Monday, January 24, 2011

Ordos Xenos Report Concerning Action On Torin VII

My first shot at a narrative report of a battle fought between myself and my son on his snow day last week. He is learning his new space wolves and underestimated how fast my beasts are. It was a fun game and taught us both some good lessons. Mission was capture and control - Spearhead.

++Eyes Only Ordos Xenos Omega and higher
++To: Inquistor Pieter Gorla
++ From: Inquisitor Tarin Dolgotha

My friend, dire news comes to me from the Torin system. Our old foes the Dark Eldar have been raiding the system with increasing frequency. The Xenos scum have committed the highest of offense against the Emperor. Rather than me blather on about it here is a first hand account of this offense from one of the guard regiments on Torin VII.

++ The following is an intercept of inter-regiment reports from the Torin 115th Imperial Guard regiment.

Commander Tannet,

The Xenos raiders have struck yet again this time near the Mord processing facility over the past two standard days. Day One Battle Group Phizt responded to the raid and was decimated. Personnel Casualties: 363 killed 42 injured and 2100 missing. Material Losses: 14 Leman Russ, 23 Chimera, 3 Hellhounds, 13 Hydra, 27 Basilisks.

Day Two our requests for help from several weeks ago were answered and a small contingent from the Space Wolves with none other than Logan Grimnar leading them, made land fall and set up a trap for the dastardly Xenos.

Scouts located the Xenos raiders as shown in this surveillance photo.

As you can see there are several of our vehicles destroyed from the fighting on Day One litter the battlefield.

The wolves were deployed as such
A strong position to be sure with a lure for the xenos to draw them in.

The Wolves sprung their trap damaging several of the xenos raiders but otherwise was static.

The Xenos Responded by rapidly advancing and deploying two of their heretic portals linking their foul city to the battlefield. Lance weapons immobilized the wolf dreadnought despite cover but did little else.
The Wolves then manoeuvred and destroyed a supporting raider while shaking a Ravager. Living lightning streamed into the Xenos Wracks killing a couple of the creatures.
Then foul beasts from the warp itself burst out of the portal and ran straight for the exposed Rune priest. The disgusting creatures were so fast that they made it all the way and began to slaughter the priest and his unit of grey hunters. At the same time from the other portal the Xenos leader. ***later identified as Asdrubal Vect*** and a squad of vicious wyches burst forth and after lance fire destroyed a rhino they mauled the grey hunter squad inside.
Valiant wolf scouts then emerged in the rear of the xenos and easily dispatched a squad of warriors. Logan then exited his crusader and attempted to save the Rune Priest. It was a noble gesture and although he did drive off the beasts the Rune Priest was torn apart. Additionally the flicker fields of enemy raiders began to fail with a spectacular explosion near the scouts killing several of the warriors inside and pinning them.

Logan and his terminators were then surrounded by Vect and the wyches which killed all of the terminators and badly wounded Logan. Lance fire also wrecked another rhino and its squad was engaged by wracks after 2 marines were liquefied.

The sole survivor from the Rune priests squad fled to the remaining rhino on the objective while the long fangs continued to hammer the ravagers. Then Emperor help us the unthinkable happened and Logan was laid low by a vicious attack from Vect. The valient grey hunters held off the wracks loosing most of their squad and the heroic scouts killed several warriors from the second warrior squad which held.

Vect and his wyches tried to kill the rhino but only immobilized, stunned, shook and removed its storm bolter after a hail of haywires. The scouts succumbed to a charge from the second unit of wracks and the lone grey hunter fell to a Acolytes venom blade.

The still operational land raider drove over to contest the objective and hammer Vects squad with hurricane bolters, they took horrid wounds but most did not seem to feel the pain.
The last rhino was lanced open and the lone marine taken. The long fangs were assaulted and laid low by the first unit of wracks leaving the marine force with nothing except the crusader which succeeded in contesting the objective before withdrawing.

The wolf force lost 30 grey hunters, 5 terminators, 5 long fangs, logan, a rune priest, and 3 rhinos. We estimate the Xenos casualties as 1 unit of beasts, 18 warriors, 6 Wracks, 1 Haemenoculus, 7 wyches, 1 Ravager and 3 Raiders. A very high cost paid by both sides.

Shortly after the last transmission contact was lost with our scouts. Apparently the Space Wolf battle barge cleansed the area. Whether any Xenos escaped is unknown. If the Emperor wills it the Xenos were all killed.

I am preparing for further raids please forward any available replacements.

Captian Forl Genten
Commanding officer Battle Group Phizt, Torin 115th
++++End Transmission

As you can see Pieter this is heresy of the highest order. The emperor be praised the battle barge captain was able to teleport Logan out of the area and he is alive but under the affects of the vile hyper poisons that the Xenos use. However the delay allowed enough time for Vect to escape with his prize. May the emperor damn his putrid soul.

I am declaring the 115th Torin as Heretic and I need you to arrange a transfer for the regiment to that death world in your area. (I can never recall its name) Have them attempt to clear the world of hostile life and make sure that they do not succeed. Knowledge of this heresy must be extinguished.

Thank you for your help in this matter, your fellow servant of the Emperor,

Tarin Dolgotha
Inquisitor Ordos Xenos

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