Monday, January 31, 2011

SVDM here I come!!

So I finally got clearance to head out to the St Valentines Day Massacre up in Media PA. I am excited to play against some new folks and see how my current Dark Eldar army concept holds up.

When I look at what I have left to paint I am a bit overwhelmed. I really have got to get cracking.

20 wracks, 1 haemi, 1 Ravager still need to be painted.

Helions skyboard tatoos need to be finished

4 razorwings need to finish conversion and paint.

Whole army needs to be based.

IF I have any time left I will make custom pain token markers and add more detail to my raiders.

Wow it really is tons of work. Time to get to it.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Vect and Wyches WIP

Been working on getting my DE painted. I still need to do bases and there are some extreme highlights left to do as well. This is my version of Vect and his wych bodyguard.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Ordos Xenos Report Concerning Action On Torin VII

My first shot at a narrative report of a battle fought between myself and my son on his snow day last week. He is learning his new space wolves and underestimated how fast my beasts are. It was a fun game and taught us both some good lessons. Mission was capture and control - Spearhead.

++Eyes Only Ordos Xenos Omega and higher
++To: Inquistor Pieter Gorla
++ From: Inquisitor Tarin Dolgotha

My friend, dire news comes to me from the Torin system. Our old foes the Dark Eldar have been raiding the system with increasing frequency. The Xenos scum have committed the highest of offense against the Emperor. Rather than me blather on about it here is a first hand account of this offense from one of the guard regiments on Torin VII.

++ The following is an intercept of inter-regiment reports from the Torin 115th Imperial Guard regiment.

Commander Tannet,

The Xenos raiders have struck yet again this time near the Mord processing facility over the past two standard days. Day One Battle Group Phizt responded to the raid and was decimated. Personnel Casualties: 363 killed 42 injured and 2100 missing. Material Losses: 14 Leman Russ, 23 Chimera, 3 Hellhounds, 13 Hydra, 27 Basilisks.

Day Two our requests for help from several weeks ago were answered and a small contingent from the Space Wolves with none other than Logan Grimnar leading them, made land fall and set up a trap for the dastardly Xenos.

Scouts located the Xenos raiders as shown in this surveillance photo.

As you can see there are several of our vehicles destroyed from the fighting on Day One litter the battlefield.

The wolves were deployed as such
A strong position to be sure with a lure for the xenos to draw them in.

The Wolves sprung their trap damaging several of the xenos raiders but otherwise was static.

The Xenos Responded by rapidly advancing and deploying two of their heretic portals linking their foul city to the battlefield. Lance weapons immobilized the wolf dreadnought despite cover but did little else.
The Wolves then manoeuvred and destroyed a supporting raider while shaking a Ravager. Living lightning streamed into the Xenos Wracks killing a couple of the creatures.
Then foul beasts from the warp itself burst out of the portal and ran straight for the exposed Rune priest. The disgusting creatures were so fast that they made it all the way and began to slaughter the priest and his unit of grey hunters. At the same time from the other portal the Xenos leader. ***later identified as Asdrubal Vect*** and a squad of vicious wyches burst forth and after lance fire destroyed a rhino they mauled the grey hunter squad inside.
Valiant wolf scouts then emerged in the rear of the xenos and easily dispatched a squad of warriors. Logan then exited his crusader and attempted to save the Rune Priest. It was a noble gesture and although he did drive off the beasts the Rune Priest was torn apart. Additionally the flicker fields of enemy raiders began to fail with a spectacular explosion near the scouts killing several of the warriors inside and pinning them.

Logan and his terminators were then surrounded by Vect and the wyches which killed all of the terminators and badly wounded Logan. Lance fire also wrecked another rhino and its squad was engaged by wracks after 2 marines were liquefied.

The sole survivor from the Rune priests squad fled to the remaining rhino on the objective while the long fangs continued to hammer the ravagers. Then Emperor help us the unthinkable happened and Logan was laid low by a vicious attack from Vect. The valient grey hunters held off the wracks loosing most of their squad and the heroic scouts killed several warriors from the second warrior squad which held.

Vect and his wyches tried to kill the rhino but only immobilized, stunned, shook and removed its storm bolter after a hail of haywires. The scouts succumbed to a charge from the second unit of wracks and the lone grey hunter fell to a Acolytes venom blade.

