Friday, January 14, 2011

DE After the FAQ

Reading through the new FAQ I am struck that most of these FAQ's are common sense. Many of the debates that have flown across the interwebs have been resolved. (GW has been reading the forums no doubt.)

1. Models that do not have the Power in Pain rule do not benefit from pain tokens. (sad panda...or I should say sad Kymera)

2. The dais of destruction cannot be upgraded. This does beg the question that is it a KP? if it is part of Vect's kit and unmodifiable do you have to kill Vect and the dais to get the KP? I will play it separately (not that I will ever bring the Dais now.)

3. Void Ravens can drop the void mine while going any speed. I like this as it gives them a bit more utility.

4. The Duke can be deployed independently if there is no kabalites or true born in the army.

5. Use of multiple animus vitae's have been clarified. No you cannot get two pain tokens from one kill. (this one was obvious to me but there are always someone looking for a loophole to take advantage of)

There are a few other clarifications and on the whole I would say a pretty good FAQ.

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The Antipope said...

What you said. Very logical and adresses most of the issues people seem to have with the codex.