another pair turn 3 and then it was over …. 0/23 massacre

Lessons learned…. Never rely on vect or reserves, I would have been better off deploying and taking my licks, probably would have gotten one pack in…  and killed something…

Other lesson…when you are not 100% clear on a particular rule. LOOK IT UP! I was hazy on barrage weapons (I have none) I should have stopped and read the section real quick…. Barrage weapons only remain so if you fire indirect. (would have effectively doubled my cover saves.) Any ways I got my ass handed to me and it was a great lesson.

Game 3 was against Grey knights
Dragio, Librarian and 6 Pallies in a crusader
2x Purifiers in a razor back (HB, psyammo)
Strike squad in a Razor back (HB, psyammo)
Psylfleman dread

He castled in a corner and combat squaded leaving 5 guys in each of his razors with the others hiding behind cover. He gave his crusader and one purifier razor scout and they both outflanked.

I reserved one beast and my razorwing.

He did not do anything to me due to night shields and poor placement of his psyfldread.

I put down my portal and did nothing back either.

Then he shot down a ravager. My beasts and razor came in and the razor did great (30 wounds on two combat squads. 1- 5 man purifier and 3 strike squad guys died.

He countered by getting his reserves crusader on the strong side and razor on the weak.

I got to charge dragio and his pallies with 2 units of wyches and vect. I won combat by 2 (I made all but one of my 4++) and he failed leadership !!!! we roll off for me to catch him and I roll a 2 while he rolls a 6 so dragio gets away !!! and is subsequently escorted off the board… ahahahhaahhah fracking hilarious.

Well that was pretty much game and I almost tabled him… damn dread would just ..not …die
Still over 1100 point massacre for me. Dragio is worth 550 alone 

So that put me in second place oddly enough with 2 massacres for and one against.
Two years in a row I qualify for the Semi’s… not too shabby!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Beastmasters and You -Unit Configuration

There are plenty of different ways to configure your beasts, from the "Net standard" 3 BM, 5 kymera, 4  razorwing configuration to the 5 BM, 5 Clawed fiend approach. I prefer the more meatier approach. Each way has advantages and disadvantages as we will out line below. *note that these are the configurations that I have tried and are not all inclusive.

"Net Standard"
3 BM, 5Kymera, 4 Razorwings --156 points of effectiveness.

Advantages: Small foot print, cheap, can take fire from one maybe two units out of cover before falling.
Disadvantages: small number of attacks (compared to other builds), 3 casualties before 25%,
Comments: I did not have very good success with this configuration. Probably as I use my beasts as a shield.

"Net Standard +"
4 BM, 5Kymera, 6 Razorwings --198 points of win.

Advantages: Still a small footprint, can absorb lots of S5 or less fire, 36 rending attacks on the charge
Disadvantages: limited resilience to mass shooting.
Comments: I like this build it performs fairly well. I personally need to throw bucket's of dice to roll average so this build is not the one for me. This is probably the most common build.

5 BM, 5 Clawed Fiends -- 260 points of claws!

Advantages: Small foot print, S5 and majority T5 (make sure you take a casualty or two first on the beastmasters to keep it that way) the more wounded the more attacks!!(raises a wound allocation question, however I believe that the "like models" rule in muti-wound model allocation takes precedence)
Disadvatages: no invul so S10 instagibs them,  Small number of models means earlier ldr test.
Comments: This build is just fun.. and has much potential against armour. However not enough attacks to hold up to most CC units.

4 BM, 10 Kymera, 4 Razorwings -- 216 points of what do I shoot at first?

Advantages: tons of attacks, 10 invulnerable saves, wound allocation fun, very resilient to shooting. Effective vs both armour and infantry.
Disadvantages: large foot print
Comments: this is what I currently run, I find the unit to be very effective.
I also use to add a BM and clawed fiend on but I find them just as effective and 64 points cheaper without the clawed fiend.

In conclusion Beastmasters are a very dynamic unit, try different combinations based on your play style and goals. Teach your opponents to fear the 12" charge!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Beastmasters and You -Introduction

This is the first of several articles concerning my experiences and thoughts on Dark Eldar Beastmasters.
I should note that these are my opinions and should be treated as such, what works for me and my personal play style may not work for you. That being said I hope to at least generate some thoughts on how this great unit can add to your DE army.

When I got my hands on the DE dex I sat down in my FLGS and was instantly enamoured with the awesome models. I then dug deeper and found the Beastmasters. Let's see multiple high init, Tons of attacks, Invulnerable saves, really fast, interesting wound allocation, Rending, I was sold.

