Friday, February 18, 2011

The Poor Poor Talos

So I have been trying out the Talos in a few WWP lists. I have found them wanting.

What I like:

1. T7 even missiles need a 3 to wound it
2. TL Haywire blaster this is pure fun when it hits.
3. Monstrous creature

What I do not like:

1. 3+ save this is just not good enough with the insane amount of missiles that people spam.
2. BS 3 even with TL I miss far too often.
3. 3 wounds not enough for a 3+ armour save monstrous creature.
4. Too slow even coming out of a portal

What I hate:

1. Rumoured Dreadknight is better in every aspect for about the same cost. 2+/4+ 4 wounds /T7

Just give the poor Talos 4 wounds and a 2+ save and BAM he is a solid lil fella. (maybe increase his cost 20 points to compensate)

Sorry for the Rant, I just had to get this off of my chest.


doctorahhnold said...

hey man just gonna say good luck at the vday massacre, and drop that talos from your list!

Taylor said...

Thanks!! I have no intention on brining the poor Talos. I will be running a hybrid list with Vect. He is a bit pricey at 1850 but fun.