The still operational land raider drove over to contest the objective and hammer Vects squad with hurricane bolters, they took horrid wounds but most did not seem to feel the pain.
The last rhino was lanced open and the lone marine taken. The long fangs were assaulted and laid low by the first unit of wracks leaving the marine force with nothing except the crusader which succeeded in contesting the objective before withdrawing.

The wolf force lost 30 grey hunters, 5 terminators, 5 long fangs, logan, a rune priest, and 3 rhinos. We estimate the Xenos casualties as 1 unit of beasts, 18 warriors, 6 Wracks, 1 Haemenoculus, 7 wyches, 1 Ravager and 3 Raiders. A very high cost paid by both sides.

Shortly after the last transmission contact was lost with our scouts. Apparently the Space Wolf battle barge cleansed the area. Whether any Xenos escaped is unknown. If the Emperor wills it the Xenos were all killed.

I am preparing for further raids please forward any available replacements.

Captian Forl Genten
Commanding officer Battle Group Phizt, Torin 115th
++++End Transmission

As you can see Pieter this is heresy of the highest order. The emperor be praised the battle barge captain was able to teleport Logan out of the area and he is alive but under the affects of the vile hyper poisons that the Xenos use. However the delay allowed enough time for Vect to escape with his prize. May the emperor damn his putrid soul.

I am declaring the 115th Torin as Heretic and I need you to arrange a transfer for the regiment to that death world in your area. (I can never recall its name) Have them attempt to clear the world of hostile life and make sure that they do not succeed. Knowledge of this heresy must be extinguished.

Thank you for your help in this matter, your fellow servant of the Emperor,

Tarin Dolgotha
Inquisitor Ordos Xenos

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Weekend RTT - summaries and a couple of Pics

This past Saturday was a 1500pt 40k RTT at my FLGS Lost Legion Games and Comics in Charleston WV.

We had a good turn out with 17 players. The field was a good variety with BT, BA, SM, DE, Orcs, Tau, SW, CSM, and Daemons.

I played 3 good games with a minor caveat or 2.

My list Dark Eldar

Haemonoculus with venom blade, liquifier, WWP

10 wyches, hex w/agonizer, haywires raider w/flicker, Grisly Trophies

9 Wracks, Aco w/venom blade, liquifier, raider w/flicker, Grisly Trophies

10 Wracks, Aco w/venom blade, liquifier, raider w/flicker, Grisly Trophies

10 Warriors, syb, Splinter cannon, raider w/flicker, racks, Grisly Trophies

10 Warriors, syb, DL

2 Ravagers w/DLx3

First game I played Lysander and Cassius lead SM played by a guy that I only have played once before. (our last meeting was a fun and close game and this one was no exception)

SM list

5 Assault Termies 2LC, 3 THSS
3x 5 Marines with PW, Plasma Pistol in Asscan razorbacks
2 vindicators
1 pred AC, LC spon.

Mission - Annihilation
Deployment - Dawn of War
I won first turn and took it

Terrain - a mix of ruins and scattered trees

Pre-Game Analysis - 2 vindicators? wow I am not happy about them and they are my priority targets I must take them out. Otherwise I am going to try the WWP as I have first turn and reserve the beasts.

The game was great. My opponent and I easily and consistently penetrated or glanced each others vehicles but could not roll anything other than 1's and 2's !!

Highlights - The haemi and Wracks on turn 2 jump into their raider and then are shot down the subsequent explosion makes them fail thier pinning check on LD9 twice!!! keeping them from liquifiying and charging lysander with FC (eventually they die to a marine squad and shooting)

Vindicator shoots at pinned wracks and scatters perfectly into a big combat with wyches, wracks, and lysanders termies... I loose approx 10 models he looses nothing!!!

The beastmasters do not exit the portal until turn 4 but then blow up vindicator and kill Lysander. Cassius beast that he is holds out until the end of the game!

bottom of 6 a raider gets penned by a krak and a melta bomb. KP 7 to 6 in favor of DE and I make 2 flickers !! vindicator revvves engine and goes to ram another raider and is 1 inch out!

Dark Eldar victory!!

Post Game Analysis - A really great game. My hats off to my opponent JP both times that we have fought have been fun easy going and damn close, the best kind of game. We both had some good and bad luck and in the end it boiled down to Cassius and my raider making invulnerable saves to keep it a minor victory to the DE. The WWP has so much potential but as exhibited here the reserve rolls can kill you.

