Thursday, March 31, 2011

Incubi and wyches oh my!

I have been absorbing the lessons from SVDM and trying out some new units. Namely 5 incubi with an archon in a raider. I like how killy they are but they do attract lots of fire and to me they are specifically a marine troop killer. Against anything with large amounts of power weapon attacks they just die. That being said I like the threat that they represent however they are expensive and may not make the cut.

Wyches, I have been running one 9 wych, hek w/agonizer all haywire in a flicker/grisly Raider. I think that I am going to replace one of my wrack units with additional wyches. I feel that the second unit of wyches will help me capitalize on good combat drug rolls and provide more anti-tank with haywires. As a primarily assault army my 2k list will look something like the following

2x Haemi (2x liquifier 1x shatter 1x agonizer 1x poison blade)

5x Incubi, klavix with onslaught and demi klaive. Raider GT/FF

9 Wracks, acothyst w/ago 1x liquifier Raider GT/FF
9 Wyches, Hek w/ago 1x net haywires Raider GT/FF
9 Wyches, Hek w/ago 1x net haywires Raider GT/FF
10 Warriors blaster, SC Raider SR/FF

Beast Masters x5, 1xCF, 9xKy, 4xRW

3x Ravagers DLx3

I hope to try this out Saturday down at the FLGS. My one BA opponent is always a challenge, I hope he will not be out of town.

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