I had a bunch of chaos warhounds for kymera and spawn for clawed fiends. I converted some rather poor razorwings from some warrior bits and green stuff. My first unit build was 5 BM, 10 Kymera, 4 Razorwings and a clawed fiend.

My first few games with them were amazing. The speed and shear power of over 80 attacks on the charge spread over I6 and I5, even without power weapons was brutal. Terminators fall, 10 man grey hunter squads fall, (even with the banner) whole boyz squads evaporate. The list goes on. Against vehicles they are fantastic as well. Many times my kymera have immobilized a vehicle at I6 allowing the 26 rending attacks of the razorwings to finish it.

That is not to say that they are invincible; far from it. Things that have beaten down my beasts, Blood Talon Furioso, Fear of Darkness, big kroot unit with tons of hounds (they were in cover and got to go first), charged by 10 assault marines with priest and reclusiarch., 3 direct hits from a manticore in one turn, double lord TWC (although I killed off the TWC), and IG with psycher battle squad.

Next in part two I will talk about the different BM unit configurations and finally in Part 3 I will conclude the series with a discussion on beastmaster tactics.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Maul in the Mall - Summary

This past Saturday I made the trip down to Cleveland TN for the Maul in the Mall. This being my first time down there I was excited and a bit apprehensive. I have to say that my experience was very positive. The terrain was great with a good mix of themes from table to table.

There were many friendly folks with lots of cool armies. I really enjoyed the open and friendly atmosphere and spoke with many of the competitors. As usual I forgot my camera and was snapping pics with my less then stellar phone camera. (I always run out of battery as well so my pics are limited)

I wish I had a better pic then the one below. This game was an iconic IG vs Orcs struggle with awesome armies. It is this kind of spectacle that keeps me playing 40K. (and the IG player, constructed, converted and painted his army in a mere 2 days!! amazing)

My List

Succubus with Agonizer
2 Haemi's with liquifiers
10 girl wych squad with net, hex w/agonizer in a Raider, trophies, FF, NS
9 girl wych squad with net, hex w/agonizer in a Raider, trophies, FF, NS (1 haemi in here)
8 girl wych squad with net, hex w/agonizer in a Raider, trophies, FF, NS (Haemi and Succubus here)
2 - 5 Man warrior squads w/blaster in Venoms, xtra SC, NS
2 - 4 Beastmaster squads with 9 Kymera and 4 RazorWings
2 - Ravagers DLx3, FF, NS
1 - Ravager Dissyx3, FF, NS

Game 1:

I had hoped to play GK in this tourney and test out my changes. I was not disappointed as I heard I was facing a GK player game 1. I sit down to find that I am playing DragioWing. 5 units of paladins with Dragio.

I figured this game would go easy if I got to shoot him before combat, hard if he closed quickly before I could soften him up enough. I won first turn and deployed with my beast units in front. My opponent chose to reserve everything, this is when I noticed that he did not have psycannons on his Paladins. (we discussed this later and he will likely add them)

So I shuffle my things around a couple of times and 10 minutes into the round we are at the bottom of 2. He rolls horrible on reserves and only gets one unit. He deep strikes about 7-8 inches in front of my beasts and promptly scatters 9 inches directly into my beast pack. He rolls a 1 for his mishap and 400 or so points of the emperor's personal seed die shrieking into the warp. Kudos to my opponent here as he just laughed and took it in stride.

so 15 minutes into the round and we are at the bottom of 3. He gets all but one unit and proceeds to scatter away from my army, Dragio scattering 12 inches directly back. This allows me to shoot the crap out of him.

I could have just shot him and ran away, however I wanted him to have some fun as well so in go the beasts. They did ok on one side and got slaughtered by Dragio on the other side. At the end he only had a depleted dragio unit left while I had all of the objectives obtained. a full 22 points.

My opponents scattering and lack of psycannons made this game very easy for me. For a young man his attitude was exceptional and I applaud him. The game only took 40 minutes or so. I spent the next couple of hours wandering around watching games. (I really missed having my camera and my daughters Flip at this point)

Game 2:

Blood Angels.

This time it was against a more competitive list, in a modified DOW (no night fight)

2 librarians, 1 with Unleash Rage and Fear Darkness, and the other with Blood Lance and Shield
10 Assault marines in stormraven with Priest and Reclusiarch
4 TL-LC Razors with 5 man Assault squads
2 5 man Vanguard squads
He won the toss and gave me first turn. I put some wyches in a raider behind terrain mid field and he DOW reserve everything. I brought everything on being careful to have a trophy raider next to each beast unit to give re-rolls to leadership.

