Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Time 40k Drought

Well been over a month since my last post. What have I been doing all this time?

Riding my motorcycle for the most part and working on improving my DE army.

I have not played much at all *Sad Face* but have been re-basing my army and working on my Grotesque conversions. I also got sucked into buying a Razorwing, it is just too cool not to. I have to say the kit was remarkably well designed and a sure joy to assemble.

My Drought ends this coming weekend when I make the drive over to Tennessee for the Maul in the Mall. This will be my trial by fire on some new thoughts on my 2k DE list. I do not expect to do too well as I have not had a chance to practice except for 1 NOVA practice against SW (Baron has ldr 9 Antony, sorry!!)
in which I handily won, however would have failed a beast ldr check that probably would not have impacted the game.

We shall see if my new list and tactics will hold up. I redesigned my list expecting to see a boat load of GK at the NOVA. My concept is to provide a credible midfield threat with beasts while using a combination of terrain, flicker fields, night shields, and mobility to mitigate most of the GK shooting. In theory the beasts can handle most GK units or at least slow them down enough for me to stay out of effective psycannon range. Big units of purifiers will be a Pain, however most folks will spam them so I may be ok. (the thought here is yes I will take cleansing flame casualties, however I can reliably kill 5 purifiers but not 10, no leadership test if you wipe em out!! I know I have to avoid multi-charges)

wish me luck, I will write up a report when I get back. hopefully with pictures, but no guarantee there.

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