Tuesday, August 30, 2011

NOVA Summary DAY 1

Here is a summary of my games at NOVA this past weekend. I apologize for any fuzziness (especially folk’s names) and errors as it was a long weekend. Please let me know and I will update you.

*a note on dice – I talked to many folks who had dice horror stories, some amusing, some not so amusing as well as my last two opponents having a couple of major fails. That being said my dice were below average every single game, including the two practice games Friday night!!

Game 1 – vs Hung over guy who did not show!! What?? My opponent did not make it as he was ill from the night before. (that has to suck) I was going to play the ringer (with his Chaos marines) when another opponent was found and I was off to fight 5 Ironclad SM.

This was a really close fought game with a very nice and solid opponent, haywire grenade’s did very well (except for my blue wyches which spent 4 full turns failing before being ran off) I managed to block off my objectives with skimmers and contest his so I squeaked out the win.  I think that my opponent was not aggressive enough especially on his right allowing me to wall him off.

Game 2 – vs Red Scorpion SM  - My opponent was a great guy, but has not played DE much before as he has been out of circulation. (military) my speed and lances managed to break his raider open allowing a beast pack to get the charge against his TDA with Cassius and prevent all that nasty re-roll to it. I had fun talking to him and I would later play his buddy game 4.

Game 3 – vs DE a mirror match. This game looked interesting my wyches and beasts and his helions and reavers. 

Then two die rolls sealed my fate. The first I lost the roll and was given first turn. (in this matchup for my army I HAD to know where he was deploying or I was in trouble) The second roll was we both rolled +1 Strength for combat drugs. This roll was crucial as his Helions after grabbing two pain tokens turn 1 (from his haemi and wracks) were S7 and I7 on the charge. This changed the game completely and ignored both my wyches I6 and my FNP. Combine this with horrible difficult terrain rolls for my beast squads and I was soundly defeated.  I still enjoyed the game despite the good thrashing I took. Next time…. Next time.

Game 4 – vs Abbadon and his boyz. My opponent here was a pretty cool guy and we started the game with a shot of Crown. However bad my dice were this weekend this guys were worse and after Abbadon killed himself with his sword it was over. A solid example of why Chaos marines need a new dex. (He was a very good player so it was dice and outmatched codex wise here that lost the game)

So I ended day 1 with 3 wins and 1 loss. I was a bit disappointed, I wanted to make it to bracket 1 (who doesn’t?) but ended up a high seed in bracket 2. One thing I did notice as I write about this is the two games that I lost were both Dawn of war... hmmm some implications there...

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Xaereth said...

Hey what's up! This is Adam from your Game 3 :) Sorry it took so long to check your blog out- I had another 8-game con the weekend after the Nova, and I sort of just got super burned out. I'm only now starting to operate 40-wise again :-p

It was a fun game, and I certainly did get lucky to get the "3" on combat drugs, heh. I should note that I was actually only S6 on the charge (rather than S7), which is somewhat irrelevant to our game, but... yeah. Just so you know I wasn't trying to jank you or something haha

Anyways, I'll eventually have my reports up on my own blog, though I'm still working on my invitational reports for now.

It was fun to meet you, hope to see you again soon (you planning on any other big tournaments next year? I'll be at Adepticon and *hopefully* BoLSCON and Nova again next year.