So he rolls on and unloads. his shooting is poor and my flicker/cover saves are golden and I only loose a lance on a ravager. His librarian jumps out and Fear of darkness against one beast unit... I cringe and hope I can pass a re-rollable ldr 6... and he rolls an 11 on his test!!

I then make him pay for exposing his librarian and after Dissy shots and a wych charge they are no more. I also immobilize his stormraven, and weapon destroy one razor.

My opponent then proceeds to immobilize 2 of 3 razors in terrain. (next turn he immobilized the 3rd one while my succubus could not fly out of terrain 5 immobilized units on the board)

My beasts and wyches work over his razors in CC. My opponent makes a mistake thinking he had fear of darkness on both librarians. This leaves his librarian exposed and I try to take him out with my beasts, and in an explosion of dice fail do nothing to him.

My opponent retaliates with his big squad out of the stormraven and kicks my beasts ass.

The game then became and obj grab fest and I managed to contest enough to pull a 2-1 objective win, getting secondary (hold all 5 objectives at least once in the game) and I fail the tertiary (kill specific enemy unit) gaining 20 out of 22 points.

Game 3 - Catachan's
I spoke with this guy earlier in the day and he expressed a desire to face off against my DE as he had never played them before. He had over 150 infantry models and a sentinel.... Spear head deployment I actually have a couple of pics...

I was in trouble as I know that I probably will not get a full game out of this. (we both just have too much to move/shoot/assault) so I did not expect to get the tertiary obj (kill all 2k points) I also had no idea how I could get secondary (kill enemy HQ) as his commissar was in the back corner.

So with a light heart I put my beasts out and reserved everything else. (Spearhead deployments are the bane of many players, do not forget that your opponents reserves come in on the entire long table edge) I pointed this out to my opponent as he deployed.

Well I seized initiative and ran forward. my one beast squad maxing on move through cover, fleet, AND charge (full 24inches) 

My beasts resilience won the day here. The one squad took his entire armies shooting and still had enough models left to charge the next turn before being wiped. My opponent left a hole in his far corner big enough for a raider with sails to get back there and get me the secondary obj. The rest of the game was a testament to the speed of the DE and the power of the beasts. Although I lost both squads they killed well over a platoon of infantry themselves. I took primary and secondary for 20 out of 22

My opponent was cool and I kinda felt bad as he was so excited to play DE and in the end learned a hard lesson both on spearhead deployment and the speed of the DE. We discussed tactics afterwards and I suggested some better deployment option would have been to reserve some units and have em walk on while stringing out his rifle squads to keep me from multi-charging units. (he left a big gap and I was able to get a beast unit into a 5 unit multi-charge (Yes I did it correctly maintaining coheriency and 1' initial separation)

At the end of the day I had 62 out of 66 points. This was good enough for Best General with a trophy and $100 GW Support!!

I had a great time and met some really cool people. I did not have a single rules question or dispute all day and everyone played tight games. I will most definitely be there next year.

On a side note another DE player took Best Overall. (7 venoms, 3 ravagers, 2 wych raiders?) 23 Dark light and 14 Splinter Cannons.

Friday, July 22, 2011

DE army completed

Well I finally completed my remodel of my 2k DE army.

I rebased them, added 20 wyches and 2 venoms as well as a second beast master unit. Looks like my converted wracks will have to wait until I complete my grotesque conversions.

I am in TN getting ready to work. The down side to being able to work from anywhere. But only for an hour as I need to sleep well for tomorrows tourney.

I will post some pictures of my work later in the week.

I hear there are 60 or so folks playing tomorrow, plenty slaves for the pits, tomorrows raid will be bountiful!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Time 40k Drought

Well been over a month since my last post. What have I been doing all this time?

Riding my motorcycle for the most part and working on improving my DE army.

I have not played much at all *Sad Face* but have been re-basing my army and working on my Grotesque conversions. I also got sucked into buying a Razorwing, it is just too cool not to. I have to say the kit was remarkably well designed and a sure joy to assemble.

My Drought ends this coming weekend when I make the drive over to Tennessee for the Maul in the Mall. This will be my trial by fire on some new thoughts on my 2k DE list. I do not expect to do too well as I have not had a chance to practice except for 1 NOVA practice against SW (Baron has ldr 9 Antony, sorry!!)
in which I handily won, however would have failed a beast ldr check that probably would not have impacted the game.

