Wednesday, August 31, 2011

NOVA Summary DAY 2


So I go into day 2 as a seed in bracket 2. I am tired but determined to have a good showing this day as well.

Game 5 vs LoganWing. Played an Iron league guy who was pretty cool. He made only one mistake the whole game which was win the roll for turn 1 and not give it to me. This allowed me to deploy heavily away from logan/Njal and their 10 wolf guard Termies, boost up the other flank, and roll up his line.

I barely won this game and it was my one surviving haemi that pushed me above his 485 Point terminator unit and won me 3 table quarters.  VP totals had me up by 130 points… a well fought and close game.

Game 6 vs Mech BA This is the gentleman who won bracket 2. I gambled at the beginning as I had rolled so horribly in ALL of my other games (only DE trickery, good matchups, and tight playing got me this far) I figured I am due a game of average dice so I boosted into his lines. Big mistake which cost me the game. I failed 8 cover saves, lost all of my transports and then took heavy casualties to my wych squads, with one failing leadership and running. 

The subsequent round I had two diminished wych squads haywire his immobilized LR (6 lance hits with no cover managed to only immobilize and shake) and a predator, essentially doing nothing to the raider and stunning the predator.  I survived the following shooting ok and my beast squad ate Mephiston (although they lost all 8 kymera failed most of my 4++) then the one combat that summarized my wyches performance for the whole weekend. 

Imagine if you will 5 assault marines, 1 with a power weapon charge 3 wyches, a hekatrix, and a succubus (they have FNP). The succubus steps up at I8 and with 5 attacks does not hit a single 3+. This was quickly followed up with 3 misses on 4+ from the hekatrix and nothing on the wyches (think I did two regular wounds which he saved) then I took 1 casualty in return, failed leadership and ran away at <50%) grrrrr I would have ate the predator and another assault squad making it a fair fight. Oh did I mention that out of 68 beast attacks I did a grand total of 5 wounds all of which were saved (on termies so they should be able to make 5 2+ saves) Anyways I took another big loss. My opponent was enjoyable and I had a good time despite the demoralizing dice. Am I wrong to expect a succubus and a hekatrix, both with agonizers to be able to kill 2 marines?

Game 7 vs NIDS – he had a bunch of bugs with two Tervigons. Both of which doubled out first turn. I went from an almost impossible task to I may just pull this out. 

My opponent was very tired and slow to do almost everything. Still despite our fatigue we managed to get 4 turns in. I had hoped for 5 but it turned out ok. 

This game I think that I actually played very well. I managed to pull him off of 2 objectives in the bottom of turn 4 and contest a third giving me a 2 objective victory. 

Highlights were my one almost full strength beast pack charging 15 or so termagants and loosing combat and fleeing. And My wyches making a good fleet roll to allow me to pull him off of one obj in the bottom of 4.

Game 8 vs GK – dakka Betrimismaximus. 

This was an excellent game with both of us having some dice fail and making mistakes, but having a really close fight. I managed to stay out of his psyfle dread’s range for the most part and 2 of my 3 ravagers survived the entire game. 

The highlight was my dissy ravager and a venom (which I had reserved) coming on turn 3 and sacrificing themselves to soften up the 2 GM 10 SS squad for my Succubus and wyches to charge. They outdid themselves forcing leadership and my opponent rolled box cars and ran off the board (600 points in that unit) 

We did make a mistake with him not getting a charge against some warriors which may have sent the game to objectives (points would be close) but otherwise a really tight game rules wise. I enjoyed this final game and look forward to next year!

Again I have to say thanks to Mike B. and his team. They did an excellent job and I am making this an annual trip.

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