Sunday, April 17, 2011

WHFB Ard Boyz Prelim

Yesterday I attended my FLGS Ard Boyz prelim in Charleston WV.

I took my WOC and almost the same list as last years prelim and semi as I did not expect a full showing and I was pleased to find a full field of players.

My first game was vs Skaven played by a pretty new player. It took a long time for us to get organized and going so we only got two turns in. Good thing that we were so close as it allowed me to get some first turn charges and barley get enough VP for a minor victory.

Second game was against the Lizards. He had a 2 really big blocks of Saurus one with his Slann. I made a couple of mistakes here and did not cast a single spell all game, while the slann successfully cast every spell that was cast. Needless to say when my Chosen failed their re-rollable stubborn it was over and I took a major loss.

Final game was against DE. My opponent who normally gives me a great game had his mind otherwise occupied. He knows my army well yet still fell for some of my old tricks. I managed to almost table him and kill his general and hold the centre objective.

So in the end I took second with the lizard player taking first and another WOC player taking 3rd.

I plan on going to the Semi-Finals. Most likely to KY as that is the closest to where I live.