We shall see if my new list and tactics will hold up. I redesigned my list expecting to see a boat load of GK at the NOVA. My concept is to provide a credible midfield threat with beasts while using a combination of terrain, flicker fields, night shields, and mobility to mitigate most of the GK shooting. In theory the beasts can handle most GK units or at least slow them down enough for me to stay out of effective psycannon range. Big units of purifiers will be a Pain, however most folks will spam them so I may be ok. (the thought here is yes I will take cleansing flame casualties, however I can reliably kill 5 purifiers but not 10, no leadership test if you wipe em out!! I know I have to avoid multi-charges)

wish me luck, I will write up a report when I get back. hopefully with pictures, but no guarantee there.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Grotesque Conversion Test Model

So... I did go to that local RTT but it was only two games long... first was a slugfest and I barely lost vs BA DOA by 1 KP and second was a slaughter in my favor.

Anyways now to the title.

I managed to acquire a deal on some Ogre bulls and Iron guts so I decided to convert me up a grotesque with some parts from the new Talos.


Friday, May 27, 2011

RTT 1800 Tomorrow

Going to a local RTT tomorrow set at 1800 points. An odd number of points however should be fun. I expect turnout to be either very light or 18+, not sure how holiday weekends go around here.

Anyway, I am trying a variation of my DE list.

The beastmasters are different then what I normally run. I dropped the clawed fiend and went with two smaller units instead of a single large one. I also am trying the baron. We shall see how they do.

1800 Pts - Dark Eldar Roster

HQ: Baron Sathonyx
   1 Baron Sathonyx,

HQ: Haemonculus
   1 Haemonculus,Agoniser 20 + Liquifier Gun x1 10)
      1 Haemonculus,Venom Blade 5 + Liquifier Gun x1 10)

Troops: Wyches
   8 Wyches,Haywire Grenades 2) + Shardnet & Impaler x1 10
      1 Hekatrix,Haywire Grenades 2 + Agoniser 20)
      1 Raider,Enhanced Aethersails 5 + Grisly Trophies 5 + Flickerfield 10

Troops: Wyches
   8 Wyches,Haywire Grenades 2) + Shardnet & Impaler x1 10
      1 Hekatrix,Haywire Grenades 2 + Agoniser 20)
      1 Raider,Grisly Trophies 5 + Flickerfield 10

Troops: Wracks
   7 Wracks,Liquifier Gun x1 10
      1 Acothyst,Agoniser 20)
      1 Raider,Grisly Trophies 5 + Flickerfield 10

Troops: Kabalite Warriors
   10 Kabalite Warriors,Splinter Cannon x1 10
      1 Raider,Grisly Trophies 5 + Flickerfield 10

Fast Attack: Beastmasters
   4 Beastmasters
      10 Khymerae
      4 Razorwing Flocks

Fast Attack: Beastmasters
   3 Beastmasters
      5 Khymerae
      4 Razorwing Flocks

Heavy Support: Ravager
   1 Ravager,Flickerfield 10

Heavy Support: Ravager
   1 Ravager, Flickerfield 10

Heavy Support: Ravager
   1 Ravager,Flickerfield 10

Sunday, May 22, 2011

How not to win an Ard Boyz Semi-Final event

Went over to Battleground games in Lexington KY for the Semi-Finals. I figured that since there would be may WOC armies that I would try something different this year. So I took Vampires. I had a GG horde of 40 with a fighty general. 2 corpse carts for ASF in the first scenario, 2 big blocks of ghouls, 2 vamps for Death magic and staff of damnation, and a skellie block with a casting Lord.

My plan was to get close with ghoulkin and get stuck in ASAP while my GG horde took care of anything nasty.OH I also had 3 wraith to capture the fanatic in game 2.

So game 1 finds me up against..... Gunline Dwarves. he had 2 grudge, 2 bolt, 3 cannons, 70 thunderers, thorek, a block of slayers and the 3 scrolls,.2spellbreakers and +6 dispel dice (maybe more) My opponent literally lined up on his table edge and I know I was in for a rough game. Out of everything that I planned for a dwarf gunline was not on the list (foolishly so I might add)

Game  1 high lights:
Turn 1 my death vamp gets sun off and kills two war machines.(miscasting and dying as a result) I fail to make my opponent take panic checks and he does not point it out either.(this happened with his two other warmachines as well)

I forget that grapeshot is no longer template moving my wraiths 12 inches away, my opponent does not roll to hit just to kill and my wraiths explode (a 16 KP shift as i had two warmachines lined up)

4 ghouls and a vamp cannot hit wound 4 thunderers leaving me inrrange of counter charge (10 KP loss here as there was a good overrun that I missed.)

