Friday, February 25, 2011

First Contact

I made it to Pennsylvania despite the darkness, fog and frain (foggy rain) I got in around 2pm and got my room. Not bad, I have been to better but it is clean and so far no gun shots so better than many a place that I have lived.

I went by Showcase comics and met everyone there. I really like their setup. Tons of great terrain and a whole area just for the tourney. I got a chance to throw down with one of the locals who cannot make it tomorrow and he had a dual raider deathwing list. Two things happened. First I used up all of my luck with my new dice. (I always try to buy something from a store hosting a tourney, We MUST support our FLGS. I bought some dice, a dreadnought and some forgeworld weathering powder.) Back to the story... anyways first I immobilized Belial's raider and wrecked the other.. probably will not see that happen tomorrow. Second my opponent had not played the new DE dex and thought I was being crazy by bringing such a large beast squad. (he grossly underestimated them and they ate two deathwing squads.)

I really enjoyed playing against him. Although I think he was a bit put off by how efficient my lances were and how powerful the beasts ended up being. My impression is that the next DE player he faces will get stomped as his tactics were sound based on what he expected of my army.

Anyways now I am back in my room and getting ready to work at 10pm... so no beer for me :(

Oh I also got a peek at a few of the other armies. I saw 2 BA (both with Raiders and Meph and razbacks), 2 IG I netlist the other a nice mix. I also saw a witchunter army. Out of these I am most scared by IG spam and the witchhunters (I have yet to face the Ecclesiastes in a tourney setting)

I think Vect can handle Meph as long as I do not roll a 1 for my save (or my disintegratiors may pick him off)

As long as my lances take down the raiders and any dreads my beasts can do the razors and preds.

I have no idea what to do against the witches... tons of armour, tons of bolters, tons of flamers... other than kill the exorcists ASAP I am stumped.

Against IG it all depends on terrain... good LOS blocking terrain in midfield and I have a real chance... otherwise.... AC/DC comes to mind.... Shot down in flames...aint it a shaaamme to be shot down in flames!!!

OH it will be a shame... but judging by the terrain that I saw I have a 3in5 chance each round of getting at least 4+ cover saves even vs the multiple hydras that I saw.

Well it looks like I am rambling. I am off to prep for work. then sleep, then hopefully have a great fun day and  introduce some new people to the beastmasters.....

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