Tuesday, March 1, 2011

SVDM Summary

I went 3-2 on the weekend. Not bad if you consider that this is only my second 40k tourney with more than 20 or so players in it.
My list can be found Here

Game 1 vs Blood Angels Kill points with more troops in enemy deployment as secondary and more HQ in enemy deployment for tertiary Dawn of War

BA List
2 JP Librarians
2 Priests
2 Tactical Squads
3 Devastator squads
3 Typhoons

I took first turn with extra attack for combat drugs.

This game was a slugfest. I was up in his face turn 2 but he put up a helluva fight. in 2 turns he downed all of my vehicles and the game ended in a tie on KP 9 to 9 with me taking the secondary (which broke the tie and gave me primary) and the tertiary. Highlights were beasts not coming on until turn 4, incredibly accurate shooting by my opponent combined with no flicker or covers saves on me. One of his librarians failed a charge into cover allowing my warriors to shoot him down. That would have been a 2 KP swing and I would have lost. 24-0

A good game played by a young but very competent player. Look out for this guy in the future.

Game 2 vs Orcs objective mission. spearhead deployment

Orc List
Ghaz in a truck with some nobs
2 looted wagons
1 unit of grots
5 or 6 units of boyz some with choppas others shootas

Vect seized init with drugs as +1 WS

So he had like 178 orcs...  My lances took out the looted wagons (he only got one shot off with them) and then my DE went to work. it was an absolute blood bath vect got powerclawed after killing 30 or so Boyz. The liquifiers worked well. The big story was the beastmasters they ate 1 full strength boyz choppa squad the grots and then finally ate another 2 half strength boyz squads. Poor Ghaz got shot down by dissies.
I do not recall why exactly but I only got primary and secondary 21-0

Had a great time playing Roz... he was cool as hell and this being his first tournament learned some hard lessons. I look forward to facing his Eldar hopefully at NOVA.

Game 3 IG - 6 scattering objectives pitched battle

I have to take full credit for loosing this game.. I blame the beers at lunch!! No really it was my attitude and failure to grasp the opportunity that my opponent gave me... he reserved everything and gave me first turn... this means that I have 7 8inch long turbo boosting capable skimmers..... a chimera is what 5 inches wide? add another inch for the cant come close too me and I can cover 8 feet of table edge.... so I have pitched battle deployment and two turns of flat out to get into position and his reserves come in on a 3+.... ramming will not help...... so I could have killed his entire army except for rahim, and 3 vendettas as they all came in on turn 2.... Douche move? or valid tactic? a deterrent to reserving everything? I just wish I would have thought of it. My deployment was spread out enough to do it..... Oh well.

IG list
2 Manticores
3 vendettas
1 hydra
alrahim and his platoon in chimera
the rest standard CCS/melta vets
He had an astropath as well.

He won the toss and gave me first turn.
my beasts came in turn 2 (the only time before turn 3 or 4 the entire tourney) when I did not want them too and I did not get into cover.

My opponent got everything except rahim  and a vendetta. 1 manticore dropped 3 large templates with no scatter on the beasts.. 25 S10 wounds later and I have 6 kymera left. He also shot down 2 of 3 ravagers and 3 of 4 raiders. (despite having cover on most of them) so I got mauled. I still managed to kill off the manticores, hydra one of the vendettas and a meltavet squad but that was no where near enough... vect failed his first and only save of the game and got hydra AC to the face.(he only made two saves the entire tournament and died in every game)

0-24 (my opponent went on to take second best general)

Game 4 vs Eldar table quarters modified spearhead deployment.
These Eldar were awesome. Fantastically painted with cool conversions on the Wraith Lords.
Eldar List
4 wraithguard with seers.
3 wraithlords
1 unit of storm guardians

I managed to steal the init here with good ol Vect. (who was subsequently shotdown by wraithguard)

Yriel suicide charged some wracks and was cut down. Vect and his girls were shot out of their raider and gunned down. The wraithLords duelled with my ravagers but do to the horrible missile targeting systems of the wraithlords my ravagers won the fight. Lots of drawn out combat with some fortuned guy making a stupid number of 4+ re-rollable saves and I managed to wear him down and get full points.

Game 5 vs Space Wolves pitched battle capture and control

Lord TWC
TWC x3
TWC x3
TWC x3
2 raz squads
1 rhino with GH and priest
3 long fang packs

So I was like.. I play this list all of the time. I know I can beat it... 3 long fang packs? I will be in there killing em right quick... AH Hubris the beginning of Fail.

This game was funny all we could do is shake our heads and laugh. Beasts do not come in til turn 4, after everything else was dead. My opponent took a grand total of 22 unsaved wounds. 4 of these were self inflicted dangerous terrain wounds. It was hilarious in a sickening kind of way. Here is an example Vect lays in 5 wounds on his lord.. Lord saves all 5 3+ and wounds Vect twice in return. I make my first save and got hopeful.. nope second one and he is dead to S6. My wracks laid down another 14 wounds on his 3 TWC and he makes all of his saves... With me having 3 units in CC turn 2 he took not a single unsaved wound in CC with me laying down over 30 wounds. Not much more to say then that... I personally have never seen so many 3+ saves in one game. It was fun although I was a bit exasperated... "why cant one of you wolves just DIE already!!!"

So I went 3-2 on the weekend with 1 win given to me by an inexperienced player. Me giving away the IG game by my own hand and the final game was lost due to the hand of the Emperor. This being my second tournament above 20 players I felt that I did well. I learned some things about my army and will be implementing some changes.

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