And the big one... out of almost 30 GG attacks I roll 28 1's and 2's which cost me my GG unit (general and BSB survived)

After all that I still managed only a minor loss.

Game 2 vs Teclis

I was trying to rally my spirits after finding all of the major rule mistakes from round 1. I was pretty disappointed in my mistakes but did not want to carry them forward into game 2 and make more.

Game 2 Highlights

Wraiths capture fanatic turn one and run for the hills

Teclis dwellers 19 ghouls down turn 2.

Ghouls on left flank fail 3 charges in a row. 10, 8, and 6 needed on dice... all failed.

Teclis dwllers GG roll for BSB '6' roll for general '6' roll for death mage who hopped in from disintegrated ghoul unit? you guessed it another '6'

I still managed to kill Teclis and his giant unit of seaguard and my ghouls on the right finally got a charge. (but came up short on the overrun. I only needed a 6 for pete's sake)

Wraith die to crumble...fanatic free.

Barely tabled me... if I would have had just one GG alive it would have only been a major as I had over 1500 points killed.. oh well my opponent was a gentlemen and fun to play.

Game 3 vs Ogres

with nothing to loose I looked forward to a fun relaxing game. My opponent I played last year and he beat me with Dark Elves. This year he had a massive character full ogre horde, with a smaller horde and some gnoblar fillers..

Game 3 hightlights:

good magic rolls allow me to get summon undead hord off twice to replace GG losses

Helm and banner of barrows is brutal...especially with ASF from the cart up.

Ghouls flank charge help kill big horde

Vampires table the ogres.

Fun relaxed game.

Well I am already plotting for next year..... depending on AB releases I may already have a plan... now I turn my sights on 40k Ard Boyz..... BA or DE.... hmmmm

Friday, May 20, 2011

Fantasy SEMI-Finals Tomorrow !!!

Myself and two other local guys are cruising over to Lexington KY for the Ard boyz semi finals tomorrow.

I am taking a list that I do not think others will have planned for. We shall see.

I am taking a risk in scenario 1 by brining a rare that is potentially easy to kill but should help capture that damn fanatic in the final round.

I feel confident that folks will not expect the kind of list that I am bringing, whether it will be enough to emerge victorious two years in a row remains to be seen.

Good luck to everyone playing tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

LOCAL RTT 40k 2000

This past Saturday there was a local RTT at 2000 points. I took my Dark Eldar while my son took his wolves. I was hoping for more folks but there were only 8 of us. It turned out to be a fun day and was very relaxed which is not typical of the local scene which is highly competitive.

Game one was against JP and his Deathwing. Apparently JP and his two buddies came with as many termies as possible, between the 3 of them there was 91 terminators. JP and Brandon were sporting identical Deathwing lists with Belial, Ezekial, and as many TDA's as possible. The third guy had grey knights with lots of Terminators as well. This game was a blast as always and he bogged me down on one flank away from the objectives for several turns. Finally I managed to break free and roll up his line. My disintegrator Ravager was amazing scoring 10 or so kills including most of Belial's unit (FNP? not today Belial) I won 2 to 0 on objectives and he had 3 terminators remaining.

Game two was against foot guard with witch hunter allies. Deployment was spear head and he took first turn. I watched with glee as he filled his deployment zone with guys. The look on his face when I said "I reserve everything" was funny. This game was a slaughter with me getting most of my reserves turn two along with dual wych charges turn two. He killed two wych squads and I killed over 180 guardsmen leaving him with 5 ratlings. The slave pits were overflowing. My opponent really did not stand a chance with me multi assaulting 4 units turn 2 when I came in. I won 22 KP to 2 KP (yea he did not even blob up on a KP mission)

Game three was against Brandon and his identical to JP's Deathwing. Dawn of war with me going first. I plopped down my warriors in the middle of the board and came all in first turn. I boosted everything mid field except for my ravagers which boosted behind a large building in my deployment zone. Bottom of turn 1 3xterminator units Deathwing assault in and proceed to either fail night fight rolls, miss or fail to pen. (it was bad 3 cyclones should have got him something.)

This left 3 units in the open with all but two raiders in range. Between shooting and assault the top of turn 2 found 15 of the emperors finest torn to pieces with only light casualties in return. His remaining units came in and I destroyed them as well. He had 4 termies left at the end but due to horrible run rolls I failed to make it to the 2nd objective so I only won 1 to 0 on objectives.