My horrible pictures (these are the only ones that I took all day)

Game 2 Chaos Daemons

Mission - Objectives 3
Deployment - Spearhead
My opponent won and gave me first turn

This game was played against a younger player, the son of my third round opponent. He had a Mono Khorne list with a Thirster and DP and masses of blood letters. I knew right away that this was a really good matchup for my army. I told him that I would not fly away from him shooting him and would instead charge into combat so he could have some fun. I also let him know that his list was not likely to do well in a tourney environment.

I will not go into detail but to say that I won by massacre. My opponent was a good sport and he felt the sting of my beastmasters. (I also was going to charge my wyches into the Thirster to see what would happen and decided to soften up with Splinter cannon warriors... he failed 4 saves and went bye bye....)

Game 3 Tau

Mission - Objectives 3
Deployment - Pitched Battle (12" line)
I won roll and took first turn

This was my second game against this opponent, last time his railguns could not get through my BA Redeemer's armour and my DC decimated his line.

Tau List

Command suit and squad (3 suits total)
3 other suits with plasma and missiles
2 broadsides
10 pathfinders
hammer head
3 10x firewarriors
1 devilfish4
crapload of Kroot and hounds

I really felt bad in this game as I offered my opponent my list and offered to go through the army unit by unit as he was unfamiliar with the new DE codex and he did not want me to saying he would learn as he went. This was a mistake. As killing the HQ was one of the bonus objectives I made it a point to let him know which raider my HQ was in. He thought this meant that the unit was not scoring causing him to lose the game.

Otherwise he played a tight game and was kicking the crap out of me. After the initial delay of my beasts through the WWP in game 1 I chose not to use the WWP which was a mistake. I have never faced Kroot before and boosted my wyches up too close which were killed. I then charged him with my beastmasters and boy no grenades make a big difference as the kroot won combat and chased off my less than 50% beasts (I got revenge by splinter fire and them running away at less than 50% as well. But those Kroot killed half my army)

In the end I held one objective to his none and won the round.

I really enjoy playing against this opponent, I just did not enjoy a win because of a misunderstanding.

So Martin next time we go through my list so we can have the same enjoyable experience at games end as we did through the rest of the game. (despite your kicking my ass :)

I took two lessons away from this game. 1. make sure that I qualify my statements when my opponent asks a question about my army. 2. against Tau use the WWP if you have any chance whatsoever and reserve those beasts!!

Oh in the end I took second place. First place was taken by 6 vendetta's 6 chimeras 5 meltavets and a melta CCS.

Friday, January 14, 2011

DE After the FAQ

Reading through the new FAQ I am struck that most of these FAQ's are common sense. Many of the debates that have flown across the interwebs have been resolved. (GW has been reading the forums no doubt.)

1. Models that do not have the Power in Pain rule do not benefit from pain tokens. (sad panda...or I should say sad Kymera)

2. The dais of destruction cannot be upgraded. This does beg the question that is it a KP? if it is part of Vect's kit and unmodifiable do you have to kill Vect and the dais to get the KP? I will play it separately (not that I will ever bring the Dais now.)

3. Void Ravens can drop the void mine while going any speed. I like this as it gives them a bit more utility.

4. The Duke can be deployed independently if there is no kabalites or true born in the army.

5. Use of multiple animus vitae's have been clarified. No you cannot get two pain tokens from one kill. (this one was obvious to me but there are always someone looking for a loophole to take advantage of)

There are a few other clarifications and on the whole I would say a pretty good FAQ.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

DE Raider Upgrades

Once pleasure crafts the ubiquitous DE Raider has been transformed into an instrument of pain. Each raider can be customized to allow the Raider captain to inflict pain and death in their own personal style.

In game terms this means that the Raider has a plethora of options available to the new Archon. Some of these upgrades are extremely useful such as flicker fields, while others are not so useful such as Retrofire Jets. Here are my thoughts on each upgrade.

Cheap upgrades (5 points each)

Shock Prow -
Gives the raider the ability to tank shock and adds D3 front armour for ramming. - using your raider as a guided missile sounds really good, There may be a tactic in there, however I am not sure how effective it would be. (needs to be combined with athersails for maximum range) Make sure you have no units inside as they will die if the raider is destroyed in your turn.

