Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Beastmasters and You -Unit Configuration

There are plenty of different ways to configure your beasts, from the "Net standard" 3 BM, 5 kymera, 4  razorwing configuration to the 5 BM, 5 Clawed fiend approach. I prefer the more meatier approach. Each way has advantages and disadvantages as we will out line below. *note that these are the configurations that I have tried and are not all inclusive.

"Net Standard"
3 BM, 5Kymera, 4 Razorwings --156 points of effectiveness.

Advantages: Small foot print, cheap, can take fire from one maybe two units out of cover before falling.
Disadvantages: small number of attacks (compared to other builds), 3 casualties before 25%,
Comments: I did not have very good success with this configuration. Probably as I use my beasts as a shield.

"Net Standard +"
4 BM, 5Kymera, 6 Razorwings --198 points of win.

Advantages: Still a small footprint, can absorb lots of S5 or less fire, 36 rending attacks on the charge
Disadvantages: limited resilience to mass shooting.
Comments: I like this build it performs fairly well. I personally need to throw bucket's of dice to roll average so this build is not the one for me. This is probably the most common build.

5 BM, 5 Clawed Fiends -- 260 points of claws!

Advantages: Small foot print, S5 and majority T5 (make sure you take a casualty or two first on the beastmasters to keep it that way) the more wounded the more attacks!!(raises a wound allocation question, however I believe that the "like models" rule in muti-wound model allocation takes precedence)
Disadvatages: no invul so S10 instagibs them,  Small number of models means earlier ldr test.
Comments: This build is just fun.. and has much potential against armour. However not enough attacks to hold up to most CC units.

4 BM, 10 Kymera, 4 Razorwings -- 216 points of what do I shoot at first?

Advantages: tons of attacks, 10 invulnerable saves, wound allocation fun, very resilient to shooting. Effective vs both armour and infantry.
Disadvantages: large foot print
Comments: this is what I currently run, I find the unit to be very effective.
I also use to add a BM and clawed fiend on but I find them just as effective and 64 points cheaper without the clawed fiend.

In conclusion Beastmasters are a very dynamic unit, try different combinations based on your play style and goals. Teach your opponents to fear the 12" charge!

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