So I took first and out of the 60 terminators I faced, I killed 55 of them. A good day to be an Archon.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Semi-Final TO Question

I called the location that I will be playing at over in KY this afternoon. Spoke with the owner/TO and he sounded really cool, since this will be my first trip to that store having a cool TO is an important thing.

I asked him about the first scenario and he will be playing it RAW no teclis ignore first miscast, no puppet, no Cupped balls (I mean cupped hands) so this means that I may reconsider my HE and move on to my WOC.

We shall see one week to go and I am still wishy washy on my army choice... not a good sign.

****a note for the guys also going from my area, drop me a comment here or shoot me an email at acsmedic AT Maybe we can carpool and chip in on gas?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


The 1.4 version of the WHFB Big Red Book FAQ clarifies that characters must be placed in the front rank as soon as a spot is available. So Teclis can cower in the back but only until the first noble falls. Then he is toast.

I applaud GW in this; one less loophole is a good thing. The folks who have their list designed around this loophole will probably have to scramble a bit it being a week or so to the Semi's.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

WFB Semi Finals - HE

Here is my take on the HE for the Semi' Finals. 

The idea is to get my hard hitting WL units into CC real quick while Teclis supports the Seaguard. I have a Life mage thrown in mostly for the dispel (that is 2 potential you cant cast that spell anymore haha) 

The archers are there to fill out the core and shoot down manglers or other small redirect style units. While the PG do the bunker thing. 

Take a look and tell me what you think 

Total Roster Cost: 2993 (25 KP for first scenario) 

1 Teclis, High Loremaster of the White Tower, 

Mage (1#, 
1 Mage, 
1 Sigil of Asuryan, 
1 Dragonbane Gem, 

Noble (1#, pts) 
1 Noble (Battle Standard Bearer), 
1 Banner of the World Dragon, 

Lothern Sea Guard (40#, 
39 Lothern Sea Guard + Musician Mus 5 + Standard Bearer Std 10 
1 Sea Master, 
1 War Banner, 

Phoenix Guard (18#, 
17 Phoenix Guard, + Musician Mus 6 + Standard Bearer Std 12 
1 Keeper of the Flame, pts 
1 Banner of Sorcery, pts 

White Lions of Chrace (30#, pts) 
29 White Lions of Chrace, + Musician Mus 6 + Standard Bearer Std 12 
1 Guardian, pts 
1 Ironcurse Icon, pts 
1 Banner of Swiftness, pts 

White Lions of Chrace (30#, pts) 
29 White Lions of Chrace, p + Musician Mus 6 + Standard Bearer Std 12 
1 Guardian, 
1 The Skeinsliver, 
1 Banner of Eternal Flame, 

Archers (19 Musician Mus 5 + Standard Bearer Std 10 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

WHFB Ard Boyz Prelim

Yesterday I attended my FLGS Ard Boyz prelim in Charleston WV.

I took my WOC and almost the same list as last years prelim and semi as I did not expect a full showing and I was pleased to find a full field of players.

My first game was vs Skaven played by a pretty new player. It took a long time for us to get organized and going so we only got two turns in. Good thing that we were so close as it allowed me to get some first turn charges and barley get enough VP for a minor victory.

Second game was against the Lizards. He had a 2 really big blocks of Saurus one with his Slann. I made a couple of mistakes here and did not cast a single spell all game, while the slann successfully cast every spell that was cast. Needless to say when my Chosen failed their re-rollable stubborn it was over and I took a major loss.

Final game was against DE. My opponent who normally gives me a great game had his mind otherwise occupied. He knows my army well yet still fell for some of my old tricks. I managed to almost table him and kill his general and hold the centre objective.

So in the end I took second with the lizard player taking first and another WOC player taking 3rd.

I plan on going to the Semi-Finals. Most likely to KY as that is the closest to where I live.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Incubi and wyches oh my!

I have been absorbing the lessons from SVDM and trying out some new units. Namely 5 incubi with an archon in a raider. I like how killy they are but they do attract lots of fire and to me they are specifically a marine troop killer. Against anything with large amounts of power weapon attacks they just die. That being said I like the threat that they represent however they are expensive and may not make the cut.