Torment Grenade Launcher -
Enemy leadership -1 LD within 6 inches. while nice to have I do not think it is worth 5 points. The only scenario I can see where it is useful is boosting 2 or 3 raiders with this close to an enemy pyscher and popping the crucible of malediction. (hard to pull off but would be funny as hell)

Enhanced AetherSail -
Provides an additional 2d6 inches of movement. Units may not disembark when sail is used. I like this upgrade to get my assault units in the enemies face turn one. The down side is that you are likely to get assaulted first. I think that it is too much and not really worth the 5 points.

Retro Fire Jets -
Allows deep strike. Why would we spend any points on this when we have no ability to manipulate reserves and we can get this for "free" on all raiders/venoms by taking the duke?

Chain Snares -
D3+1 S4 AP- wounds on each unit moved over. This is kinda cool, however raiders do not survive long and I prefer using my lance instead of going flat out. In the later half of the game it would be worth it, however Raiders are too expensive to begin with. Leave this one out.

Grisly Trophies -
friendly units within 6 inches re-roll failed leadership tests. With our average leadership of 8 this is a great upgrade. If I have 20 points over I put trophies on 4 raiders. This pays for itself with even one unit not being pinned or running from combat and is my point filler.

Envenomed Blades -
For each 1 on a CC attack the attacker takes a S4 AP- hit. This is just not worth it. Too situational and out of 2 or 3 games may kill one model if on multiple raiders? No thanks.

Expensive upgrades (10 points)

Night Shields -
Reduces weapon range by 6 inches. This does not work on ordinance and weapons with a 6 inch range. I have tried this and just do not get enough mileage for 10 points. With the incredible amount of ML, LC, and AC out there I am not worried about bolter fire taking down my raider. I know many will disagree but these are not worth the points in my opinion. (maybe grey knight S7 psycannons will change my mind)

Splinter Racks -
Re-Roll to hit with splinter weapons. This is really nice especially when combined with the Duke and some warriors or trueborn with carbines. This unit will be targeted a lot once your opponent knows what it is capable of so make sure the Raider is in cover.

Flicker Fields -
5+ invulnerable save. Let's see... negates 1 out of every 3 glancing or penetrating hits? works against CC as well? only 10 points? Yes please. This is a staple for me. Until official Beastmasters unit models come out and  provide 4+ cover for my ravagers and raiders (crosses fingers) flicker fields are the way to go. They do not replace smart play and getting every cover save that you can get, but in the frequent situations where cover is not an option or just got blown up Flicker can save your ass and make your opponent cry.

So for me my average raider comes equipped with Flicker Fields and grisly trophies and weighs in at a hefty 75 points...same as a SM/SW TL-LC razorback. So not too bad, not great by a long shot, but I can live with it.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

1850 Pts - Dark Eldar Roster

Here is my current list after some play testing.

Vect goes with the wyches and does his smack people down thing. The beastmasters screen my raiders while the wracks go in for the kill. My warriors objective sit and the voidraven punches either heavy tanks or infantry down with shatterfields. I love liquifiers they are great. (except when I roll a 5 and a 6 for the two that are in each wrack squad)

1 Asdrubael Vect
   1 Asdrubael Vect - Haywire Grenades; Plasma Grenades; Shadow Field; Splinter Pistol

5 Beastmasters
   5 Beastmasters - Close Combat Weapon; Splinter Pod; Skyboard

1 Clawed Fiend
   1 Clawed Fiend

2 Haemonculus
   2 Haemonculus - Liquifier Gun; Splinter Pistol; Venom Blade

10 Kabalite Warriors
   9 Kabalite Warriors - Kabalite Armour
   1 Kabalite Warriors - Dark Lance; Kabalite Armour

10 Khymerae
   10 Khymerae

4 Raider
   4 Raider - Dark Lance; Grisly Trophies; Flickerfield

2 Ravager
   2 Ravager - Dark Lance; Flickerfield
   [Unassigned: 4 Dark Lance]

4 Razorwing Flocks
   4 Razorwing Flocks

1 Voidraven Bomber
   1 Voidraven Bomber - Void Lance; Void Mine
   [Unassigned: 1 Void Lance]

18 Wracks
   14 Wracks
   2 Wracks - Liquifier Gun
   2 Upgrade Elite - Agoniser

9 Wyches
   7 Wyches - Plasma Grenades; Haywire Grenades
   1 Wyches - Shardnet & Impaler; Plasma Grenades; Haywire Grenades
   1 Upgrade Character - Splinter Pistol; Haywire Grenades; Plasma Grenades; Agoniser
Total Roster Cost: 1848

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