Monday, August 15, 2011

Ard Boyz 2011 summary

Ard Boyz Pre-Lims 2011

This Saturday past I slunk on down to Lost Legion games and comics in Charleston WV with my DE.

This was my second tourney (only been around for 2 years in the 40k scene) Last year I placed 4th at the semi’s with my BA.

I took a modified form of my normal list.
3 Haemi’s
3 squads of wyches in raiders with grisly, NS, FF and sails – ( I know 30 points of upgrades per raider…but they work!)
2 warrior blaster squads in venoms with xtra cannon, NS, grisly
2 Big beast packs 4 BM, 9 kymera, 4 Razors each
2 Ravagers
1 razorwing with xtra cannon, NS, FF

Game 1 vs Chaos
My opponent had not played for a year or so and was real fuzzy on the rules. He had a dual defiler, dual dread the rest khorne with 2 lords and 2 40 daemon units.

I helped him out quite a bit as I was confident I could win and showed him things like embarking-disembarking, explained Rhino wall tactics and I was meticulous in telling him in detail what my units were capable of doing. 

Well my friendliness almost backfired as my reserves failed to show up until turn 4 and I had to work to get him down. But in the end my DE walked away with 26/0 victory.

Game 2 vs IG
I knew that I would face this opponent. He is a good player and his list is optimized to face mine as I am the largest threat in the pool of our normal players that showed (the other two regulars went to another store as planned) His list.

CCS (50 point bare min)
Pysch battle squad
6 vet squads 3 melta and AC each in a chimera
3 vendetta squadrons each with 2 vendettas
3 ord squads each with 2 griffons.
Heavy bolters on everything (nice last time I saw these models they were all heavy flamers… buy the time you have a chance to use them my beasts are already stunning/destroying the chimeras)

And of course he won the roll for first…. I look at that and know exactly what his plan is. This is the answer to my beast packs that have been destroying everyone around here. 

So I figure I have one chance to do this. Vect seize allowing one raider to get the portal deployed and then have decent reserve rolls. Well that failed… vect rolled a 3 (3 games he tried to seize, 3 games he failed.) then my reserves failed only getting 1 ravager and 1 beast squad on the board turn 2. Another pair turn 3 and then it was over …. 0/23 massacre

Lessons learned…. Never rely on vect or reserves, I would have been better off deploying and taking my licks, probably would have gotten one pack in…  and killed something…

Other lesson…when you are not 100% clear on a particular rule. LOOK IT UP! I was hazy on barrage weapons (I have none) I should have stopped and read the section real quick…. Barrage weapons only remain so if you fire indirect. (would have effectively doubled my cover saves.) Any ways I got my ass handed to me and it was a great lesson.

Game 3 was against Grey knights
Dragio, Librarian and 6 Pallies in a crusader
2x Purifiers in a razor back (HB, psyammo)
Strike squad in a Razor back (HB, psyammo)
Psylfleman dread

He castled in a corner and combat squaded leaving 5 guys in each of his razors with the others hiding behind cover. He gave his crusader and one purifier razor scout and they both outflanked.

I reserved one beast and my razorwing.

He did not do anything to me due to night shields and poor placement of his psyfldread.

I put down my portal and did nothing back either.

Then he shot down a ravager. My beasts and razor came in and the razor did great (30 wounds on two combat squads. 1- 5 man purifier and 3 strike squad guys died.

He countered by getting his reserves crusader on the strong side and razor on the weak.

I got to charge dragio and his pallies with 2 units of wyches and vect. I won combat by 2 (I made all but one of my 4++) and he failed leadership !!!! we roll off for me to catch him and I roll a 2 while he rolls a 6 so dragio gets away !!! and is subsequently escorted off the board… ahahahhaahhah fracking hilarious.

Well that was pretty much game and I almost tabled him… damn dread would just ..not …die
Still over 1100 point massacre for me. Dragio is worth 550 alone 

So that put me in second place oddly enough with 2 massacres for and one against.
Two years in a row I qualify for the Semi’s… not too shabby!


General Oadius said...

Draigo is Fearless

Taylor said...

I apologize if I was not clear General O. Dragio was in a unit of Paladins, thus he looses his fearless while with them.