Wyches, I have been running one 9 wych, hek w/agonizer all haywire in a flicker/grisly Raider. I think that I am going to replace one of my wrack units with additional wyches. I feel that the second unit of wyches will help me capitalize on good combat drug rolls and provide more anti-tank with haywires. As a primarily assault army my 2k list will look something like the following

2x Haemi (2x liquifier 1x shatter 1x agonizer 1x poison blade)

5x Incubi, klavix with onslaught and demi klaive. Raider GT/FF

9 Wracks, acothyst w/ago 1x liquifier Raider GT/FF
9 Wyches, Hek w/ago 1x net haywires Raider GT/FF
9 Wyches, Hek w/ago 1x net haywires Raider GT/FF
10 Warriors blaster, SC Raider SR/FF

Beast Masters x5, 1xCF, 9xKy, 4xRW

3x Ravagers DLx3

I hope to try this out Saturday down at the FLGS. My one BA opponent is always a challenge, I hope he will not be out of town.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

SVDM Summary

I went 3-2 on the weekend. Not bad if you consider that this is only my second 40k tourney with more than 20 or so players in it.
My list can be found Here

Game 1 vs Blood Angels Kill points with more troops in enemy deployment as secondary and more HQ in enemy deployment for tertiary Dawn of War

BA List
2 JP Librarians
2 Priests
2 Tactical Squads
3 Devastator squads
3 Typhoons

I took first turn with extra attack for combat drugs.

This game was a slugfest. I was up in his face turn 2 but he put up a helluva fight. in 2 turns he downed all of my vehicles and the game ended in a tie on KP 9 to 9 with me taking the secondary (which broke the tie and gave me primary) and the tertiary. Highlights were beasts not coming on until turn 4, incredibly accurate shooting by my opponent combined with no flicker or covers saves on me. One of his librarians failed a charge into cover allowing my warriors to shoot him down. That would have been a 2 KP swing and I would have lost. 24-0

A good game played by a young but very competent player. Look out for this guy in the future.

Game 2 vs Orcs objective mission. spearhead deployment

Orc List
Ghaz in a truck with some nobs
2 looted wagons
1 unit of grots
5 or 6 units of boyz some with choppas others shootas

Vect seized init with drugs as +1 WS

So he had like 178 orcs...  My lances took out the looted wagons (he only got one shot off with them) and then my DE went to work. it was an absolute blood bath vect got powerclawed after killing 30 or so Boyz. The liquifiers worked well. The big story was the beastmasters they ate 1 full strength boyz choppa squad the grots and then finally ate another 2 half strength boyz squads. Poor Ghaz got shot down by dissies.
I do not recall why exactly but I only got primary and secondary 21-0

Had a great time playing Roz... he was cool as hell and this being his first tournament learned some hard lessons. I look forward to facing his Eldar hopefully at NOVA.

Game 3 IG - 6 scattering objectives pitched battle

I have to take full credit for loosing this game.. I blame the beers at lunch!! No really it was my attitude and failure to grasp the opportunity that my opponent gave me... he reserved everything and gave me first turn... this means that I have 7 8inch long turbo boosting capable skimmers..... a chimera is what 5 inches wide? add another inch for the cant come close too me and I can cover 8 feet of table edge.... so I have pitched battle deployment and two turns of flat out to get into position and his reserves come in on a 3+.... ramming will not help...... so I could have killed his entire army except for rahim, and 3 vendettas as they all came in on turn 2.... Douche move? or valid tactic? a deterrent to reserving everything? I just wish I would have thought of it. My deployment was spread out enough to do it..... Oh well.

IG list
2 Manticores
3 vendettas
1 hydra
alrahim and his platoon in chimera
the rest standard CCS/melta vets
He had an astropath as well.

He won the toss and gave me first turn.
my beasts came in turn 2 (the only time before turn 3 or 4 the entire tourney) when I did not want them too and I did not get into cover.

My opponent got everything except rahim  and a vendetta. 1 manticore dropped 3 large templates with no scatter on the beasts.. 25 S10 wounds later and I have 6 kymera left. He also shot down 2 of 3 ravagers and 3 of 4 raiders. (despite having cover on most of them) so I got mauled. I still managed to kill off the manticores, hydra one of the vendettas and a meltavet squad but that was no where near enough... vect failed his first and only save of the game and got hydra AC to the face.(he only made two saves the entire tournament and died in every game)

0-24 (my opponent went on to take second best general)

Game 4 vs Eldar table quarters modified spearhead deployment.
These Eldar were awesome. Fantastically painted with cool conversions on the Wraith Lords.
Eldar List
4 wraithguard with seers.
3 wraithlords
1 unit of storm guardians

I managed to steal the init here with good ol Vect. (who was subsequently shotdown by wraithguard)

Yriel suicide charged some wracks and was cut down. Vect and his girls were shot out of their raider and gunned down. The wraithLords duelled with my ravagers but do to the horrible missile targeting systems of the wraithlords my ravagers won the fight. Lots of drawn out combat with some fortuned guy making a stupid number of 4+ re-rollable saves and I managed to wear him down and get full points.

Game 5 vs Space Wolves pitched battle capture and control

Lord TWC
TWC x3
TWC x3
TWC x3
2 raz squads
1 rhino with GH and priest
3 long fang packs

So I was like.. I play this list all of the time. I know I can beat it... 3 long fang packs? I will be in there killing em right quick... AH Hubris the beginning of Fail.

This game was funny all we could do is shake our heads and laugh. Beasts do not come in til turn 4, after everything else was dead. My opponent took a grand total of 22 unsaved wounds. 4 of these were self inflicted dangerous terrain wounds. It was hilarious in a sickening kind of way. Here is an example Vect lays in 5 wounds on his lord.. Lord saves all 5 3+ and wounds Vect twice in return. I make my first save and got hopeful.. nope second one and he is dead to S6. My wracks laid down another 14 wounds on his 3 TWC and he makes all of his saves... With me having 3 units in CC turn 2 he took not a single unsaved wound in CC with me laying down over 30 wounds. Not much more to say then that... I personally have never seen so many 3+ saves in one game. It was fun although I was a bit exasperated... "why cant one of you wolves just DIE already!!!"

So I went 3-2 on the weekend with 1 win given to me by an inexperienced player. Me giving away the IG game by my own hand and the final game was lost due to the hand of the Emperor. This being my second tournament above 20 players I felt that I did well. I learned some things about my army and will be implementing some changes.

Monday, February 28, 2011

SVDM The Aftermath

I can sum up my experience pretty easily. I had a great time. Despite a long and rain/fog filled trip in and an even more rain and fog filled trip home (a real nail biter) I will be making the journey again next year.

Mike had great tables with great terrain and my games were all enjoyable.

I met some great players and saw some fantastic armies. Once again I am humbled by the imagination and talent that these guys have. I will endeavour to put up some summary style battle reports but in the interim here are the army pictures that I took.

Friday, February 25, 2011

First Contact

I made it to Pennsylvania despite the darkness, fog and frain (foggy rain) I got in around 2pm and got my room. Not bad, I have been to better but it is clean and so far no gun shots so better than many a place that I have lived.

I went by Showcase comics and met everyone there. I really like their setup. Tons of great terrain and a whole area just for the tourney. I got a chance to throw down with one of the locals who cannot make it tomorrow and he had a dual raider deathwing list. Two things happened. First I used up all of my luck with my new dice. (I always try to buy something from a store hosting a tourney, We MUST support our FLGS. I bought some dice, a dreadnought and some forgeworld weathering powder.) Back to the story... anyways first I immobilized Belial's raider and wrecked the other.. probably will not see that happen tomorrow. Second my opponent had not played the new DE dex and thought I was being crazy by bringing such a large beast squad. (he grossly underestimated them and they ate two deathwing squads.)

I really enjoyed playing against him. Although I think he was a bit put off by how efficient my lances were and how powerful the beasts ended up being. My impression is that the next DE player he faces will get stomped as his tactics were sound based on what he expected of my army.

Anyways now I am back in my room and getting ready to work at 10pm... so no beer for me :(

Oh I also got a peek at a few of the other armies. I saw 2 BA (both with Raiders and Meph and razbacks), 2 IG I netlist the other a nice mix. I also saw a witchunter army. Out of these I am most scared by IG spam and the witchhunters (I have yet to face the Ecclesiastes in a tourney setting)

I think Vect can handle Meph as long as I do not roll a 1 for my save (or my disintegratiors may pick him off)

As long as my lances take down the raiders and any dreads my beasts can do the razors and preds.

I have no idea what to do against the witches... tons of armour, tons of bolters, tons of flamers... other than kill the exorcists ASAP I am stumped.

Against IG it all depends on terrain... good LOS blocking terrain in midfield and I have a real chance... otherwise.... AC/DC comes to mind.... Shot down in flames...aint it a shaaamme to be shot down in flames!!!

OH it will be a shame... but judging by the terrain that I saw I have a 3in5 chance each round of getting at least 4+ cover saves even vs the multiple hydras that I saw.

Well it looks like I am rambling. I am off to prep for work. then sleep, then hopefully have a great fun day and  introduce some new people to the beastmasters.....